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TUES UPDATE: Hulk Hogan Apology Tour Part 2, former UFC fighter making Evolve debut, & more


by David Bixenspan | davidbix@wrestlingobserver.comFollow @davidbix

Show notes for tonight:

Total Divas airs at 9:00 p.m. ET on E! with “An Unwanted Proposal.” Paige’s boyfriend proposes; Brie and Bryan argue about their future; and Trinity/Naomi messes up Jon’s/Jimmy Uso's standup comedy career (?!??!) somehow.

SmackDown and Main Event will be taped tonight in Little Rock. Please send spoilers/reports to


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The recnt FREE Figure Four Weekly is still up with a look at the crazy story of why Gawker thinks the FBI may have helped Hulk Hogan cover up his racist and homophobic comments. A judge has ordered the FBI to turn over the records of their investigation, and what Gawker is saying in court about what has and hasn't been turned over paints a very interesting picture.

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The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer: September 14, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Huge Weekend Preview, WWE/CMLL/ROH/Bellator

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We look at next week's big shows, including a preview of  CMLL's main event, why L.A. Park is already gone from the promotion, and a preview of  both Raw and Night of Champions.

We've got more on the Jimmy Snuka case, with a background of WWE in 1983, Vince McMahon purchasing the company from his father, what was and wasn't known in wrestling at the time, the first Snuka arrest, the decision made on Hulk Hogan being the face of the company's expansion, the role Snuka's autobiography played in his indictment, the corner saying why he felt there was no indictment and his quotes on the subject, new evidence, Buddy Rogers before his death talks about the subject, another coroner weighs in, a lawyer who investigated the case in 1983 weighs in, how Snuka handled his finances fro that point on, Snuka's run in New Japan, the famous Brody & Snuka walking out on the tag tournament finals, what Vince McMahon was doing to protect Snuka, key Allentown officials talk cover-up rumors, WWE talks those rumors and more.

We also update the Kurt Angle TNA situation and why Angle said he was leaving the company when his contract expires in January.  We look at the situation with Destination America, what talent knows and how WWE fits into all this right now.

We look at the letter sent by UFC to all of its fighters regarding unionization and our thoughts on the subject.

We've got a look at the 2005 Hall of Fame ballot, a look at the new candidates and their credentials, candidates for the future, understanding of the process, as well as how everyone on this year's ballot fared last year.

We also look back at research into the biggest draws of all-time on the ballot, as well how the candidates have done in various awards, in drawing power for their era, as well as match quality, how difficult it is to be voted in, and notes on a lot of this year's modern candidates.

We have an update on Ronda Rousey and WrestleMania, an upcoming WWE wedding, John Cena injury notes, WWE asks fans about PPV start times and thoughts, update on Amanda from Tough Enough and what appears to be her new deal, WWE pulling out all stops for next months tour of Mexico and why, Dean Ambrose talks acting, Nikki Bella as Divas champion, Eric Bischoff appearing on WWE Network, Undertaker's future, the signing of Kana and she talks coming to WWE, Zahra Schreiber talks her firing, some NXT matches, a WWE wrestler on a sabbatical, as well as the WWE business notes from the past week and highlights from all the house hows.

We also look at Hulk Hogan's overseas talk shows, the death of Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics, Dave Brown retires from WMC TV and how it was celebrated locally, Axl Rotten's future goals, CHIKARA King of Trios, Jeff Jarrett TV talks and the final GFW ballpark shows of the year and what is left on the schedule, Bob Backlund's autobiography, update on Batista, the death of Jerry Prater, an instrumental figure in Florida wrestling in the 70s and the heyday of wrestling programs and magazines, the Carlos Maynez tribute show this past week featuring legends from the past, a Roddy Piper movie not released and the Darrell Dawkins connection with pro wrestling.

We also update things on Lucha Underground.

We look at next week's ROH matches.

We look at a TNA wedding, lineups for the upcoming TNA shows, U.K. TNA ratings and updating Impact.

We also have Conor McGregor talking his future, McGregor vs. Faber and why it didn't happen, key UFC announcements over the pat week including new shows, new main events and new title matches, the retirement of Sam Stout, Rousey doing "Road House," next UFC TV events, update on Charles Oliveira, UFC's most popular markets, how much Rousey and McGregor are carrying things right now and former UFC star buys $2.75 million mansion from a rock star.

We also look at Alexander Shlemenko's attempt to get his steroid punishment over turned and his arguments, plus a new Bellator show was announced.

We also update Fedor Emelianenko and his situation, as well as a former WWE star debuts this week as an MMA announcer and top pro wrestling stars attending.  We also look at the results of the latest medical study on injuries suffered in boxing vs. MMA and where each is more and less dangerous than the other.  

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Tuesday Daily Update

-- Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard got to take part in the Hulk Hogan apology tour, with the most newsworthy part being that he never spoke to Vince McMahon about his firing, with Paul Levesque calling him in the middle of the night when they got word of the National Enquirer/Radar Online story. Among the "highlights" is this: “I was surrounded by a bunch of negativity in my personal life. My [23-year] marriage had pretty much unwound, and it wasn’t fixable. I was going through a tough time with my son being put in an adult prison when he was 16 years old. I was stressed out to the max.” The videos with Heather Cole were made before July 13, 2007, the date written on the DVDs that were seized as part of a FBI sting. Nick Bollea's car accident that put John Graziano in a vegetatve state was August 26, 2007.

-- Tickets for the meet and greet/autograph session portion of Hogan's upcoming "talk show" appearance in England are the equivlaent of $350 U.S. 

-- Meanwhile, Hogan has been successfully trolled on Twitter again, this time being tricked into endorsing disgraced Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He really, really needs to get away from Twitter, or at the very least stop retweeing things from anyone he doesn't know.

-- Evolve announced that former UFC and Bellator Fighter Matt Riddle will make his debut at their shows in New York next month. Riddle, who purportedly has a ton of potential, has been training at the Monster Factory and working some smaller shows.

-- Some new screenshots for WWE 2K16 (comes out on October 27th) that were released today revealed a bit of a pleasant surprise: The game's campaign, which goes through Steve Austin's career, will, at the very least, go back to his WCW run. At 2K Games' media event in New York a during SummerSlam week, the demo they had started with Austin winning King of the Ring '96, which led a lot of people to think that was where the mode actually started. Today, the screenshots they released included  "Stunning" Steve Austin making his entrance circa 1993-1994 and "Superstar" Steve Austin about to wrestle Mikey Whipwreck at the ECW Arena in 1995. The final roster reveal announcement also included Ricky Steamboat with a photo from 1994, when he feuded with Austin right before being retired by a back injury.

-- ThinkProgress explains the appeal of Donald Trump via Roland Barthes' essay about pro wrestling.

-- Kevin Eck writes about WWE's hesitance to acknowledge Roman Reigns' Samoan heritage when he was working for the company on the creative team.

-- E! sent us a video of a bikini clad Kelly Kelly chopping someone on tonight's episode of WAGs. Thy're promoting it as her using wrestling moves.

-- Bob Backlund's book was officially released today in both physical and digital formats. WWE's next home video release is SummerSlam 2015, which comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray a week from today. WWE's next archival release is Sting: Into The Light on DVD and Blu-Ray in four weeks.

-- The entire Chikara King of Trios tournament is no available as a aVOD  download.

-- On the latest Between the Sheets podcast, Kris Zellner and myself are joined by Charles (Pro Wrestling Only) and Sean Wheelock (Let’s Get It On/Bellator/co-author of "Is This Legal?" about the first UFC PPV) to discuss the week that was September 8-14, 1994. Listen to us talk about Jim Cornette breaking car windows, Crush & Yokozuna breaking caskets, Keith Hackney breaking his hands, & the Gracie myth breaking apart.

-- PWP runs tomorrow night, 9/16, at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, NE.

-- MCW has a show this Saturday Night in Hollywood, MD. WWE Hall Of Famer Jake the Snake Roberts, TNA Diva and Former WWE Diva Mickie James, and all of the stars of MCW will be appearing at the Pre Show Fan fest. The Fan fest will be from 6:30 to 7:30PM  just before the event starts and wrestling fans will be able to meet all of the stars and get photo opportunities with them as well. All that is needed to attend the fan fest is a ticket to the event. Action-Packed Matches include: The Hell Cats vs. Ecktourage vs. Punk Rock All-Stars, Brandon Scott vs. Drolix, Dixon Line Security vs. G-Fed, the Bruiser & Jake the Snake Roberts, Kimber Lee vs. Mickie James, King Ryan McBride vs. Lio Rush, Fenix Fury vs. Chuck Lennox, plus many more stars in action this Saturday Night.