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Scott Hall talks Bullet Club, WrestleMania, NXT, AWA and more

Happy Sunday!

Proud to present the latest episode of the Kevin Gill Show, with legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall Aka Razor Ramon.  As always, every episode of the Kevin Gill Show is recorded IN PERSON for maximum listener experience and sound quality.

Kevin Gill Show Episode 54
Scott Hall

Scott talks about Wrestlemania 31, Bullet Club, his aspirations in NXT, Cody Hall, HHH, Xpac, Seth Rollins, Positive Mental Attitude, Sean Waltman, Zybysko Vs Bruno, Diamond Dallas Page, AWA and WCW memories and how a chance encounter with Barry Windham changed his life and so much more!

"I'm a huge fan of NXT. Believe me, my goal is to someday have a position there. So I'm throwing it out there to whoever is listening, like Triple H"

"I watch NXT all the time. I'm more involved in wrestling currently, then I have been in a long, long time. Because I have a son who's on the scene, so now we gotta watch NXT because those are his peers, those are his competitors, those are his co-workers, and maybe his buddy's down the line. That's who he's gonna be doing business with. We watch stuff from Japan, from the UK, so I am immersed.. I feel more immersed in the wrestling scene than ever before. And it feels really cool because Cody is so excited and so young, and I get to vicariously live through him, and say whenever you have a question, I'm here!"

Wrestlemania 31:
"I was so happy to be a part of Mania, and to see the level of performances by guys and then to be there at Raw to go to see some of these young guys and talk to them and go BRO!"

Curt Hening:
"To me, Curt (Hennig) is a magical guy. He was so unselfish, and he was influenced by Pat Patterson who is a genius. So a young Curt was around a young Pat Patterson, and these are guys who all come from the school of helping guys.. especially if the guy has a clue! Teach Em! Team Em! Teach Em! If you're winning, some guys are like ok, I'm gonna kick out on three. The school of Pat Patterson and Curt Hennig and then later me, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty and all these guys were like NO BRO. If you are going over, its your night. Bro, your gonna make a hell of a comeback on me, then beat me with your finish, and I'm gonna lay there for 20 while you stand there and let your music play. If it's your night, it's your night. Let the people get what they want!"

"Ive always felt like, what we do in our industry is help. The guys who know help the guys who don't know. I always tell any young guys, particularly my son Cody, I'm his biggest fan… I say listen to everybody, then make up your own mind, Do your own thing!"

 "I didn't always make a lot of good decisions, but my kids still talk to me, and my kids still love me, so I couldn't of been that bad of a dad. I know that the trade off of being on the road and being a pro wrestler is that your entertaining a lot of people's kids, while your kids are sitting at home. I did what I had to do, i was trying to to score while i could, when I was young, and then I could retire."

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