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Impact Wrestling results: Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage

Johnny vs Cage, Tessa vs Grace, and 6-Man Tag Team Action

Impact Wrestling returns from Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada. Opening video recapped the state of all ongoing championship feuds as well as the angle between Scarlet Bordeaux and Disco Inferno setting up their match for the Against All Odds special episode.

Twitch stream tonight was hosted by Melissa Santos with a cameo from Don Callis. Alisha Edwards was the special guest for the post-show interview.

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist) defeated Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Tommy Dreamer

Match started with the babyfaces clearing the ring. Dreamer and Callihan went at it first, with Callihan getting the better of Dreamer with a few strikes, but as soon as he tagged in Jake Crist, Dreamer caught him and tagged in Swann. The babyfaces proceeded to punish Jake Crist for a bit with quick tags and wrist control. Eventually, Dreamer got too funny and gave Jake enough time to recover and turn the match around.

Willie Mack got the hot tag and took out both Crist brothers. Mack hit a Samoan Drop and Moonsault combo on Callihan before tagging in Swann, who hit a Rolling Thunder. Dreamer came in again and did some comedy trying to do a nip up. Mack hit a Corkscrew Plancha on oVe, followed by a Phoenix Splash to the outside, and to a big pop, Dreamer hit a rolling senton from the apron.

Back from commercial, oVe had turned the match around, now with Callihan choking out Swann with a sleeper. Jake and Dave came in and out with quick pin attempts and submissions on all of Swann’s limbs. Eventually, Swann managed to escape Dave Crist and tag in Dreamer for another hot tag, taking out Jake and Dave with atomic elbows. Callihan spit on Dreamer, who lived up to his ‘hardcore’ nickname actually eating Callihan’s spit.

All men came in and hit their finisher, ending with all of oVe taking out Dreamer with several clotheslines. Dreamer dodged them to set up Willie Mack’s cannonball on all three. Mack and Swann hit stereo Frog Splashes on Dave and Jake respectively, while Dreamer hit his on Callihan. When Dreamer went to finish Callihan with the DVD, Callihan recovered, did a Groin Claw and hit the piledriver to pin Dreamer. Good match, quick paced, Dreamer’s comedy felt out of place, since Swann and Callihan’s feud is pretty heated.

Backstage, Johnny and Taya are in their locker room, Cage comes up and asks if Johnny is ready for tonight. Johnny simply responds to Cage that he’s the one that needs to be ready.

We got a video package recapping the story between Brian Cage and Johnny Impact up until last week. Good production here.

The Rascalz did their smokeout round table. They talked about losing to the Lucha Brothers. Moose appeared out of nowhere and asked about where the smoke was coming from, he started talking about Melissa Santos, and it all led to all Rascalz just laughing about Moose. All Rascalz got beat up by Moose in a comedic way.

Glenn Gilbertti came out to the ring. He talked trash to Scarlett Bordeaux before asking for competition for an exhibition of skills.

“Disco Inferno” Glenn Gilbertti defeated Kikutaro

Match started with both men doing a series of reversals and counters, not at the level of the X-Division, but the basics were all there. Kikutaro ended with the upper hand and mocked Disco by dancing. Kikutaro kept making fun of Disco until Gilbertti got mad and took out Kikutaro with a clothesline. Gilbertti punished Kikutaro, whipping him to all corners until Kikutaro just dropped. Gilbertti hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Gilbertti hit a Russian Leg Sweep and hit the Village People’s Elbow, but Kikutaro got out of the way.

Kikutaro made a comeback hitting a Dragon Screw and a Shining Wizard for a two count. Kikutaro went for a moonsault, but Disco dodged, hit a Stunner, and picked up the win. This was actually well wrestled and a lot more competitive than you would imagine.

Backstage, Rolando Melendez interview Taya Valkyrie. Rolando asked about the Tessa Blanchard vs Jordynne Grace match tonight for the Knockout’s No 1 contendership spot, but she said that she was more worried about Johnny’s health and match tonight.

Fallah Bahh & KM defeated Reno Scum

Bahh and KM actually came out ready for business and were met on the ramp by Reno Scum for a small brawl before starting the match. Reno Scum took out Bahh before getting in the ring where they worked over KM as the match started. Lester The Legend and Thornstowe beat down KM with a series of strikes and quick tags. The beatdown went on for several minutes, with KM having a couple of hope spots, but Bahh was still down. Eventually, Bahh made it to the apron and got the hot tag, taking down both Scum guys with running splashes to the corner.

Bahh hit a Samoan Drop on Thornstowe for a two count. Fallah hit a body-to-body suplex to pick up the win over Thornstowe after KM had taken out Lester The Legend. Quick match, felt like a reverse squash match since Bahh’s comeback was so short at the end. Reno Scum lost their second match since returning, so let’s see where that goes.

Backstage, Konnan met up with Pentagon and Fenix. He said that he told them he wanted a date for a rematch, but Pentagon was tired of getting bossed around by Konnan and mocked him with the Cero Miedo sign instead. They walked out while Konnan shouted at them.

Back from commercial, Santana and Ortiz were talking about their rematch before Konnan came in and told them that Pentagon and Fenix were going to pay for disrespecting them. Konnan said he didn’t have the rematch yet, but he wanted a Street Fight.

Jordynne Grace defeated Tessa Blanchard in a Knockout’s Championship No. 1 Contendership Match

They started locking in and challenging each other with shoulder tackles with Jordynne easily won and gained control of the match. Grace hit a Stalling Jackhammer for at two count. Jordynne tossed Tessa around the ring with huge whips, provoking Tessa to use the ref to shield herself from Grace, and using the distraction to cheap shot Grace to get some momentum back.

Tessa worked on Jordynne’s head with forearms and slaps. Tessa hit the draping codebreaker fo a near fall. Tessa unloaded on Jordynne with a series of strikes, but got distracted with the ref as usual, allowing Grace to recover and hit a huge Spinebuster.

Back from commercial, both women are going back and forward in a striking contest. Jordynne keeps going for scoop slams, getting a two count with one that looked more like a Michinoku Driver. Jordynne went for the Muscle Buster, but Tessa got free and dropped her with a DDT. Tessa once again got distracted shouting at the ref, giving Grace enough time to recover and tossing her with a Press Slam. Jordynne Grace hit the Grace Driver and pinned Tessa for the win. This match was great for the time it got. These two need to get more time at a PPV one day.

After the match, Tessa attacked the referee. Tessa had a meltdown in the ring. Attacked the ring bell keeper, she was beating up this kid pretty bad until Gail Kim came out for the save. Tessa went to attack Gail Kim, but Gail caught her and ran her off the ring instead.

We got a great commercial for Impact and company’s United We Stand show on April 4th. They also announced that Impact will be taping from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on May 3rd and 4th.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore checked on Tessa Blanchard, who only berated D’Amore claiming that he allowed to be attacked by an official. Gail Kim confronted them both, and D’Amore actually backed up Tessa Blanchard’s claim and suspended Gail Kim for a week for attacking an active competitor. D’Amore’s wording actually works great to push Gail Kim back into the active roster.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week, voted by the Twitch fans, was Sting vs RVD from 2010’s Slammiversary PPV.

From an undisclosed location, Rosemary had Dark Allie chained up and they talked about Allie losing her soul, in a way, recapping their story by conversation. Allie was trying push Dark Allie’s buttons while Rosemary kept interrogating her about the real Allie’s whereabouts.

Callihan cut a promo on the oVe Cam. Callihan said that he gave Swann the opportunity of a lifetime when he asked him to join oVe, and instead, Swann messed everything up. Callihan said that starting next week, Calliahn will take everything from Swann’s life, and he will start with the X-Division championship.

Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) w/Gama Singh

Raj and Eddie started the match with the former getting the early upper hand due to his size, but Eddie quickly turned it around. Eli Drake came in and also got overpowered by Raj, but once Rohit Raju came in, his speed wasn’t enough to control Drake, who took him down with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

Eddie Edwards came in and worked over Raju, but Raj jumped in with the blind tag and blindsided Eddie. Raj worked on Eddie’s neck for a bit. Desi Hit Squad did some double team moves on Eddie while Raju kept teasing Eli Drake in the corner. Raju hit a big cannonball on Eddie and Eli Drake finally got tired of Raju’s antics and jumped in, took out both Desi Hit Squad members, tossed Kenny to Eddie, who used it on Rohit Raju to pick up the win. Ok match, it was short. After the match, Drake told Eddie Edwards to think about teaming more.

Back from commercial, Johnny’s entrance theme came up for his main event, but he wasn’t coming out, instead, out came Killer Kross carrying Johnny’s unconscious body and a cinder block. Killer Kross attacked a group of security guards that tried to stop him. Seems like Kross is keeping this promise from last week.

Kross set up Johnny’s head against the cinderblock and was going to smash Johnny’s head in, but Taya brought out Cage with her. Taya went to cover Johnny with her body as Cage just watched from the ramp. Taya attacked Killer Kross, but didn’t do anything to him, and finally, before Kross could hurt Taya, Brian Cage came to the aid of Johnny and Taya, taking out Killer Kross with a chair.

Taya thanked Brian Cage, but out of nowhere, she low blowed Cage as Johnny nipped up like nothing. He took off his neck brace and attacked Brian Cage!

Johnny hit a Shining Wizard, and now it was him setting up the cinder block against Cage’s head. Johnny slammed the cinder block, which didn’t break. Outside the ring, Killer Kross looked on with a huge smile on his face as Johnny and Taya posed over Cage’s body as the show went off.

Good strong show, big storyline developments with all the championships and a big heel turn by both the world champion and the Knockout’s champion. Wrestling-wise, Tessa Blanchard vs Jordynne Grace was great for the time it got, with the rest of the matches being ok.