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TUF Brazil week two TV report

By Jeremy Wall

In the first episode they showed the first eight preliminary fights to get into the house. In the second episode they aired the next eight, as well as the team selection, and the announcement of the first fight.

I pulled the official results off Wikipedia

Matheus Mattos defeated Marcos Lima via TKO (punches) in the second round at bantamweiight.

They showed Mattos back in Rio with his wife and baby. He does a promo holding a sledgehammer saying that he will hammer all his opponents. Marcos Lima dose a talking head saying he did his fight MMA fight at seventeen.

Mattos stopped Lima with punches in the second round, battering Lima with punching combos until Lima crumpled against the fence and the ref stepped in. Anderson thinks Mattos has great boxing skills, but felt Lima was unlucky.

Lima was shown crying after the fight, talking about how he missed a great opportunity. Dana consoled him telling him he was tough as nails. Dana told Sean Shelby that if they need an alternate, he wants Lima back.

Adílson Fernandes defeated Arlen Viana via submission (arm triangle choke) in the second round at lightweight.

Adilson’s nickname is “Jack Godzilla”. He said his opponents should expect an assault from Godzilla. Viana says he started training when he was eleven.

Godzilla used a bodylock takedown and submitted Viana with an arm triangle in the second round. Viana won the first round, but Godzilla kept escaping submission attempts. Shogun thought Viana was going to tap Godzilla in round one, but Godzilla survived. Shogun thought Godzilla was the better fighter on his feet.

Reginaldo Vieira defeated Peter Montibeller via submission (guillotine choke) in the first round at bantamweight.

Montibeller did a talking head before the fight saying he used to train with his brother, but his brother died in a motorcycle accident. He has his brother’s face tattooed on his arm.

Vieira put Montibeller against the fence, took him down with a bodylock, and submitted him quickly with a guillotine.

Fernando Bruno defeated Bruno Murata via submission (rear-naked choke) in the third round at lightweight.

Fernando has a nine month old baby girl back in Brazil. Bruno’s father was a judo champion and Bruno is a black belt in kickboxing.

Fernando knocked Bruno down with a straight left early in the fight. Bruno came back and won the second round, though, so they went to a third, where Fernando submitted Bruno with a rear naked choke. Anderson thought they were both good athletes, but that Fernando showed a lot of heart.

Giovanni Santos defeated Eduardo Diez via unanimous decision after two rounds at bantamweight.

Santos was on the first season of TUF Brazil, but lost his prelim fight to get into the house.

The first round was close. Santos won the second round more handily and ended up winning a unanimous decision after two rounds. Santos said he came to the UFC on a mission and dedicated the win to his neighborhood.

Nikolas Motta defeated Alexandre Cidade via unanimous decision after three rounds at lightweight.

Cidade is a Bruce Lee fan and they showed him doing a bunch of spinning stuff in training. Motta is only 21 and he wants to be a champ at a young age.

Motta won the first round and Cidade won the second round using ground and pound. They went to a third. Motta blocked Cidade’s takedowns in the third and won the round and the fight with better striking. After the fight Motta said he was disappointed because he wanted to win the fight by knockout.

Leandro Higo defeated Maycon Silvan via submission (arm triangle choke) in the first round at bantamweight.

Higo submitted Maycon quickly in the first with an arm triangle. Lenardo wept afterwards and dedicated the fight to God and his family.

André Ricardo defeated Jeferson Negrini via TKO (kick to the body and punches) in the second round at lightweight.

Shogun said Anderson was very tense watching this fight because Ricardo is Anderson’s student. Shogun felt Ricardo was strong for his weight class, as Negrini had a difficult time keeping Ricardo on the ground. They showed the entire second round of the fight. Negrini wore out trying to take Ricardo down and Ricardo finished him by landing a front kick to the ribs and then stopping the fight on the ground with punches.

Anderson said Andre is an old friend and it was like watching his son fight. He was relieved Andre won. He feels Andre could have done better, though, and needs to improve his technical skills.

After the fights they aired the team selection. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira flipped the coin, with the winner getting to choose either the first fighter or the first fight. Shogun won. He choose the first fight, probably because it was obvious Anderson was going to select Andre Ricardo anyway.

Anderson did indeed pick Ricardo first. Anderson also picked lightweights Erick da Silva, Fernando Bruno, Nikolas Motta and bantamweights Bruno Silva, Matheus Mattos, Reginaldo Vieira and Leandro Higo.

Shogun picked lightweights Joaquim Silva, Nazareno Malegarie, Glaico França and Adílson Fernandes and bantamweights Bruno Mesquita, Dileno Lopes, Matheus Nicolau and Giovanni Santos.

For the first fight Shogun picked Matheus Nicolau versus Reginaldoo Vieira at bantamweight. Nicolau was happy Shogun picked him first.

They showed a preview of what was to come throughout the season. The preview included a clip of Anderson Silva receiving an important phone call with Anderson telling the person on the phone he “didn’t do it”. So I guess that means they will address the Anderson steroids issue. I guess they have to. It will be interesting how it is addressed.