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Dave Meltzer's WWE WrestleMania Diary: Foley reality show, Mauro and WaleMania

*As the story goes, there were practices for aspects of a big stunt on Sunday.    

*On last night’s Steve Austin podcast with Mick Foley, where daughter Noelle did a cameo, they confirmed earlier reports of Foley doing a family reality show of the network, which will include Noelle training to be a WWE performer.  She’s already on the network doing some segments.

*NXT will start live at 8:30 p.m. with a few dark matches.  The TV broadcast starts at 9 p.m.  The’s local time, add an hour later for Eastern time.  Ticketholders, or at least some, were sent an e-mail this morning telling them about the new start time for the show at the Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

*Unlike last year where things were spread out all over town, NXT, Evolve and ROH are all within walking distance of each other.  Going to be weird as a lot of people with ROH tickets are also going to NXT, so I’m guessing there will be an exodus about 50 minutes into the ROH show.

*It’s hilarious, because based on the vibe here, if Roman Reigns turns, it may get one of the biggest babyface pops.  That’s all I hear of people saying how much they want him to turn. 

*Mauro Ranallo will be announcing the first three matches of WrestleMania, and hosting the WWE Network first hour as well as the USA Network simulcast second hour.

*WaleMania was last night.  First, I want to say think you to everyone I got to meet from the site last night.  It was really cool meeting people from all over the country and all over the world.  Tons of wrestlers were there and I’m probably leaving out a ton of names but among them were Jim Ross, Konnan, Kevin Sullivan, Big E, Alberto Del Rio,  Chris Jericho, Zack Sabre Jr., Eddie Edwards, Will Ospreay, Mojo Rawley, Enzo Amoe, Liv Morgan, Amanda (Mandy Rose) from Tough Enough, MVP, Carlito, Primo, Mark Henry, Taya, Pentagon Jr., Drago, Melissa Anderson (Mariposa), Kobra Moon, Justin Roberts, Virgil, Teddy Haft, Chelsea Green (recovering from a broken collarbone while wrestling in India), Noelle Foley, several ex-WWE writers like Alex Greenfield and Ed Ferrara (who now is a teacher at Full Sail University and has never attended an NXT show).  Wale is a huge fan and student of wrestling.  This looks to be an annual part of the WrestleMania weekend on the Thursdayprior to the show.

*About the only actual news that came out of the event was MVP saying that he’s starting with Lucha Underground.

*There is a real buzz among this audience regarding Lucha Underground.  I think it’s the combination of something entirely different and the hot live audience that gives the show a cool feel.  They made a huge mistake not running a live event this weekend. 

*Bryan and I will start our nightly audio shows tonight after the NXT show.

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