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UWA promoter Carlos Maynes passes away

Carlos Maynes, who promoted for the UWA in Mexico from 1987 until its death in the 90s, passed away today according to reports from Mexico.

Maynes replaces Francisco Flores as the head of what was one of the strongest promotions in the world at the time.  At its peak, the UWA drew more than 1 million fans live per year in just its main arena, the bullring in Naucalpan, which was the hotbed of pro wrestilng worldwide in the late 70s and into the late 80s behind huge stars like Perro Aguayo, Canek, Mil Mascaras, El Solitario and others.

By the time Maynes was in charge, the promotion was past its peak and CMLL was starting to make a comeback.  Soon after, when Antonio Pena formed AAA, UWA fell to third place.