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Dave Meltzer gives an update on family emergency situation

I wanted to give a quick update that my mother suffered a stroke Monday night which is the family emergency that Bryan Alvarez referred to during Wrestling Observer Radio.

At this point, I don't know a lot of details other than it is serious, but there are positive signs as
well in the sense she could move her legs and was aware of her surroundings. She has been very active and athletic her entire life and even thinking positively,  this is going to change her and my father's life in significant ways. She is the best mother anyone could ever wish to have.

I want to apologize for missing the show with Bryan and Jeremy Botter, and I know that everyone understands and that there's no need to apologize, but still, I look forward to every show and had a ton of notes planned. But, itt was just one of those times where it would have been impossible to do.

Also, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. Your prayers are appreciated, and, I greatly appreciate your support.