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A special for the earliest issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

In the Beginning Special
**Only valid until March 31, 2015**

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$119.95** USD for USA destinations
$169.95*** USD for International destinations
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The special is for the first 11 issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter ever published. A must have for your collection

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1982 Yearbook (12)***The premier issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter!!!
1983-March (13)-(I did not get page 14); April (16); May (16); June (18); July (20); August (20);        
September (20); October (20); November (20); December (22)       

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All Issues listed $11 for Canada - $12 for USA - $18 for International.

Issue Date (pages)    Lead Story
1982 Yearbook (12)***    The premier issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter!!!
Flair/Piper cover    Champions of 1982
Observer Top 75 Ratings
Wretling Observer  Awards-Ric Flair wins Wrestler of the Year
            1982 in review
            Superstar Profiles
March (13)        Farewell Judo Gene
(I did not get page 14)    Ron Dobratz Reminisces
Freebirds Cover        Wrestling Notebook ’83-A look at the news of each territory including
            -All Japan signs Dynamite Kid
            -Rookie Billy Jack taking the Northwest by storm
            -Tully Blanchard wins Southwest title in tournament
            -Buddy Roberts arrives in Texas to join the Freebirds           
Cable TV & Wrestling’s Future

April (16)        The Fine Line Between Stereotypes & Racism
Adrian Adonis cover    Is Television a Threat to Local Promotions
Japan in depth-a quick profile on all of the superstars with ratings
Wrestling Notebook ’83 including
-New Japan draws $250,000 gate-thousands turned away
-Bob Sweetan wins Southwest title
-Larry Zybszko enters Georgia

May (16)        Where do Pro Wrestlers rate as Athletes?
Ric Flair cover        The True affects of Cable Come Out
            Texas in Depth-a quick profile on all of the superstars with ratings
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -All Japan Grand Champion series opens March 25
            -Tiger Mask vacates NJPW jr title after match with Dynamite Kid
            -Lou Thesz and Terry Funk to appear in Southwest promotion
            -Larry Matysik resigns as St Louis booker
            -Frank Dusek wins Southern belt from Barry Windham

June (18)        Editorial: “How to Correctly use National TV”
Flair vs Piper cover    Analysis of AWA & Mid-South Talent
            Wrestling  Notebook including
            -Onita suffers broken leg during match with Hector Guerrero
            -Masa Saito to tour US this summer
            -Adrian Adonis wins ‘World’ belt in Southwest
            -JYD wins North American title
            -Ken Patera wins International belt from Lawler
            -Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend found dead
            -Eddie Gilbert in car accident

July (20)            Summer 1983 Top 100 Ratings
Harley Race cover    1983 Awards Favorites
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -Hulk Hogan wins IWGP tournament by knocking out Antonio Inoki
            -Curt Henning wins Northwest title
            -Bret Hart wins North American title from Leo Burke
            -Jerry Lawler “Kaufman is a Dead Comic”

August (20)        Harley Race wins NWA title from Ric Flair in St. Louis
Crusher Blackwell cover    Analysis of Florida & Georgia Talent
            Should Pro wrestling be Covered in the Sports Pages
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -Inoki supposed to have won IWPG title           
-Jumbo Tsuruta vacates United National belt in Texas           
-Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera win AWA titles from the High Flyers
            -Ric Flair wins Missouri state title

September (20)        Feedback about the 1983 Ratings
Sgt Slaughter cover    Wrestling Notebook including
            -New Japan likely to affiliate self with Calgary
            -Jimmy Garvin wins American title from Kevin Von Erich
            -Butch Reed wins North American title from JYD
            -Massive house cleaning in Florida
            -July 11 main event Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman

October (20)        Terry Funk Retires
Terry Funk cover        Wrestling Notebook including
            -Jumbo Tsuruta wins International belt from Brody
            -Tiger Mask retires
            -Southwest loses slot on USA network
            -Jim Duggan beats Ted DiBiase in loser leaves town match
            -WWF debuts on USA network

November (20)        The Two Faces of Japanese Wrestling
Tiger Mask cover        Fall 1983 Top 50 Ratings
            The Never ending Feuds
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -Stan Hansen beats Giant Baba for PWF crown
            -Dynamite Kid wins Northwest title from Henning
            -Harley Race tours Texas
            -Jesse Ventura wins Southern title
            -Brett Wayne Sawyer wins National belt from Zybszko

December (22)        Article on Roy Shire
Dynamite Kid cover    Wrestling Notebook including
            -Antonio Inoki may regain power in New Japan
            -The Cobra wins NWA jr belt vs Davey Boy Smith
            -Lots of newcomers to Mid South
            -Billy Jack wins Northwest belt from Dynamite Kid
            -Puerto Rico draws more than 32,000 for Race/Colon main event
            -The Grand Wizard passes away