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WED. UPDATE: Scott Steiner’s side of the Hogan story, Shawn Merriman blasts CM Punk, additional details on Rampage injunction, and more

by David Bixenspan | davidbix@wrestlingobserver.comFollow @davidbix

TV tonight:

- NXT at 8 p.m. ET on WWE Network features matches taped at WWE Fan Axxess during WrestleMania weekend, including a look at Hideo Itami's tournament win to get into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

- Lucha Underground at 8 p.m. ET on El Rey is episode 1x22: Mask vs. Mask, and it features more trios tournament action with Prince Puma revealing his teammates, Team Son of Havoc vs. Team Drago, and Super Fly vs. Sexy Star. There's a teaser video that Lucha Underground tweeted as well as a preview video on YouTube. Official description from El Rey:

Tonight, each fighter must put their differences aside as the title of champion relies on their partners. Cueto’s Trios Tournament continues when Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc must work together to face Drago, Aerostar and Fenix. Long time partners Sexy Star and Super Fly will compete against each other, while Champion Prince Puma takes on King Cuerno, Tune in Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00PM ET/PT on El Rey Network to see our first ever Mask vs Mask Match!

- UFC programming on Fox Sports 1 consists of:

8:00 p.m. ET A new episode of UFC Tonight

9:00 p.m. ET Back to back reruns of the two newest episodes of UFC Ultimate Knockouts: Knockouts from 2014 and Best of the Lighter Weight Classes.

10:00 p.m. ET A new episode of UFC Unleashed: The Ultimate Fighter Champions.


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Our lead story covers WrestleMania.  We look at the title plans for the show, how they changed, who knew what and when, was Seth Rollins the guy for the spot and what the arguments were, next year's WrestleMania, Vince McMahon putting over Ronda Rousey on his biggest platform, Rock & Rousey preparation for the angle, real attendance, gate claims and other records, merchandise sales, how much people paid in San Jose, why the attendance number was announced as large as it was, biggest real WWE crowds in history, who got the biggest reaction, UFC allowing its talent to do pro wrestling appearances, looking at the results of the show, arguments on HHH vs. Sting finish and the horrible commentary.

We look at who were the most popular and talked about characters on the show, booking changes, show changes and more.

We also have match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

We also look at the WWE Network number and what it means. We talk about why Wall Street was so negative on the stock, expanded costs and what that means to both break-even and to making the network financially viable.  We look at what number of subscribers the network needs to bring the company back to where it was profitability wise and what it needs to make up for the losses of PPV and iPPV revenue. 

We look at how many new subscribers the free February brought in, why WrestleMania taking in far less revenue than before is not alarming, how February free compared to November free, what the next big questions regarding the network are and when we will know the answers, the future of NXT, what Vince McMahon said about Sting, and details of lots of new WWE television shows and what it says about both the direction of the network and the relationship of the company with one of its all-time biggest stars.

We've also got more on Brock Lesnar's new contract, updates on Dwayne Johnson, trouble after WrestleMania,, 2017 WrestleMania, Hall of Fame thoughts, story behind why Scott Steiner was banned from the Hall of Famer, Notes on Jimmy Jacobs to WWE, when Paul Heyman found out about Brock Lesnar signing, his thoughts on the negotiations, Daniel Bryan talks Roman Reigns, how he thinks the Reigns situation and Batista situation were different, Bryan talks Mania, Jim Ross on Bryan vs. Reigns, Bryan talks the details of his neck injury and the recovery from it.

Bill Goldberg talks about his relationship with WWE, we look at the Nikki Bella/A.J. Lee angle, Samoa Joe notes, changes on the 4/13 Raw show, Why Scotty 2 Hotty and Brian Christopher were not at the Hall of Fame with Rikishi, Phil Baroni and WWE, C.J. Parker giving notice, Ric Flair's funny comments that made Michael Cole change the subject and two new WWE movies.

We've got an update on the medical examiner's cause of death for Perro Aguayo Jr., how big the story was in Mexico, the plight this past week of Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr., the funeral of Aguayo Jr., Dorian Roldan talks the Aguayo death, Santo talks the Aguayo death, and his doctors talk about whether he came in with a serious injury.

We also look at the NXT show in San Jose, business notes on the show, why Vince McMahon extended the time, reaction to HHH, and full coverage of the show.  We also talk about what the NXT crowd showed about the plight of women performers in WWE.  We also look at the NXT tournament, and future of the NXT brand.

We also have full coverage of the ROH show in Redwood City, with match-by-match coverage and star ratings.

We also look at other stars of the weekend, and the other shows, nostalgia, hot matches and new stars.

We also have an exclusive look at New Japan's new U.S. TV deal, as well as what matches will be airing on what nights from when it starts.

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Also in this week's issue:

--Former fired main eventer brought back and what it says

--Full details on Pro Wrestling NOAH's upcoming tag team tournament

--The latest on the NOAH vs. Suzuki-gun feud

--Major news on Invasion Attack

--Update on New Japan ticket sales

--Jim Ross talks Okada

--Notes on New Japan's big show of he week

--More on the upcoming debut of Global Force Wrestling

--More on how the Tokyo Dome show did on PPV

--More on the death of Cincinnati Red

--WWE star's new comedy show

--Update on Mysterio and Lucha Underground

--Future of Lucha Underground

--Thoughts on the promotion touring

--End of the season notes

--More on Alberto El Patron and injuries and real fights

--More on the New Japan visit to ROH in May

--A look at other New Japan stars coming to ROH

--ROH star gives notice

--TNA inks Canadian English language TV deal

--More on thoughts regarding TNA embracing U.K. as a home promotion

--Notes on Destination America calling key shots with TNA

--Destination America changing programming

--TNA signing new overseas deals including getting a deal with a station that used to carny WWE

--Thoughts on McGregor vs. Aldo and featherweight records

--Amazing interest in the McGregor-Aldo press conference

--UFC first quarter and second quarter business notes

--UFC major executive gone

--Notes on Cris Cyborg's deal with UFC

--This week's UFC show

--Lots of new UFC matches

--More on commission overturning fight result

--Fourth Horsewoman signs contract

--Update on Nick Diaz

--Possible next fight for Josh Barnett

--Next Invicta show top fights

--Match of the year candidate in Bellator

--Bellator talking to a top ten ranked heavyweight boxer

--New Bellator fights

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Wednesday Daily Update

-- If you're attending any of the WWE European tour house shows or NXT house shows on their latest loop around Florida, please send reports to

-- After TMZ ran their initial story about the threats against Hulk Hogan that his wife Jennifer McDaniel alleges Scott Steiner relayed to her at the San Jose airport, Steiner gave his side of the story to them. The gist is that he's saying that McDaniel is lying, he never touched her or threatened anyone, there were police officers nearby that she could've spoken to if she felt threatened, and that what actually happened was that "I told her Hulk introducing 'Macho Man' into the Hall of Fame is bullsh*t...He hated him. Everyone knew that."

As much of a worker as Hogan can be, it should be noted that he hasn't pushed for any publicity surrounding the incident. It's possible that it wouldn't have gotten out if Scott Steiner hadn't been banned from the Hall of Fame with fans seeing that his picture was posted at every entrance. The initial TMZ post, while slightly more detailed than what was in the Observer last week, still came almost a week after the gist of the story had been reported here, so Hogan didn't exactly go running to TMZ to publicize what happened.

-- With today marking a year since The Ultimate Warrior passed away, his wife, Dana Warrior, tweeted out an essay on Twitlonger. Be prepared to get very sad very fast, as she starts by talking about how she left his suitcases from last year's WrestleMania weekend zipped up (remember, he died not long after they got off their flight home) and will probably never unpack them.

-- Shawn Merriman was asked on Fox Sports Live if he could beat CM Punk if he went into the UFC. When recounting their Twitter war (Punk said Merriman was hitting on some of the WWE Divas by a pool in Costa Rica to the point it got uncomfortable), he explained that "This comes from a guy who was wearing a small speedo/thong next to the pool, so he can't be that tough."

-- At, Luke Thomas has an in-depth review of the judge's decision in granting Bellator's injunction to keep Quinton "Rampage" Jackson from fighting for the UFC (or outside of Bellator in general), including an embed of the full 25 page dccision at the bottom of the article. One of the more interesting notes pertains to Jackson's request for the official breakdown of pay-per-view buys for the card headlined by his fight vs. King Mo Lawal:

"Defendant's claim for breach of contract is not that he should receive additional compensation because the numbers given to him by Bellator were wrong; rather, he appears to want the reports for what he believes is evidence of his claim that the fight was not adequately promoted or that he was not adequately promoted."

In spite of this:

"There is no marketing agreement set forth in the Agreement requiring, for example, a minimum or maximum amount to be spent on the promotion of Defendant's fights."

What it comes down to is that Jackson never gave Bellator a chance to match UFC's offer, which he was required to do, even after declaring that Bellator had breached the contract. There's lots more to it, though, both in Luke's article and the decision itself.

-- No word yet on if UFC is up for booking the fight, but Jorge Masvidal tweeted that he's up for fighting Benson Henderson at UFC 186 in a welterweight bout to help bring Henderson's offer to build the show back up to fruition. Henderson was originally scheduled to be Masvidal's opponent this past Saturday at in Fairfax, Virginia in a lightweight bout, but Al Iaquinta was subbed in for Henderson when he took his welterweight fight against Brandon Thatch in February. Meanwhile, welterweight Matt Brown also tweeted that he has "good news" with a "big announcement coming soon."

-- Per, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera confirmed on the Revista Combate TV show that he's fighting Stefan Struve at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro on August 1st. There are a lot of questions about what, if anything, both guys have left to offer, so this is the lowest risk fight each guy could be booked in while still being a theoretically marketable bout with a name opponent that should have some good local appeal in Brazil.

-- Brent Brookhouse reported at that Bellator has booked Pat Curran vs. Goiti Yamauchi and David "The Caveman" Rickels vs. John Alessio for Bellator 139 on June 26th at Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. Rickels is best known for his wacky caveman and dinosaur themed entrances like "driving" a Flintstones-style car and wearing the head of a Barney costume to the cage.

-- A couple notes from Kris Zellner's Lucha Report:

WWE announced Monday that they will be returning to Mexico on October 16, 17th, & 18th where they will be going to Merida, Mexico City, & Monterrey respectively.

New Japan announced yesterday that Tetsuya Naito would be heading to EMLL on 5/23 and would be hanging around for about a month.

-- Junk Food Clothing, maker of various "vintage" t-shirts, has announced a deal with WWE, and the shirts are already on WWE Shop.

-- Marshall Ward at Slam Wrestling has a two part Q&A up with Jerry Brisco (Part 1, Part 2) covering a variety of topics, including next week's Cauliflower Alley Club banquest (where he will be receiving the Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award), amateur wrestling, mastering tag team wrestling with his brother, discovering Hulk Hogan, what the Cauliflower Alley Club means to him (next week's banquet is the 50th annual one), and much more.

-- The latest episode of my podcast, The Bix Show, went up today with legendary Memphis announcer and Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer Lance Russell and AVClub Raw reviewer LaToya Ferguson as guests. Lance is, as always, a wonderful guest, covering topics both recent (like the Memphis Grizzlies' Wrestling Night) and historical (including a great story about how Tony Charles was convinced to do a clean job for Bill Dundee in a match worked in Charles's British style). The show is now available on Stitcher Radio if that's your preferred way to listen to podcasts.

-- Pro Wrestling Eclipse has ”April Anarchy" this Sunday, April 12th at the Royal Canadian Legion in Oshawa, Ontario with a bell time of 2:00 p.m. The card has Will White vs. RJ City for the PWE Title, Kailtin Diemond vs. Miss Danyah for the PWE Flame Title, Chip Chambers vs. Buck Gunderson for the PWE Cruiserweight Title, The Flatliners (Asylum and Burns) vs. Sons of Victory (The Hardcore Hick and T-Rex Atkins) for the PWE Tag Team Titles, Tarik vs Ray Steel, and Cody Dreamer vs John Greed.

-- Today in history notes for April 8th:

20 years ago today, ECW held the first of two back to back Saturday night ECW Arena shows taped for television and ECW Home Video release. The Three-Way Dance (the first time the name was used) was named after the main event, scheduled to be Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit defending the tag titles against both The Public Enemy and the team of Sabu and The Tazmaniac (who was repackaged a "shooter Taz" a few weeks later). The match was the culmination of several months of interconnected angles, going back to Benoit breaking Sabu's ribs in October and Sabu also taking issue with Rocco Rock "stealing his gimmick" of putting opponents through tables.

The April 8th show was added in the first place because the match was originally scheduled for the April 15th show, but the match was moved to the new, earlier show because NJPW booked Benoit on the 15th. The day after the change, NJPW booked Sabu for a one-off appearance (not a full tour) on a Heisei Ishingun (worked splinter promotion) show on the same date. With NJPW being Sabu's primary job in wrestling just like it was for Benoit, the result was inevitable, but tensions escalated and Sabu didn't give final word of his choice until changing his outgoing answering machine message after the go-home episode of TV had been completed.

As for the show itself, Heyman famously explained the situation to the crowd, leading to a "F--k Sabu!" chant, and Rick Steiner (a few weeks removed from a WCW deal falling apart after The Steiner Brothers' return was announced on TV) came in as a short notice replacement for Sabu. The Public Enemy regained the tag titles, but the show is probably best remembered these days for the debut of Eddy Guerrero, who beat 2 Cold Scorpio to win the TV Title in a tremendous match that's available on WWE Network.

As for the Heisei Ishingun show, Sabu went to a double countout with Gedo. For much more on the story, check out the April 17, 1995 issue of the Observer, which is available to subscribers (subscribe here).