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Figure Four Weekly (11/30/15): WWE makes a unique argument in concussion lawsuit


The "concussion lawsuits" between the clients of Konstantine Kyros and WWE kept rolling along the last few weeks.

Two weeks ago, Jerry McDevitt filed two lengthy motions on WWE's behalf, Those are motion to dismiss in the Russ McCullough/Ryan Sakoda/Matt "Luther Reigns" Wiese lawsuit (McCullough v. WWE) and an opposition to Kyros' motion to dismiss WWE's preemptive lawsuit against Robert "Blackjack Mulligan" Wyndham, James "Koko" Ware, Oreal "Ivan Koloff" Perras, and Thomas "Dynamite Kid" Billington (WWE v. Windham). The Windham motion starts with an eight page introduction that, among other things, a reference to Billy Jack Haynes, the plaintiff in a related case, having "posted various illiterate rants on social media identifying those allegedly joining the lawsuit." McDevitt adds that "in other illiterate posts, Haynes admits that he was a drug addict for the last 27 years and speaks of his lawsuit as his 'cause to have a union in the pro wrestling industry, vacation, time off injured, a 5 day/night work week, buy[ing] stock in company..." Both Haynes and Windham have routinely posted about the cases and solicited co-plaintiffs on Facebook, and an exhibit to the motion suggests he's done even more in private.

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