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SUN UPDATE: Night of Champions, Brother of Kurt Angle charged with homicide


By Dave Meltzer

We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's WWE Night of Champions, last night's Bellator, Friday night's CMLL and Friday night's ROH with a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match from each show to Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports from these shows:

*WWE last night in Waco, TX

*WWE last night in Beaumont, TX

*NXT last night in San Antonio

*TNA last night in Belle Vernon, PA

WWE Night of Champions PPV at 7 p.m. Eastern on WWE network

*Seth Rollins vs. Sting for WWE title - A notable match for a few reasons.  It's Sting second PPV match in the WWE and at 56, he has to be among the oldest world title challengers in WWE history.  The questions here is, because Rollins vs. Cena can tear the house down, and pretty much did last month, do they put this on in the middle even though it's the world title.  Given that there are no obvious new challengers for the title if Rollins retains, except Cena or Lesnar, and we haven't heard anything about a Lesnar return other than the 10/3, you could go multiple shows.  And they are also heavily teasing Sheamus, who isn't booked on the show elsewhere.

*Seth Rollins vs. John Cena for U.S. title - It doesn't make sense for Rollins to hold both titles, and it's more likely he loses this one.  They've got a bunch of Cena U.S. title shirts ready to be out there, and the U.S. title challenge was one of the better segments on Raw, and it's been gone for a while.  If last month is any indication, this should be an excellent match.  

*Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & ? vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Braun Strowman - For what it's worth, Kane is in Houston and scheduled for television tomorrow.  Chris Jericho is also said to be in Houston.  As far as Kane being on TV tomorrow, he was scheduled to return weeks ago but it was held off.  Randy Orton has also been advertised for the show in some circles locally.

*Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte for Divas title, title can change hands via DQ or count out - This is one of the more important matches.  No matter what the outcome, and the odds shift does seem to indicate a Charlotte win, they need to have some time, and to have a good finish (either Charlotte wins or gets screwed in a way that puts heat on the person screwing her as opposed to heat on the company).  It would also be helpful not to put them in a death spot after one of the two Rollins matches.

*Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev - These two have been tearing it up at the house shows.  Obviously Summer Rae will get involved, and probably help Ziggler win but the storyline will be that we're not sure if she screwed up by accident or on purpose.  At least with where the story is, that seems like a finish that makes sense.

*New Day vs. Dudleys for tag titles - The New Day is hotter than most tag champs in recent years and the Dudleys are new and legends from the past, so they should have more crowd interest than normal.  

*Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust & The Ascension preshow match - This is the preshow match and should be a fun opener.

        It doesn't look on paper any stronger than usual, but most WWE PPV shows are good.  The key to the show is if Cena vs. Rollins delivers, if the Rollins vs. Sting finishes comes off well, who the mystery partner is and the reaction to him, and if the Divas title match is above the usual level.  If all of those things are affirmatives, this should be a very good show.

Raw will be Monday night in Laredo, TX.  For what it's worth, and it wasn't worth much last week, Randy Orton is scheduled on the show.

Smackdown will be taped Tuesday in Corpus Christi with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Sheamus as the top advertised stars.

New Japan Destruction in Okayama PPV on Tuesday night at 11 p.m. Pacific and 2 a.m. Eastern on New Japan World

Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu & Yuji Nagata & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Jay White & David Finlay & Manabu Nakanishi & Tetsuya Naito

Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly vs. Jushin Liger & Mascara Dorada non-title

Steve Anthony vs. Tiger Mask for NWA jr. title

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Matt Sydal vs. Bad Luck Fale & Tama Tonga

Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan for IWGP tag titles

Hirooki Goto & Tomoaki Honma & Captain New Japan & Ryusuke Taguchi & Alex Shelley vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshi-Hashi & Rocky Romero & Baretta

Kazuchika Okada & Toru Yano vs. A.J. Styles & Cody Hall

Kushida vs. Kenny Omega for IWGP jr. title

Togi Makabe vs. Kota Ibushi for Never Open weight title

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We update the TNA television situation, what promotion had a strong growth year, and the future of No. 2, as well as an update on all of TNA's TV deals.

We go in depth on Nick Diaz, and what are the key elements of the story, why he got a five year suspension, how Diaz has blown his prime years in fighting, the commissioners discuss the suspension and the deliberations leading to it.  We talk about why comparisons to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones aren't valid in this case, detail the controversies over the test results, the legal issues involved, and Diaz talks about what happened in childhood that led him to where he is.

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We look at another sports star that WWE is bringing in for a tryout, four cast members from Tough Enough who have now signed contracts, this week's NXT shows, and the father of a WWE wrestler who is an all-time legend in slow-pitch softball.

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We look at Thomas Hauser's article on USADA and how it related to Floyd Mayweather, what about the article had validity and what was a stretch.  We look at USADA's drug testing in UFC and what the results so far say, the concept of retroactive TUE's, a scary aspect of a contract Manny Pacquiao was given and wouldn't sign, rumors of Mayweather positive tests, and the story behind Erik Morales failing four tests before a fight for Clenbuterol and still fighting.

We update the situation with Dr. Christopher Amann's lawsuit against C.M. Punk.  We look at the response to the suit filed by Punk and Colt Cabana, WWE's response and what the key issues in the suit are.

We've got notes on the Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto PPV number and lessons that it has taught.

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  • Lots of audio on this gigantic weekend for big shows.  Bryan and I will be doing another show tonight talking Night of Champions.  We have shows on Bellator and ROH/CMLL up as well.  If you've got any questions for tonight's show so you can send them to mailbag@wrestlingobserver.comWrestling Observer Radio 9/20: Bellator Dynamite 1, Fedor returns, Night of Champions preview, more! Wrestling Observer Radio 9/19: ROH PPV report, CMLL Anniversary show, Bellator preview, more!
  • This news is shocking.  The web site reported that David Angle is being held in the Allegheny County is awaiting arraignment on a homicide charge.  Police responded this morning on  report of a domestic disturbance and a woman who wasn't breathing.  Donna Angle, the wife of David, was found unresponsive and she was pronounced dead at a local hospital.  Both are family members of Kurt Angle.  
  • Night of Champions is expected to be sold out tonight at the Toyota Center. 
  • Check out's preview of WWE Night of Champions:  WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview & Prediction
  • Ring of Honor TV 9/19 results and recap: Briscoes/Goto vs CHAOS (Roppongi Vice/Okada)
  • CMLL 82nd anniversary show live report from Arena Mexico 9-18 Atlantis vs. La Sombra
  • Nothing from wrestling, MMA or boxing trended on Google so far this weekend.  WWE will trend today as the PPV usually does 200,000 or more searches.
  • On Twitter at this writing, the only thing trending with any legit numbers were Bellator Dynamite at 24,600 and Fedor Emelianenko at 12,300.
  • Tickets went on sale to the public today for the UFC 193 show at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.   This will be very interesting to see.
  • The odds were really long hours early for today's Night of Champions. WWE News: Long odds for Night of Champions
  • During a Friday night Toronto Blue Jays game on Rogers Sportsnet, the announcers were plugging an ad for Night of Champions (which is on Rogers PPV in Canada and also is on the WWE Network that they own the Canadian rights to), and mentioned Rollins vs Sting.  Buck Martinez, an announcer listening to that, said "I'm assuming that's not the same Sting that used to be in the Police.  No, I think he'd be a little old for that sort of thing."
  • Dolph Ziggler on Twitter said he would be debuting new gear tonight.
  • There is a good Hall of Fame story on the Sharpe Brothers and C.M. Punk on the front page by Ryan Clingman.
  • The IHWE promotion out of Fort Worth run by David Farmer announced this week it has joined the NWA.  
  • John Fennigan, who keeps taps of people's TV and PPV matches since 11/06, said that since that period, the Jack Swagger match with Bo Dallas on Superstars was his 300th match.  the only wrestlers over the period with more TV matches are Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and Sheamus.  John Cena has 299 over that period, so he hits No. 300 with his match with Rollins tonight.
  • Premier Wrestling last night in San Jose before 106 fans:  Hawaiian Lion (1-0) b Mike Truex (0-1), Tyler Bateman (1-2) b Dalton Frost (0-1), Alexander Hammerstone (1-0 b Dylan Drake (4-5), Marcus Lewis (5-4) b Julio Pedroza (3-4), Gabriel Gallo (4-0) b Dom Vitalli (1-3), Timothy Thatcher (4-2-1) b Joe Graves (2-1-1), Kahmora & Nicole Savoy b Raze & Kikyo Nakamura, JR Kratos (9-2) b Jeff Cobb (6-3-1) to retain the Premier title.  Apparently Cobb vs. Kratos was really good.  Next show is 11/28 in Gilroy.
  • Real Canadian Wrestling announced these dates in Alberta and Saskatchewan 9/25 in Maple Creek at the Community Centre 9/26 in Calgary at Legion #1 9/27 in Bassano at the Community Centre
  • Pro Wrestling Phoenix results from Wednesday night in Omaha:  Zac James b Paul Daniels in a street fight, Michael Ray b Joey Daniels, Mark Sterling b Hype Gotti, Tony Cortez b Pat Powers, L-Ray b Dalton Lee Roth, Arik Cannon & Darren Russell b Abu Colossus & Brendan Juarez.  Next show is 9/26. 
  • All Star Wrestling on 11/13 in Vancouver at the Scottish Cultural Center.
  • Fringe Pro Wrestling on 10/3 in Hamilton, ONT at the Bay City Music Hall.
  • Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling last night in East Carondelet, IL:  Keith Smith Jr. & Math Magician b Waco & Daniel Gunner, Chris Hargas b Karim Brigante, Malia Hosaka d Lucy Mendez, Ron Powers won handicap match over Ax Allwardt & Bubba Troll, Chaz Wesson b Howard Mortiz, Sean Vincent b Curtis Wylde in a strap match, Gary Jackson b Brandon Espinosa-DQ, Flash Flanagan b Heath Hatton-DQ (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Larry Matysik, who due to health reasons, has been unable to attend these shows for nearly a year, was at last night's event.
  • A college wrestler, Eric Harris, filed a lawsuit against Bucknell University, claiming it ignored or missed his symptoms from a series of concussions he suffered while competing on the wrestling team, including a brain injury that ended up his career and forced him out of college and led to his disability.  Attorneys representing Harris filed suit on 9/4 asking for in excess of $50,000.  The claim is that he suffers from post-concussion syndrome that the effects on his brain pevent him from pursuing a degree and from getting employment.
  • GOUGE from last night in Raleigh:  Timmy Lou Retton b Otto Schwanz, Juan Jeremi b Priest, Waylon Maze b Ryker the Clown, Victor Andrews b Chance LeBeaux, Encore b Popo the Clown, Waylon Maze & Juan Jeremi b Otto Schwanz & Corzone Caliente, Seymour Snott DDQ Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. 
  • I Believe in Wresting from last night in Orlando:  Slade Porter b Josh Hess and Ace Andrews, Mike Reed b Derick Jordan, Tyrannus b Rex Cacchus, Brandon Scherer b Toby Clements, Mark Silva b Dalton Murphy, Josh Parker b Chico Adams, Dirty Blondes b Rhett Ghiddins & Aaron Epic.  Next show is 10/3 with Santana Garrett defending the NWA women's title against Saraya Knight. (thanks to Al Haft)
  • Big Time Wrestling from Friday night in Glens Falls, NY before 1,200 fans:  Todo Loco won three-way over Danny Miles and Bobby Ocean, Scotty 2 Hotty b Sean burke, Slyck Wagner Brown b Antonio Thomas, Honky Tonk Man & The Patriot b Earl Cooter & Eric Alden, Mister TA b Foxx Vinyer, Flex Armstrong b Ba Shaw, Kevin Nash & Jeff Starr b Vince Beach & Shane Alden


1930 - Ed Strangler Lewis beat Joe Stecher before 10,000 fans in Sydney, Australia.  No title was at stake, but it was a huge match in that country.  

1968 - Toru Tanaka beat Mario Milano to win the IWA heavyweight title

1989 - Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto beat Riki Choshu & Takashi Iizuka in Osaka to win the IWGP tag titles  That's 26 years ago and Iizuka was tag champ.  That's scary.

1993 - Shinya Hashimoto beat Great Muta in Nagoya to win the IWGP heavyweight title 

1996 - Lioness Asuka beat Lola Gonzalez in Mexico City to win the TWWF women's title.  The WWE wrestler Kana is taking her name fro Asuka.

1997 - Shawn Michaels beat Davey Boy Smith to win the European title.  This was the match where Davey dedicated the match to his sister who had cancer when he was told he was going to win. Then, on the day of the show, he was told he was losing.  Needless to say, he wasn't happy about that

1997 - Devil Masami beat Chigusa Nagayo in Kawasaki to win the Gaea All-Asia title

2000 - Gedo & Jado beat Hideki Hosaka & Yoshinori Sasaki and Kintaro Kanemura & Ryuji Hijikata in a three-way in Hokkaido to win the WEW tag titles

2004 - Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano beat Aja Kong & Amazing Kong (TNA's Awesome Kong) to win the AAAW tag titles

2011 - Olimpico & Psicosis & Volador Jr. beat Angel de Oro & Diamante & Rush in Mexico City to win the Mexican national trios titles