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Impact Wrestling results: Rebellion go-home show

Impact Wrestling results: Rebellion Go-Home Show

Opening recap focused on the ongoing feud between Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan, building towards tonight's contract signing. In addition, we got a recap of last week’s main event, when Josh Alexander of The North pinned the World Champion Tessa Blanchard when Tessa wouldn’t tag Eddie, and thus ended up getting taken out by Elgin moments later.

Johnny Swinger came down to the ring, and as he had promised, tonight he would wrestle a Young Buck M. Jackson. He introduced Mike Jackson.

Johnny Swinger defeated Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson was a 70-year-old buck with a hell of a promo. 

Mike Jackson got a lot of offense early on, hitting ranas and suicide dives on Swinger. Jackson hit an arm breaker, then grabbed Swinger’s arm and rope walked all around the ring! 

Swinger came back with an atomic drop, a neckbreaker, a deadlift suplex for a two count. He worked over Jackson’s head for a bit, until he went for the double ax handle from the second rope, but Jackson came back with clotheslines, a neckbreaker, the ten corner punches. As he went for more, Swinger rolled him over, got his feet on the ropes, and stole the pin. This was incredible! 

Backstage, Ace Austin cut a promo on Willie Mack. Ace said that Mack had no good odds against him. He said that Mack shouldn’t be focusing on him, but on helping his best friend. 

Trey Miguel approached him and told him that Ace was the biggest scumbag in the locker room. They got into each other’s faces until Ace asked about Trey’s mom. They ended up brawling. 

We saw Ken Shamrock arriving at the venue. Scott D’Amore told him that there was to be no physical contact tonight, or the match was off. Shamrock that was ok, but he told D’Amore to control ‘his boy’.

TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz), Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe), and XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

Romero and Thornstowe started the match, Acey used his size to easily control Adam with a shoulder tackle and clothesline him around. Larry D tagged in, and along with Romero, they squashed Adam in the corner with several splashes. Thornstowe hit a desperation jawbreaker to send Larry D into Wentz’s tag. Luster tagged in and double teamed Wentz along with Thornstowe.

Back from commercial, Reno Scum is still under control of the match, working over Wentz, who is desperately trying to make the tag to Xavier. Thornstowe got a two count with a standing moonsault. Luster with a scoop slam and the scum armpit. Luster locks in a sleeper and tags in Thornstowe, but Wentz finally manages to dodge Adam and tags in Dezmond. 

Xavier ran wild over Reno Scum, taking them out with superkicks. Double team by The Rascalz for a two count, but TJP sneaks in a tag and gets in. 

Everyone started taking turns hitting their signature moves until Luster was left alone with XXXL who hit a sandwich on him, followed by synched dives to the outside. 

Back in the ring, TJP is fighting Reno Scum, who went for the Doomsday Device, but TJP escaped and hit a frog splash on Thornstowe, who was set up by Bahh’s Samoan Drop. Good short match.

After the match, The North came down and got face to face with TJP and Bahh. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard from 2019’s Rebellion pay-per-view.

Rohit Raju told Gama Singh that he didn’t want to fight Hernandez because he needed to be ready for Rebellion. Gama slapped him and told him to respect his decision and think of the team. One day, Rohit will turn on the Desi Hit Squad and it will be great. 

We got a video package for the feud of The Deaners and #CancelCulture, which was mostly a recap of the Cody Deaner and Joey Ryan match. Joey Ryan interrupted the production truck telling them to stop that video package and to play the video he had. 

The video was a promo by Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes from their jacuzzi. Rob said that he wanted to be there with Joey Ryan, but that they had to stay home to be safe from all the toxic masculinity of the Deaners. 

Hernandez defeated Rohit Raju (with Gama Singh)

Rohit used his speed advantage to start the match, getting some offense, at least until Hernandez got his hands on him. Hernadez whipped him around, caught him mid air from a dive, blocked a sunset flip attempt and finally hit a pounce when Rohit tried to run at him. Hernandez then hit the Border Toss for the win. Total squash match.

We got a new talk show called “Locker Room Talk”, hosted by Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. Rayne asked him if he really needed to cheat to defeat Jackson, to which Swinger said it didn’t matter, he won anyway. Rayne’s guest tonight was Kylie Rae. She said that everyone had been really nice to her, that it was wonderful being part of the roster. She said she was excited to make her Rebellion debut versus Kiera Hogan. 

Madison Rayne tried to get dirt on Rae’s thoughts of Hogan. She pushed Rae to say that Hogan was kinda mean, but Rae kept saying that she was nice. 

Rayne then introduced Kiera Hogan as the second guest. Hogan told Rae that she’ll never be able to beat her, that she’ll humiliate her in the ring, and that she’ll show Rae that there are no friends in the Impact roster. 

Rae snapped and told Kiera that she’s not very nice. This was weird, but it worked.

We got footage of a match between Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards from Qatar Pro Wrestling’s Super Slam II show back in February. They didn’t show the whole match, they jumped around to some of the bigger spots only.

The crowd was surprisingly behind Michael Elgin more than Eddie, and so they switched alignments and Eddie worked heel, shielding himself behind the referee, going for the title as a weapon, which was even weirder when Brian Cage came to save Michael Elgin from getting hit by the belt. Michael Elgin won the QPW Middle Eastern Championship at the end. 

X-Division Champion Ace Austin defeated Trey Miguel in a non-title match.

Match started with a great, fast paced sequence of counters and reversals. Trey was the first to gain control when he flapjacked Ace, dropkicked him to the floor, then followed with a rana. 

Down on the floor, Ace gained control, dropping Trey face first on the apron when he countered a rana. 

Back in the ring, Ace worked over Trey’s neck with kicks and by stepping on top of it. He landed a snap suplex then went into a submission hold, but Trey finally fought back and hit a desperation neckbreaker. 

Trey dodged Ace’s rush, swept the leg then hit a missile dropkick to send Ace to the apron. Ace went for a disaster kick, but Ace dodged, hit a springboard spinning kick and went for The Fold, but Trey avoided. 

Trey went for the cheeky nandos kick, the Trey19, and finally for a meteora, but Ace moved away. Trey went for a foot stomp, but Ace rolled him over, pulled the tights, and stole the pin. Great fast-paced action.

Willie Mack cut a promo on Ace Austin. He told him to not play mind games. He knows that Ace couldn’t get to him and so he went after his friend Rich Swann. Mack said that this wasn’t about the title anymore, but about showing Ace some respect, and to do so, he would beat him up and take that title from him. Bad promo.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Tenille came right in for offense, rushing Taya with strikes. She dropped Taya with a Headscissors and draping neckbreaker. Taya went to the floor, only to be followed by Tenille jumping from the apron. Tenille went to follow with another, but Bravo pulled Tenille’s leg to cut him off. 

Taya, now in control, hit a superplex for a two count. Taya started working over Tenille, choking her all around the ring, even enlisting the help of Bravo. Taya hit the running hip attack and the running double knee for a near fall. She then locked up a single crab, but Tenille managed to roll over for a two count, only to get taken out again by Taya’s clothesline.

Continuing her offense, Taya kept landing knees and even choked Tenille, but she kept distracting herself with the crowd until she allowed Tenille to recover. Tenille then dodged her, blocked her attacks, and hit a kneelift and a running splash for a two count. 

Tenille followed that with a double underhook suplex for a two count. Taya reversed a German and hit a Spear for another near fall.

Back from commercial, Taya had regained control of the match, trying to lock up Tenille in the Scorpion Deathlock, but when Tenille escaped Taya hit a Road To Valhalla out of nowhere for a two count.

Taya went for a chair, but the referee took it away. This distraction allowed Tenille to get one on Taya, reversing Taya’s fireman’s carry attempt into a roll up pin.

After the match, Taya attacked Tenille with a chair and a garbage can. Taya buried Tenille under chairs. Commentary kept asking if Tenille had no friends, or where security was. Neither came out. Taya just kept destroying Tenille until Bravo himself tried to stop her. 

Taya pushed down Bravo and went for a top rope senton when finally, Jordynne Grace came out for the save with a kendo stick. Grace took out both Taya and Bravo with the kendo stick. 

Jordynne and the referee helped Tenille to the back. 

Tommy Dreamer and Rhino cut a promo on oVe, announcing that next week, Dreamer and Rhino are going to find a partner and finish things once and for all. Awesome promo by both.

We got a rundown of the Rebellion cards. Next week, Callihan vs Shamrock will be the main event. 

We got a video package recapping Callihan’s I.C.U. hackings of the last months, all leading up to his return during Shamrock’s Hall Of Fame announcement. 

Ken Shamrock came down to the ring first for the contract signing. Sami Callihan came out next and immediately told Matthews to leave the ring. 

Callihan cut a promo, making fun that Shamrock couldn’t touch him because he would lose the right to get him in the ring, which shouldn’t really matter if all he wants is to hurt Callihan. He did bring up all of Shamrock’s accolades. Callihan then said that fighting him would bring the biggest buzz to Shamrock’s career. 

Shamrock, completely stoic, didn’t say anything and signed the contract with his eyes fixed on Callihan. Callihan threatened Shamrock to not do anything because at the push of a button, he could hack his family. Shamrock finally snapped, but the lights went off and Sami disappeared. The lights kept going on and off with more and more of Callihan’s followers appearing around the ring, and then they all disappeared. 

Shamrock chased him backstage and to the parking lot. Shamrock got a call from Callihan, revealing that Shamrock’s driver was working for Sami, and suddenly, his whole car was ganged up by Sami’s followers before the show went off the air. Great angle up until the weird follower stuff.

Final Thoughts -- 

Good show, particularly inside the ring. If we see this as the go-home show for Rebellion, it was somewhat weak, but given that Rebellion is broken up into two nights now, this was good enough build for the first night.