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UFC 189 feedback

Thumbs through the roof! The best night of UFC I can remember.

For what was at stake fight of the night goes to McGregor/Mendes. The shots Conor took, the comeback, finishing him with seconds to go on his prediction, the embrace afterwards... It had it all.

There was so bad fight on the main card, but maybe the Pendred fight on the undercard.

An incredible show with 5 awesome main card matches that all produced great finishes!
Craig Donnelly

Two thumbs up.

The PPV main card was nothing short of card of the year, and likely one of the great cards in UFC history. Every fight was decided by a decisive finish. If there's any justice, all of the PPV main card fighters will receive a bonus and/or bonuses.

Denis Gorman 

Massive thumbs up.  Can't pick a best fight. At least 3 legit contenders.  Maybe Lawler vs. MacDonald at a push. The worst was anything that went to a decision on the undercard.  Mike Swick fight.

Protected McGregor is gonna be in trouble when he has to wrestle the top guys.... or wrestlers.... or wrestlers with full camps..... or Jose Aldo.... or a fit Jose Aldo....  or any other excuse.  He's the real deal.  That discussion has to end tonight.

4 shows this week.  I'll skip the next two.  Back next Saturday.  Hopefully the Scottish crowd is as mental as the Irish.

Rob Harvey

Massive thumbs up - The prelims were mediocre, but Matt Brown's submission of Tim Means kickstarted what would lead to an amazing main card - perhaps one of the best ever.

Worst Fight: Garcia vs. Swick - Boring hugfest with no fireworks. Garcia is a good prospect, but he didn't impress this fight, and many were expecting much more from him.

Best Fight: Lawler vs. McDonald - Absolutely phenomenal. After a timid first, both men began to get more comfortable and let the leather fly. Rory was battered early, but then caught Lawler with an emphatic head kick in the 3rd that staggered Robbie and nearly led to Rory finishing the fight. To open the fourth, Lawler still seemed to be on wobbly legs, and McDonald laid it on early before eventually pulling back and fighting more like he did in the first and second - calm and using range to the best of his ability. This break in the pace allowed Robbie to recover. The 5th round was an emphatic ending to a title fight that saw both men battered and bruised, as the straight left from Lawler decimated the already-shattered nose of Rory McDonald. Fantastic fight overall, and a vintage performance from 'Ruthless' Robbie Lawler.

Brandon Aldridge

Best fight: Lawler vs Rory
Thumbs up

Great card. I caught the main card and the main event on the prelims. Every fight was good to great. Really, a lot of the fights could be argued for best fight. Ironically, the one I picked as best fight was pretty underwhelming until it got going. Matt Brown continues to, well, Matt Brown. Some great knee KO's. The title fights were great. Lawler's lip was nasty. I will say, I hated the new opening. The beginning theme sounded like a synthesized copy of the old ECW tv theme mixed with some 2001 generic Tough Enough music, even though it was just really a modified version of Face the Pain. The old opening, that began with the clip of Shamrock vs Gracie, was far superior in my opinion. I also didn't enjoy the live performances for the main event fighters, though I'm sure they've had someone in their ear about doing more elaborate things like this due to Bellator's success. Thing is, Belabor needs that, UFC does not. But regardless, it will be hard to top this for show of the year.

Shannon Steward

Thumbs up. UFC show I've ever seen. 
Best fight- ...I... don't... know.
Worst fight- I... don't know.Sorry. Every fight was better than I thought it should have been. I think I'm still shocked by it all. Just can't pick best from worst.
Man... I've never felt this impressed with a UFC card.By the way- what an ideal heel finish!  Face fighter takes down "mouthy" heel repeatedly.  Face might have been hit it the back of the head and goes for his finisher. Heel escapes. Looks like the face won another round.  Just waiting 15 seconds for the next round... then BAM! Heel pounces and with seconds left the ref calls it.
Heel and face both look strong and everyone wants to see the  rematch...but they'll have to wait.
Nick Garcia
Hi Dave

thumbs up, best ufc show i've seen so far this year.

best fight: lawlor v mcdonald
worst fight: pendred v howard.

not sure if you just want picks from the main card, but i couldn't pick a worst fight for that.

mcgregor proved he's the real deal, and can take a hell of a beating and look relatively unharmed... really excited for the aldo fight.

what a fantastic card, all the fights on the main card were great, and tim means v matt brown was good too.


steve maginnis

Hey Dave
Since I didn't get to see you at the after party i just wanted to say it was such an honor to meet and spend time with you during this weekend. I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends of my life and the sheer fact you and everybody else with the website was so open of accepting me within the first second of meeting me really was incredible. I will  be more active in being involved in this group who loves this industry so much and will stay in touch with you till next year's convention. Also wanted to say being in that crowd for the Mcgregor fight was one of the craziest sporting events I have ever seen let alone been to. It was really the perfect scenario we talked about at the house party. Mcgregor shows he can overcome adversity and be fighting at a top level. It couldn't have been booked more perfectly except it was real haha. Well again thank you and will stay in touch until the next time I see you.

Corey Lieb