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SUN UPDATE: Paige talks skirmish, Randy Orton, Cyborg, CMLL, Bret Hart, John Cena movie


By Dave Meltzer

We're looking for reports on today's WWE shows in Jonesboro, AR (Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns) and Tupelo, MS (Randy Orton vs. Sheamus) as well as last night's NXT show in Gainesville, FL at Dave Meltzer

The World wrestling championship finals from Las Vegas will be airing tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on ESPN 2.  This is a two-hour highlight show airing all four of the bouts where Americans won world titles (Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Snyder at 19 years old, Adeline Gray and Helen Maroulis). 

Raw will be live on Monday from Memphis

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped Tuesday in Little Rock.

A look at next weekend, which is one of the biggest weekends of the year with Bellator and CMLL having their biggest shows, plus a WWE PPV show and an ROH PPV, is one of the lead stories in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  We also have a look at the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot, tons more on the Jimmy Snuka case, An update on TNA and the future of Kurt Angle, a letter UFC sent to all its fighters about unionization, plus full coverage of UFC 191 and Battle of Los Angeles, and thoughts behind Raw & Smackdown doing record low numbers.

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer: September 14, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Huge Weekend Preview, WWE/CMLL/ROH/Bellator

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We look at next week's big shows, including a preview of  CMLL's main event, why L.A. Park is already gone from the promotion, and a preview of  both Raw and Night of Champions.

We've got more on the Jimmy Snuka case, with a background of WWE in 1983, Vince McMahon purchasing the company from his father, what was and wasn't known in wrestling at the time, the first Snuka arrest, the decision made on Hulk Hogan being the face of the company's expansion, the role Snuka's autobiography played in his indictment, the corner saying why he felt there was no indictment and his quotes on the subject, new evidence, Buddy Rogers before his death talks about the subject, another coroner weighs in, a lawyer who investigated the case in 1983 weighs in, how Snuka handled his finances fro that point on, Snuka's run in New Japan, the famous Brody & Snuka walking out on the tag tournament finals, what Vince McMahon was doing to protect Snuka, key Allentown officials talk cover-up rumors, WWE talks those rumors and more.

We also update the Kurt Angle TNA situation and why Angle said he was leaving the company when his contract expires in January.  We look at the situation with Destination America, what talent knows and how WWE fits into all this right now.

We look at the letter sent by UFC to all of its fighters regarding unionization and our thoughts on the subject.

We've got a look at the 2005 Hall of Fame ballot, a look at the new candidates and their credentials, candidates for the future, understanding of the process, as well as how everyone on this year's ballot fared last year.

We also look back at research into the biggest draws of all-time on the ballot, as well how the candidates have done in various awards, in drawing power for their era, as well as match quality, how difficult it is to be voted in, and notes on a lot of this year's modern candidates.

We have an update on Ronda Rousey and WrestleMania, an upcoming WWE wedding, John Cena injury notes, WWE asks fans about PPV start times and thoughts, update on Amanda from Tough Enough and what appears to be her new deal, WWE pulling out all stops for next months tour of Mexico and why, Dean Ambrose talks acting, Nikki Bella as Divas champion, Eric Bischoff appearing on WWE Network, Undertaker's future, the signing of Kana and she talks coming to WWE, Zahra Schreiber talks her firing, some NXT matches, a WWE wrestler on a sabbatical, as well as the WWE business notes from the past week and highlights from all the house hows.

We look at Saturday's UFC show, the business notes on the show, where the top guys go next along with match-by-match coverage, how much everyone earned, and poll results on the show.

We also have rundowns of the major TV shows of the past week.

We also go in depth on the Battle of Los Angeles tournament with match-by-match coverage for all three nights, what is PWG, the atmosphere and more.

We also have notes on the ratings of all the major television shows, including just how badly the main shows fared, and results of the major league arena events over the past week.

We also look at the affect that Dr. Wagner Jr. and L.A. Park have on business in Mexico, what dream of L.A. Park fell through, Rey Mysterio in AAA and notes on several big shows plus names they are talking about bringing in.

We also update the Dragon Gate tag team tournament and the NOAH Jr. tag team tournament.  We also look at New Japan's next international tour, why Tenryu vs. Okada is taking place in November, what foreign stars are being discussed for New Japan, and Hiroshi Tanahashi doing the DDT show and the future of Yohei Komatsu and Sho Tanaka.

We also look at Hulk Hogan's overseas talk shows, the death of Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics, Dave Brown retires from WMC TV and how it was celebrated locally, Axl Rotten's future goals, CHIKARA King of Trios, Jeff Jarrett TV talks and the final GFW ballpark shows of the year and what is left on the schedule, Bob Backlund's autobiography, update on Batista, the death of Jerry Prater, an instrumental figure in Florida wrestling in the 70s and the heyday of wrestling programs and magazines, the Carlos Maynez tribute show this past week featuring legends from the past, a Roddy Piper movie not released and the Darrell Dawkins connection with pro wrestling.

We also have Conor McGregor talking his future, McGregor vs. Faber and why it didn't happen, key UFC announcements over the pat week including new shows, new main events and new title matches, the retirement of Sam Stout, Rousey doing "Road House," next UFC TV events, update on Charles Oliveira, UFC's most popular markets, how much Rousey and McGregor are carrying things right now and former UFC star buys $2.75 million mansion from a rock star.

We also look at Alexander Shlemenko's attempt to get his steroid punishment over turned and his arguments, plus a new Bellator show was announced.

We also update Fedor Emelianenko and his situation, as well as a former WWE star debuts this week as an MMA announcer and top pro wrestling stars attending.  We also look at the results of the latest medical study on injuries suffered in boxing vs. MMA and where each is more and less dangerous than the other.  

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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight talking weekend news including NXT, New Japan, WWE and more.  With no major shows to cover, it's a good night for questions that can be sent in to
  • Paige was at a Comic Con this weekend and spoke about the incident at Supano's Steak House in Baltimore on 9/6.  She said there was no fight, but that a woman threw a drink on her and her and Fox threw a drink on the woman back, and they were all kicked out.  The argument started when Paige said she got mad she was being recorded just having a conversation with Fox without her permission.  She said there was nearly a fight but the woman and her friend backed down.  She also said the last thing she wanted was to get into a fight, feeling she didn't want to risk her job over it.
  • Randy Orton worked last night's show in Huntsville, AL, as advertised.  It was noted in our Friday report that those in WWE have told us that Orton would be appearing at all of his shows this week, including Monday and Tuesday.  As far as whether he's being written out of things creatively and taking time off, that we don't know, as he could just appear in dark match segments.  Given tomorrow is the go home show for Night of Champions, if he's not being written out, he'll be in the six-man tag, and that in theory should be made clear tomorrow.
  • Cris Cyborg has said she will next fight in November on an Invicta show, and will weigh 140 pounds.  Shannon Knapp announced this after last night's show at the press conference.  there is no date or location official.  They announced Livia Renata Souza defends her strawweight title against Alexa Grasso on that show. 
  • Floyd Mayweather was the most searched for term so far this weekend on Google with more than 2 million searches.  Serena Williams had more than 1 million.
  • I'm told that this coming Friday's CMLL Anniversary show on iPPV will only be available live, not video on demand.  That sucks for a lot of people, myself included, as I'll probably be at the Bellator Fan Fest that night.
  • Speaking of Bellator, I saw big roadside banners for Saturday night's show while traveling yesterday but it was near Fairfield, CA, which is 75 miles or so from San Jose.  I have no idea if there have them in San Jose, but nothing I've seen.
  • Bret Hart and Lance Storm were backstage last night at the WWE house show in Calgary. 
  • Apparently on TBS today during the Yankees game there was a Roller Derby discussion mentioning Joan Weston.
  • Totally quiet weekend with nothing from MMA or wrestling trending right now on Twitter, only Mayweather with 196,000 tweets and Badou Jack vs. George Groves with 14,800.
  • AAW on 9/18 in Merrionette Park, IL at 115 Bourbon Street has Ethan Page vs. TBS for the AAW title, Dave & Jake Crist vs. The Hooligans for the tag title, plus Louis Lyndon vs. Matt Cage, Tyson Dux vs. Eddie Kingston, Chris Hero vs. Johnny Gargano, Trevor Lee vs. Christian Faith, Justice Jones vs. Kongo Kong plus Heidi Lovelace, Candice LaRae, Shane Hollister and more.
  • The movie "Trainwreck" comes out on DVD on 11/10.
  • There will be a Four Horseman reunion on 11/14 at the Big Event Wrestling Convention in Queens, NY.  Appearing will be Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and J.J. Dillon.  Details are at
  • There is a benefit show at 2 p.m. today in Lewisburg, TN at the House of Pain for Shane Morton, a regular in the Nashville area who suffered a broken kneecap a few months ago and has been unable to work ever since.
  • Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of the final match of the career of Hall of Famer King Curtis Iaukea, who was one of the most colorful characters of his era.  It was a Texas bullrope match in Miami Beach against Dusty Rhodes in the main event and Iaukea was in such bad shape that Dusty had to hold him up at points in the match.. 
  • Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance from last night in St. Louis:  Gary Jackson b J-Mal Swgg, Brandon Aarons won three-way over Clownman Jacko and Andrew Wilder, Barackus b Jim D, LaMarcus Clinton b Brian James, Tommy Dallas & Varik Morgan b Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins-DQ, Gary Jackson won four-way over LaMarcus Clinton, Brandon Aarons and Barackus, Attila Khan b Moondog Rover, Kevin Lee Davidson won three-way over A.J. Williams and Da'Marius Jones (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • EWA from last night in Graz, Austria before 800 fans:  James Mason b Adrian Severe, Damon Brix & Sultanov & Wanentin Kristow b Dennis Zinner & Tom Gatschlhofer & Tom Schruff, Demolition Davies b Mexx, Chris Colen & Hakeem Waqur b Rockn Rolla & Michael Jaritz, Michael Kovac b John Moss, Chris Raaber b Mason Ryan to retain the EWA world title in a European rules (rounds) match.  They did the Japanese tradition of playing the anthem of the country before the world title match and they said Ryan was American and played the U.S. anthem.  Hakeem Waqur, his second who is Arabian, was waving the U.S. flag to get heel heat.  Tony St. Clair was there as an official.  Otto Wanz was supposed to be there and be given an Otto Wanz title belt, but he wasn't there and no announcement was made.  Raaber in an interview said Wanz was injured last week.  They had pushed Wanz being there in promoting the show and shows the Wanz title belt at a Friday press conference. (thanks to Markus Gronemann)
  • Want to make mention that today is one-year since the death of wrestling historian James Zordani.  Those who worked with him no how valuable a resource he was as he had the best collection of results of almost anyone in the world.  I hope his family realizes how much he is missed among those of us who had regular contact with him.
  • Campbell McLaren told us that his Thursday debut of Combate Americas in Las Vegas will have Konnan, Rey Mysterio, Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White in attendance.  The show airs live on NBC Universo in Spanish at 11 p.m. Eastern. 
  • The National Enquirer made fun of Hulk Hogan's claim that the n word was something everyone said while he was growing up in Tampa. 
  • Rock Solid Wrestling on 10/2 in Cobourg, ONT at the Community Centre headlined by Cody Deaner vs. Andrew Davis.
  • In today's episode of the comic strip "Get Fuzzy," Satchel the Dog donates money to the WWF, thinking it's the World Wildlife Fund when it's the wrestling group and Bucky the Cat asks if wrestling fans were that gullible. (thanks to Brian Henke)
  • Lucha Xtreme TV from last night in Fresno:  Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro b Big Dog & Skitzo-DQ, Brandon Pinion b Elemento, Johnny Plinko & Thunder Rosa b Mike Rayne & Kikyo-DQ (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • Great North Wrestling from last night in Hawkesbury, ONT before 250 fans:  Hart Throbs b Sexy Eddy & Carl LeDuc, Chris Dechateletes b Gregory Carpenter, Eve b Stacy Thibault, Hannibal b Myzery Barbarian.  Frenchy Martin managed Hannibal (thanks to Anthony Ambros)
  • Reports were that MVP injured his lower back during a Friday night All Pro Wrestling show in Daly City, CA.  It was reported he had to go home early in his match with Dylan Drake (thanks to Mike Lano).
  • CWE from Friday night in Port St. Lucie, FL:  JB Cool b CJ O'Doyle, Ace Andrews & Su Yung b T-Rex Bacchus & Aspyn Rose, Santana Garrett b Shaniah Ariyanna, Johann Remzes & Ace Slater NC Lince Dorado & Jon Cruz, Rhett Giddins b Byronico & Ushaka & Hound Dogg & PRS & Areyh Amor & Michael Sky in a ladder match, Barrio Kings b Bidry Bvlondes, Chico Adams b Joey Mayberry-DQ, Zack Monstar DCOR Tyranus.  Next show is 10/23
  • There is a show called Hart Legacy Wrestling tonight at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando with tickets $10 for adults and $7 for kids headlined by Teddy Hart & Lince Dorado vs. Los Ben Dejos.
  • Nova Pro Wrestling from last night in Orlando:  Joey Mayberry b Tyranus-DQ, Santana Garrett b Shojo Machiko & Shaniah Ariyanna & Grace Storm & MJ Knight & Cherry Layne and Aspyn Rose in a seven-way to become the womans' champion, Carlos Rivera & D Ramos DCOR Mike Reed, & Braydon Knight, Chico Adams b Siniestro, Gabriel Black b Johann Remzes & Damian James, Jesus Rodriguez (Ricardo Rodriguez) & Byronico b Ace Andrews & Rex Bacchus, Teddy Hart d Lince Dorado, Teddy Hart & Lince Dorado b Los Ben Dejos.  Next show is 11/14. (thanks to Al Haft)
  • A Vince Russo parody video that features an appearance at the end by a Jim Cornette 
  • A story on WWE stock which came off very simplistic in its approach claiming it is overpriced
  • I didn't know this existed, but this weekend was the 33rd anniversary of El Santo's last match, which was also Gori Guerrero's last match (Eddy's father and Chavo Jr.'s grandfather)
  • The 1980 Olympic boycott still stings these wrestlers
  • Matt Bloom, the head trainer at the Performance Center, stars in a movie called "Dog Wedding"