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SUN. UPDATE: Money in the Bank, Rhodes remembrances, UFC reaction, Mysterio big entrance

By">Dave Meltzer

We're looking for your thoughts on last night's UFC 188 as well as tonight's WWE Money in the Bank and AAA's Verano de Escandalo at">

We're also looking for reports on last night's GFW show in Knoxville.

WWE Money in the Bank tonight in Columbus, OH starting at about 7:30 p.m.

*Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose ladder match for WWE title - This is an interesting one. It's possible Roman Reigns screws Ambrose out of the win here, or Rollins just wins. Ambrose winning the title, unless it's a one month thing, doesn't seem to make sense since the three key people over the next two months appear to be Rollins, Reigns and Brock Lesnar. But tonight and tomorrow should give hints as far as SummerSlam goes, and with what Lesnar earns his matches on the next two shows have to be big ones, which would feel like Rollins and Reigns. Whether Lesnar vs. Rollins is Lesnar playing heel with everyone cheering him like Mania, or playing face with Reigns as the heel, may be hinted at tonight, or at worst plays out next month. But Lesnar and Reigns appear to be the key to how they do the finish here.

*John Cena vs. Kevin Owens non-title - Owens shouldn't lose. From there, who knows what happens, and it's not like it's a lock he doesn't lose. Cena rarely loses two in a row, but they also can do a screw-job that they didn't do the first time.

*Money in the Bank ladder match:  Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Neville, Kane, and Kofi Kingston - One would figure Kingston, Kane, Ziggler and Neville as the long shots.  Reigns is the favorite.  Sheamus could win but odds aren't good on him.  Orton would be a surprise as well, because Orton feels like Cena in that their role now seems to be to stay strong but let others get the ascending spotlight.  Reigns winning also seems to set up whatever they do the next two months.

*Ryback vs. Big Show for IC title - Probably a short match.  Ryback should retain.

*New Day vs. Prime Time Players for tag title - With Kofi Kingston in the ladder match, it'll probably be Big E & Woods defending, like they did at the house shows this weekend.  This is not the time for the New Day to lose, nor the team to beat them.  However, with Kidd & Cesaro out, suddenly the Prime Time Players through process of elimination are the top babyface tag team, but aren't over nor do they have the credibility of a top face team.  So for long-term, the idea of them winning isn't as bad as it would sound on the surface.

*Nikki Bella vs. Paige for Divas title:  Who wins isn't as important as where the match is placed and how the people react to it.  With Paige losing on TV, with the even-Steven undercard booking, that would seem to give her a chance.

*R-Truth vs. King Barrett - Pre-show match.

On paper, the top three matches look to be great.  Money in the Bank is usually one of the company's bigger PPV shows.  Plus, this year's Money in the Bank winner isn't going to be a throwaway where they decide at the last minute and then  Vince changes his mind and buries the guy like has happened in the past.  With Lesnar involved the next two months, the top of the card is likely completely focused.

AAA Verano de Escandalo from Arena Monterrey at 7 p.m. on iPPV at

Elegido & Fabi Apache & Dinastia & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Parka Negra & Taya Valkyrie & Mini Psycho Clown & Black Mamba

Elimination match:  Aero Star vs. Bengala vs. Drago vs. Fenix vs. Super Nova vs. Daga vs. El Hijo del Fantasma (King Cuerno) vs. Steve Pain vs. Super Fly vs. ?

Street fight for trios title:  Psycho Circus vs. Holocausto (El Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Electroshock & ?) vs. Hell Brothers (Cibernetico & Chessman & Averno)

Loser gets head shaved:  Jack Evans & Angelico vs. Dark Cuervo & Dark Escoria

Alberto El Patron vs. Brian Cage for the AAA Mega heavyweight title

Rey Mysterio Jr. & Myzteziz & La Parka vs. Johnny Mundo & Mesias & Pentagon Jr.

The U.S. World Team Trials in wrestling air Sunday night at 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Network.

Raw is Monday in Cleveland featuring the return to WWE of Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped Tuesday in Buffalo.

Last week the big story was the tease of a Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania.  This week we have a double issue because of such a busy news week, with our lead story talks about the background of that promo and why the match isn't happening.  We have the background of Austin, Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon, what led to the promo on the WWE Network, why Vince McMahon was unhappy about it, and what happened from there including Austin talking about the situation.

We also have the first look at the Wednesday night wrestling wars with ROH & TNA, an update on MMA in New York, coverage of one of UFC's best shows in recent years, New Japan's summer look at including the G-1 Climax and Super Juniors tournament along with a history of the New Japan junior heavyweight division, as well as full coverage of the Hall of Fame and the new season of Tough Enough.

The Latest Wrestling Observer: June 15, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Latest on Austin-Lesnar, Destination America, NY MMA

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Our lead story talks about Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar.  We look at Austin's comments regarding what he said last week, we look at the background, we look at why Vince McMahon wasn't happy about what happened, we look at what this seems to end speculation on, where the Texas death match comment came from and what we don't know about the situation and why the book seems closed on the match.

We've got full details on the first week of both ROH & TNA together on Destination America.  We look at the audience for both groups, and what the quarter hours told about both groups.  We look at what the ratings seem to have indicated about both ROH and TNA and their audiences, as well as the next time this should be evaluated.

We also look at Money in the Bank, the WWE Network special on 7/4 from Japan with the lineup.  We also look at the rest of the tour, an idea floated for the Slammys, what Vince McMahon wants out of the live talk shows on the WWE network, update on Tyson Kidd, why the stock is rising, Dwayne Johnson entertainment news, how the Kevin Steen action figure triggered so many things, return of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, special guest on Raw next week, Austin signs a new deal, and lots of the recent WWE tryout camp.

We also look at the Jessicka Havok situation.

We also look at all the NXT and WWE house show notes and business notes from the past week.

We look at the new attempt to pass legislation in New York to legalize MMA, how this affects pro wrestling in the state as well as boxing, why MMA has to agree to certain things that are inherently unfair in a last ditch effort to get into the state.  We also look at a unique law regarding attendance at events in the bill, as well as what rules are in place to promote pro wrestling in New York.

We've got coverage of one of the year's best events, Saturday's UFC show in New Orleans.  We look at the record tied, the career of Dan Henderson, the career of Brian Ebersole, as well as business notes and full coverage of the show.

We also look at New Japan's G-1 Climax tournament, who is in, who is out, what is says about current booking, the big shows on the tour, coverage of the show, prior winners, handicapping the tournament, why the winner is already planned out and how far in advance booking is, as well as the next few shows on New Japan World and the Dominion PPV show.

We also have coverage of this year's Best of the Super Juniors tournament, why the interest level was down, business notes on the tournament, a look at the great finale match, as well as coverage of the final shows.  We also have a history of the New Japan junior heavyweight division, including the stars that build the division and the 1996 heyday period.

We've got full coverage of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremonies last month in Amsterdam, NY, with the awards, presentations, and a look at talent like Jumbo Tsuruta, Rick Martel, Vivian Vachon, Whipper Watson, Pedro Morales, The Freebirds and Curt Hennig.

We also look at the new season of Tough Enough, who was and wasn't picked to be part of the show, notes on why the winners are going to have it tough and not winning may to advantageous, as well as notes and backgrounds of some of the people involved.

The Observer is the world's most detailed weekly pro wrestling publication, in its 32nd year of publication, and is read by the biggest names in the pro wrestling, industry, MMA industry, sports world and on Wall Street.

We also have our regular features such as the most complete look at ratings, plus results of the major house show events each week in pro wrestling and MMA, and complete inside rundowns of all the TV shows.

Also in this week's issue:

--A look at this year's Busca de un Idolo tournament's first shows

--What happens in pro wrestling the night before UFC

--Problems between companies in Mexico regarding CMLL pulling talent

--Notes on Verano de Escandalo and U.S. iPPV and the card

--First notes on TripleMania

--What mach may be headlining this year's TripleMania

--Upcoming AAA TV

--The debut of the three generations of green mist trio

--Dragon Gate two big shows coming this week

--All Japan's big event for the week

--A tag team of stars from two different promotions has a long reign as tag champions gone

--More on the new Japan NOAH relationship and how this relates to the New Japan World service

--New Japan scouting talent in the U.S. this summer

--New Japan's upcoming shows in Singapore

--Satoru Sayama health update

--Notes on the beginning shows of Global Force Wrestling

--Notes on the lineups and what is and isn't important about these events

--Special celebrity guest added

--An unselfish act acts an aspiring pro wrestling career

--Another streaming service expected to start featuring 800 hours of a lost library

--Chris Hero's three hour gauntlet match and full details

--Bill Goldberg talks about a potential pro wrestling farewell match and what could stand in the way

--Who Goldberg still keeps in touch with in wrestling

--Goldberg talks Brock Lesnar

--A look at the big show at Citifield in New York this past week

--A look at what TNA angle was revived on the show and how Goldberg fit in

--A.J. Styles vs. Lionheart match coverage, back story, and why the crowd was so hot

--Kris Travis talks return from cancer

--Tons of indie big show news

--A suspended senator in Canada participates in a pro wrestling show

--Early ROH champion moving into MMA

--Son of former Oregon star suspect in a beating death

--Wrestling star in talks for a national cable television show unique deal

--Update on the next ROH PPV

--A look at the weekend ROH events

--Why they did the Mickie James angle

--TNA gets another international deal

--UFC's Labor Day weekend show announced

--Two new title fights announced

--Comparing Bader vs. Gustafsson as challengers for Cormier

--When Cormier is targeting his first title defense

--What Bader needs to do to get a title shot

--Update on Anderson Silva and his suspension hearing, as well as Nick Diaz

--Ben Rothwell accuses Cain Velasquez of PEDs and Velasquez responds

--Former UFC star gets TV major network announcing gig

--An interesting question that the courts may have to decide regarding UFC contract clause

--Lots of new UFC fights

--Notes on Shamrock vs. Kimbo

--The first head to be cut off in new stronger penalties for PED usage

--War Machine has court outburst

--TV martial arts star with pro wrestling ties in bad health

--Fighter comes back from nearly being stabbed to death to win a small promotion world title

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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight talking WWE Money in the Bank, plus taking e-mail questions that you can send to
  • There are planned remembrances of Dusty Rhodes scheduled for the show tonight.
  • No smart money betting has come in at this writing.  Since WrestleMania, it seems that WWE has cut back on who knows finishes enough to where it doesn't get out and the odds don't greatly shift. 
  • On Twitter at press time numbers for today:

UFC 188 159,000
Kelvin Gastelum 4,249
Money in the Bank 25,900
Cathal Pendred 4,637

  • The most searched term on the Internet yesterday was UFC 188 with more than 500,000 searches.  That's a lot higher than one would have expected for that show.  The correlation between searches and PPV numbers has been extremely strong, almost scary over the past few years.  My gut says this is the exception, but usually when the number is a surprise it's an indication of something surprisingly good or bad based on original expectation.  Nobody was expecting big numbers out of the show, particularly since the major focus is on the 7/11 show.
  • The movie Terminator:  Genesis made the same deal with AAA that they did with WWE.  On tonight's show, there will be a video of the movie with Rey Mysterio Jr.'s ring entrance.
  • In the movie business, San Andreas in week three was No. 3 at the box office estimated at $11.01 million.  Pitch Perfect 2 (Lana) was No. 5 at $6 million in week five.  Entourage (Ronda Rousey) was No. 6 in week two at $4.34 million.  
  • In UFC picks, Dave Bixenspan (picking Werdum) and John Pollock (picking Eddie Alvarez) went 3-2, and Me, Jack Encarnacao, Josh Nason, Frontrow Brian, Mike Sawyer, Mike Sempervive and Steve Juon all went 2-3.   
  • Power Precision Pro Wrestling from Friday night in Las Vegas:  Spyder Warrior & Wild Horse b Bobby Burgerhands & Henry Henderson, Remy Marcel & Jack Manley b Sugar Brown & Clutch, Big Duke b Disco Inferno, Shelly Martinez & Sag Sin Supreme b Kikyo & Kamora, Suede Thompson & Greg Romero b Tommy Purr & The Beast, Shadow Fox & Lucha Star and Cut Throat Cody & Nick Bugatti, Mike Dalite b Bryce Harrison-COR, Funny Bone b Mike Dalite, Phil Baroni b Kenny King, Alex hammerstone & Joe Graves b TJ Perkins (Manik) & Damian Drake to win the tag titles (thanks to Shawn Hyde)
  • Dynamo Pro Wrestling from last night in Fenton, MO:  Lucy Mendez b Paloma Starr, Elvia Sliaga b Outtkast, Ricky Cruz b Jayden Fenix, Danny Adams b Rocket Mapache, Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean b Keon Option & Justin D'Air-DQ, Shorty Biggs b Brandon Espinosa, Jake Dirden b Mike Outlaw (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Lucha Xtreme TV from last night in Fresno:  Kikyuo b Lisa Lace, Al Azar b Aki Sol, Skitzo & Big Dogg b Mike Dalite & Cluch (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • Ultra Wrestle from last night in Calhoun falls, SC before 275 fans:  Lance Gaylord b Mason Myles, Brady Pierce b Michael Frehley, Jeff Connelly & Boomer Payne & Brice Anthony b Joe Harrison & Erik Thompson & Garrett Sinclair, Josh Powers b Zane Riley, TK Stark & Jett Black b Josh Cutshall & Tracer X, Hoss Hagood b Deon Johnson. (thanks to Thomas Simpson)
  • Teddy Hart no-showed his Tuesday night event in Orlando but is going to attempt to make up for it by being there at the Team Vision Dojo this Tuesday night for a show with tickets $4 adults and $2.50 for kids to make up for it.
  • Championship Wrestling Entertainment from Friday night in Port St. Lucie,FL:  Joey Mayberry b Chico Adams-DQ, Tyranus b Gabriel Black, Chasyn Rance b Damian, Rhett Giddins b Aryeh Amor, Johann Ramzes & Ace Slater b Dirty Blondes, Lince Dorado & Aaron Epic, Zack Monster & Joey Mayberry b JB Cool & Chico Adams & Timothy Quinn.  Next show is 7/17.
  • I Believe in Wrestling from last night in Orlando:  Chasyn Rance b Rex Bacchus, Chico Adams b Dalton Murphy, Josh Parker b Stefan Guadalupe, Joey Mayberry b Night Stalker, Jonny Vandal b Tyranus, Ace Andrews b Russell Payne, Chico Adams won six way over Rance, Vandal,Parker, Andrews and Mayberry.  Next show is 6/27 at the Team Vision Dojo.
  • Queen of Combat tournament from yesterday in Gibsonville, NC:  Su Yung b Solo Darling, Chastity Taylor DCOR Heather Owens, Santana Garrett b Mandy Leon, Jessicka Havok b Aspen, Tessa Blanchard b Hania the Huntress, Amanda Rodriguez b Jenny Rose, Taeler Hendrix b Amy Love, Jessicka Havok b Miss Diss Lexia, LuFisto b Leva Bates.  The tournament, taped for, continues today with Santana Garrett vs. Su Yung, Rodriguez vs. Hendrix and Blanchard vs. LuFisto. (thanks to Al Haft)
  • CWF Mid Atlantic also from yesterday in Gibsonville, NC:  Brandon Day b Nick Richards, John Skyler & Aaron Biggs & Cecil Scott & Mark James b Roy Wilkins & Jesse Adler & Michael McAllister & Chris Lea, Su Yung & Sis b Amanda Rodriguez & Amy Love, Brad Attitude & Evan Banks b Arrick Andrews & Smith Garrett, Chet Sterling over Darius Lockhart and Ethan Cage, Aaron Biggs won Battle Royal, Zane Dawson b Aaron Biggs.


1974 - Sandy Parker & Betty Niccoli beat Mariko Akagi & Junko Sasaki in Morioka to win the WWWA tag titles

1980 - Alan Dennison beat Jim Breaks in London to win the British welterweight title

1993 - Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) beat El Samurai in Osaka to win the Best of the Super Juniors tournament

1995 - Koji Kanemoto beat Sabu in Tokyo to win the IWGP jr. title

1998 - Devil Masami & Cutie Suzuki beat Hikari Fukuoka & Tomoko Kuzumi in Tokyo to win the JWP tag title

2001 - Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakoda beat Yuki Ishikawa & Katsumi Usuda in Osaka to win the Zero-One IC tag titles

2009 - Go Shiozaki beat Takeshi Rikio to win the vacant GHC heavyweight title

2014 - Naruki Doi & Cyber Kong & Kzy beat T-Hawk & Eita & U-T and Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii & Dragon Kid to win the Open the Triangle Gate titles in Fukuoka

TODAY'S WRESTLING VIDEOS (thanks to Thomas Rude)


6/12/15 CHIKARA Event Center

Ringside Collectibles' "Ringside Or Riot" (Season 4, Episode 29)

America's Most Liked Wrestling With The Heatseekers (Episode 3)

America's Most Liked Wrestling With Caprice Coleman (Episode 4)

POWW "Inside The Ropes (Episode 14)


6/10/15 IMPACT In 60


WWE Top Ten:  Stolen Finishers

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Chris Jericho Addresses The Tough Enough Competitors-WWE #toughenough

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2:00 AM ET
TOUGH ENOUGH In the pursuit to become a WWE Superstar, eight hopeful athletes compete for a million dollar WWE Contract and find out who is Tough Enough!

3:00 AM ET
WWE NXT After his unforgettable surprise arrival at NXT Takeover Unstoppable, Samoa Joe makes his NXT in-ring debut.

4:00 AM ET
WWE SUPERSTARS Tag teams collide in a rematch from last week as The Ascension take on the Lucha Dragons. Plus, Paige battles Layla.

5:00 AM ET
OLD SCHOOL Old School WWE card from the Boston Garden features Davey Boy Smith and Pedro Morales vs Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine.

6:00 AM ET
WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2015 A WWE Championship opportunity hangs in the balance as WWE Superstars try to climb the ladder of success at Money in the Bank. 

9:00 AM ET
WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2015 A WWE Championship opportunity hangs in the balance as WWE Superstars try to climb the ladder of success at Money in the Bank.

12:00 PM ET
WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2015 A WWE Championship opportunity hangs in the balance as WWE Superstars try to climb the ladder of success at Money in the Bank. 

3:00 PM ET
WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2015 A WWE Championship opportunity hangs in the balance as WWE Superstars try to climb the ladder of success at Money in the Bank. 

6:00 PM ET
TOTAL DIVAS What starts as a couples road trip for Eva and Ariane ends in an all out blowout, and Bryan is keeping tabs on Brie.

7:00 PM ET
THE WWE LIST Whether it's winning the Diva's Championship, or posting a very flattering photos on Twitter... These Divas do it all to stay trending.

7:30 PM ET
RAW PRE-SHOW From Cleveland Ohio, Scott Stanford, David Otunga and Corey Graves cover all the events leading up to Monday Night Raw.

8:00 PM ET
MONDAY NIGHT WAR The strategies that helped Eric Bischoff build WCW would hasten the decline of both he and his company.

9:00 PM ET
WWE COUNTDOWN Counting down the Top Ten Most Infamous Intercontinental Champions of all time!

10:00 PM ET
TOTAL DIVAS What starts as a couples road trip for Eva and Ariane ends in an all out blowout, and Bryan is keeping tabs on Brie.

11:06 PM ET
CELEBRATING THE DREAM In honor of one of the most iconic and legendary figures in Sports Entertainment, WWE Network celebrates the life and times of Dusty Rhodes!