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Impact Wrestling results: Callihan confronts Blanchard

Impact Wrestling results: Callihan and Blanchard Confrontation, Swann vs Page

Impact Wrestling returns from Queens, NY for tonight’s episode on the road to Hard To Kill. Opening video focused on the No. 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles being crowned when Swann overcame the odds and pinned Dave Crist. It touched on Tessa facing Fulton, and Shamrock fighting Callihan in last week’s main event, ending with Fulton destroying Shamrock. 

Jordynne Grace defeated Tenille Dashwood

Collar and elbow tie up to start the match with both women being quite equal in ability, Dashwood had some nice wrist control locks, but failed when she went for the full nelson and Jordynne overpowered her. Tons of counters and switches until Tenille locked in a kimura after countering the Grace Driver, provoking Grace into the shoulder tackle and deadlift suplex for a two count. Tenille seemed to hurt her leg on the bad landing on the ropes on that suplex.

Tenille hit a Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Grace used her power to hard whip Dashwood into the corner. Tenille locked in the Tarantula and followed with a double underhook, but Grace got out, countered by Tenille into a DDT for a two count. 

Tenille went for the Spotlight, but Grace dodged and went for a schoolgirl pin for a two count. Grace came back with a huge spinebuster for a near fall. Jordynne chased the Grace Driver, but after being blocked, hit a short distance lariat for another two count.  

Jordynne went for the running knees, but Tenille dodged, hit the low crossbody and the butterfly suplex and earned a close two count. Low dropkick by Tenille and la magistral, but Jordynne reversed into a roll up and got the quick pin on Tenille. Really good opener, I’d be down for a rematch. They put each other over after the match.

Taya Valkyrie ran down and attacked Jordynne until Tenille made the save and set up Taya for a Grace Suplex and sent Taya packing. 

Backstage, Moose told Rhino that he saw his match with RVD and reminded Rhino that at Slammiversary, he defeated RVD and he could had given him some pointers. Rhino Gored Moose for no reason.

Backstage, The North approached Willie Mack who thought he was being jumped. Page told him that they’re not looking for a fight but Mack was provoking them. Page tried to get to Mack’s head about Swann becoming a star and Mack letting him fly. Swann came in and told them to screw off.

TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) defeated Daga

TJP and Daga look like they should be a tag team, both in look and wrestling style. 

Match started with a great sequence of fast paced counters and reversals, some chain wrestling, fighting for wrist control. TJP with the winning dropkick to get the upper hand.

They continued with the quick reversals, looking for the flash pin, Daga getting a two count. Daga then went after TJP’s arm, with an armbar that he would not release and constantly get TJP back into it. TJP however, went for the head with some headscissors, locking in the neck. 

They went back into pin exchanges into the double dropkick to a standing ovation. These two are gold together. 

Back from commercial, both men are exchanging strikes before TJP sends Daga to the floor and follows with a springboard dropkick a la Jericho. Senton atomico by TJP for a two count before going back to the neck. Daga tries to escape, but TJP reverses and uses the Pentagon armbreaker on Daga out of nowhere and changes his focus to the arm now. TJP followed with a couple of over-the-shoulder arm snaps. 

Daga made a comeback with a rana into the corner and some kicks. He followed with a big sunset flip into a foot stomp for a two count. Running forearms by Daga, running boot, and big Senton for another two count. 

Daga went for the tiger bomb, but TJP escaped. They reversed pins until both men traded big kicks on each other. Once on their feet, they traded strikes in the middle of the ring until TJP got a surprise rana into an armbar and transitioned into a triangle hold, but Daga lifted TJP off and locked in an abdominal stretch. TJP escaped and locked in an Octopus, countered by Daga into a half crab into the STF, but TJP got the roll up for a two count. Double clothesline in the center of the ring for the ‘This Is Impact’ chant.

Kick combo by Daga for a two count. TJP went for a superplex, but Daga countered, dropped TJP, and went for the foot stomp but TJP blocked and went for the Superplex again, successfully landing it. TJP follows with Detonation Kick, but Daga kicks out. TJP then transitions into a kneebreaker into Rings of Saturn for the submission win. Fantastic match, this is a must watch.

After the match, Desi Hit Squad jumped TJP and Bahh, taking both out until Daga made the save. Mahabali Shera came out and took out Daga with a huge Chokeslam. Gama Singh applauded his team. 

Cage was in the restroom when he found RVD and Forbes making out. RVD wished Cage luck for their match at Hard To Kill. RVD said that he’ll have no problem with him since he knows the counters of all his own moves.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes came out. Forbes introduced RVD in the most cringiest way. Forbes and RVD made out in the ring for a long time while the camera slowly zoomed in. Anyway, Rob talked about getting a lot of attention lately and made fun of the fans for having short attention spans. Rob said that he is taking a stand and taking the long due credit for creating every move and style that we see everywhere today. 

He said that Brian Cage vs RVD was a dream match only for Cage, he called him the biggest RVD mark. This provoked Cage to come out. 

Cage got face to face with RVD. Rob actually is taller than Cage. They traded some strikes until Cage dropped Rob with a discus forearm, but Katie low blowed Cage and set up Cage to get a top rope leg drop and a VanTerminator, except he didn’t give the fans what they wanted and only delivered a short distance dropkick instead. Rob and Forbes made out before leaving to the back.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was The Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me aka The Young Bucks in a Full Metal Mayhem match for the TNA Tag Team Championships. 

Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Rosemary approached Suzie, who said was lost. Rosemary tried to bring back some memories about her former self. James Mitchell came in for the save and told Suzie to stay away from Rosemary. Havok jumped in and attacked Rosemary. The brawling brought back some memories to Suzie, who unleashed a big scream and made everyone stop.

Backstage, Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan are talking when Taya approached them. They knew that Taya wanted a favor and told her off, but Taya still asked. She wanted help dealing with Tenille, ODB, and Jordynne. Taya offered them both title shots if they help her retain at Hard To Kill.

Ethan Page (w/Josh Alexander) defeated Rich Swann (w/Willie Mack) by DQ

Speed vs power match up with Page getting the better of Swann early on with a headlock, but Swann’s athleticism helps him escape and dropkick Page to get some control. Swann goes for the ten punches in the corner and follows with some chops. 

Snapmare and kick to the back of Page. Swann is striking Page, but Alexander grabs Swann’s foot, allowing Page to rake the eyes, hit a suplex, and get a quick two count while Mack is busy distracting the referee against Swann’s benefits. 

Now in control, Page started stomping Swann left and right. Page went for a suplex, but Swann small packaged him for a two count, only to get taken out by Page again. Page continued to work on him, tossing him from corner to corner, choking him against the ropes, stomping him repeatedly.

Swann finally caught Page with a kick and a jumping clothesline to get some time to recover. Swann hit a Swinging Neckbreaker and a kick for a two count. diamondgiri and cartwheel pin by Swann for a two count. 

Swann went for the top rope, but Josh distracted him allowing Page to get him with a strike, a blockbuster and a Gotch Styles Clash. Page went for the Razor’s Edge, but Swann escaped and hit a kick combo for a two count. 

Swann went for the second rope 450, but Page dodged, shoulder tackled Swann and went for the Swanton Bomb. Rich blocked him and went for the superplex but Page straight up scoop slammed Swann from the top rope and followed with the Swanton for a two count. 

Page missed the shoulder tackle, Swann hit a standing headscissors and sent Page outside. Swann went for an tope con giro, but Josh pushed Page away and took the hit instead. Page provoked Willie Mack outside and Mack took the bait and punched Page for the DQ win.

Commentary sold it as Swann and Mack needing to get their act together.

Backstage, Moose jumped Rhino and they started a pull apart brawl. 

Joey Ryan defeated Acey Romero

Before the match could start, Johnny Swinger came out and sat for commentary. 

Ryan oiled up before the match, secured his lollipop and asked Acey to touch his penis. Acey and Joey locked up with the former overpowering the latter. Joey tried to do some penis moves, but Acey responded with a big crossbody to gain control. Joey tried a comeback, but Acey responded with a spinebuster for a two count. 

Joey punched Acey causing him to fall head first into Joey’s crotch, getting hit hard. Joey went to use the lollipop, but in the rumbling, he gave it to the ref, taking him out. 

Joey went for the penis flip, but Swinger attacked him. Acey took out Swinger, and then Joey came back, hit the Penis Flip on Acey, Lollipop Sweet Tooth Music and pin. Not particularly good, even for the comedy.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about Sami Callihan’s treat about exposing her. Tessa said she wasn’t worried about what he could say, because she knew that it meant that Sami was worried about her coming for the title at Hard To Kill.

Backstage, Elgin approached some guys in the locker room and stole Eddie’s trophy. 

X-Division Champion Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams in a non-title match

Quick sequence of reversals to start the match, Ace got an early kick in, but Petey countered with a big punch. Ace went for a springboard kick, but Petey once again blocked him. Ace then hit a springboard armdrag but Petey came back with a codebreaker and running dropkick to the back. Petey went for the sharpshooter but Ace ran away outside, only to get taken out with a jumping hurricanrana. Outside, Ace hit his apron kick bomb.

Back from commercial, Ace is still in control, going after Petey’s neck. Ace dodges a German and hits a kick for a two count. 

Ace went for the paper cut, but Petey pulled him in for a roll up two count, followed with a German suplex and a leg sweep. Petey called for the destroyer, but Ace caught him with a kick and the bangarama for a two count. Ace signaled for The Fold, but Petey dodged, went for the Destroyer again but Ace blocked him and pushed him to the corner where he went for a kick until Petey blocked him. Ace went for a superplex, but Petey also blocked it and went for a top rope destroyer that Ace blocked. 

Petey powerbombed Ace, went for another destroyer, but failed. Petey tried to roll Ace, but Ace escaped, took the rebound on the ropes and came back with The Fold for the win. Ok match. 

After the match, Ace Austin took a mic and dedicated this match to Trey Miguel’s mom. Mocked The Rascalz before leaving. 

Backstage, Trey Miguel confronted Ace Austin about being in his mom into this. Ace pushed Trey’s buttons and they brawled until Reno Scum separated them. I love a serious Rascalz story.

Commentary ran down the Hard To Kill card and announced that Rhino vs Moose and Shamrock vs Fulton have been confirmed. 

Sami Callihan came out to the ring to expose Tessa Blanchard’s secrets. 

Callihan first said that Tessa was a fake and phony. He said that at Hard To Kill, they’ll make history as the first pay-per-view intergender World Championship match. Callihan called the fans out for trying to make this a gender thing when he doesn’t care if Tessa is a woman because he treats her as anyone else and for him, there is no intergender wrestling, just professional wrestling. 

Callihan said that Tessa is entitled and she expects to get everything handed to her because of her lineage. Callihan had to scratch and crawl and become the face of Impact Wrestling by himself and breaking bones. 

Tessa Blanchard finally came out, but Fulton jumped her from behind. Tessa tried to fight both men, but got taken out until Shamrock came out and evened things out. Fulton and Shamrock brawled in the ring while Tessa and Callihan headed to the back. 

Backstage, Tessa and Callihan got into a great brawl, a lot of people were outside watching the fight. They fought around the parking lot with a lot of takedowns and chokes. They eventually got pulled apart, but Tessa started punching the refs and chased after Callihan to end the show. Good brawl.

Impact is taking the next two weeks off from new episodes, and instead, they’re running two special Saturday editions of Impact Wrestling for the Best of 2019 Awards. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Really good show inside the ring. Some of the storyline developments tonight were weak, but some were really good. As the final show of 2019, leading into the winter break, this may have been somewhat weak cliffhanger wise.