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WWE house show report 9-18 Montreal: Reigns & Ambrose vs. Wyatt & Harper; Owens vs. Cesaro; Patterson appears

By Pat Laprade

WWE house show at the Bell Center in Montreal.  Neville beat Stardust with a 450 splash.  Good match and good reaction to Neville.  Team PCB b Team Bad with Natalya as guest referee.  PCB got a better babyface reaction than Neville. Charlotte pin Tamina with the natural selection.  After the match, Banks complained that it was a fast count, Tamina attacked Natalya from behind. Three on one until Natalya did a comeback and the heels took the powder. Nice pop for Natalya. Good match with Charlotte being the most over.  Dolph Ziggler beat Rusev w/Summer Rae Ziggler got a huge reaction coming to the ring with a Montreal Canadiens jersey with number 69 on the back (clever). Best match on the card so far. A lot, and I mean a lot of near falls. Two "This is awesome" chants. These chants used to mean something. And don't get me wrong. It's a good match live. But not awesome. Summer attacked Ziggler with one of her high heel shoes, referee saw it and she got kicked out. Ziggler won with the Zig Zag.  New Day beat Dudley Boyz and Prime Time Players when Kofi pin Buh Buh with a small package. After the match, the Dudleys put Woods through a table. Dudleys had the new best pop of the night, which is going to be Owens at the end of the day anyway.  Ryback beat Seth Rollins by DQ when Rollins used a chair outside the ring. Until then the match was good but the finish felt flat. After the match, Rollins cut a promo saying he's the best. He went to attack Ryback with a chair but Ryback ducked and hit the Shell Shocked on Rollins.  Intermission R-Truth beat The Miz. The Miz spoke in French saying he hated poutine, the Montreal Canadiens and said he was magnificent. They had a dance off and Truth won with the Lie Detector. Very short match.  Pat Patterson came to the ring and acted as the ring announcer, instead of Jojo, for the following match, between Cesaro and Kevin Owens.  Why is Owens in the semi-main instead of the main-event with one match left is mind boggling. If Rollins and Ryback was the main-event I'd understand. But I can't say I can now. Owens was the babyface here and Cesaro the heel.  Owens won with the pop up power bomb. Maybe not better than Ziggler and Rusev but as good for sure. Owens took the mic and in French thanked everyone, said that it meant the world to him to wrestle in front of his wife and parents at home and that this Sunday, he would continue the bloodline of Quebecers having success in WWE by winning the IC title against Ryback.  Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper The lights went off and Braun Stowman was in the ring. After putting Reigns to sleep, Ambrose took the upper hand and Reigns woke up and superman punched Harper. Wyatt went for the Sister Abigail but Ambrose reversed it and applied the Dirty Deeds for the win. The Kevin Owens' t-shirt with the Montreal Canadiens colours and KO logo sold like hot cakes. By intermission there were no larges and XLs left. Also, even if he's not on the card, they were selling "Suplex City Montreal" t-shirts.  Best matchTie between Ziggler vs Rusev and Owens vs Cesaro Biggest popOwensDudley BoyzTie between Ziggler and PCB Biggest heatThe MizRusevCesaro  Rollins, New Day and the Wyatts (during their entrance) were heels but liked by the crowd. 
Pat LapradeCoauteur d'À la semaine prochaine si Dieu le veut (Libre Expression 2013)Co-author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs (ECW Press 2013)Coauteur de Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon (Libre Expression 2015)