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Herbert Meltzer passes away at 90 years old


My father, Herbert Meltzer, passed away this morning in his sleep at the age of 90.

I wrote some about him in the Friday daily update.

He was married for 66 years and he and my mother first met when both were teenagers. He told me that he lived a wonderful life, got to travel to almost everywhere in the world except Antarctica and was able to do pretty much everything he wanted to do. He lived a long life, appeared to be healthy until two weeks ago although obviously he was not but told me that he was never in pain. He was fully sharp and cognizant until the last few days. My family was exceptionally lucky to have him as long as we did and my brother and I, and my children were even luckier to have such a wonderful, brilliant and honest person as a father, grandfather and a role model.

He was diagnosed two weeks ago with pancreatic cancer and passed away due to kidney failure. He was still going to plays as late as Saturday, before he was taken to the hospital on Sunday and then put into hospice care after leaving the hospital on Thursday morning.

I would like to thank Kyle Klingman and Gerald Brisco at the Tragos/Thesz Hall of Fame last year, and especially Charlie Thesz for how wonderful they treated my parents, and Larry Matysik for his role in setting that up, because that meant a lot to them last year.

Thanks everyone for your support during this trying time.