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Impact Wrestling results: Sami Callihan's championship celebration

Impact Wrestling results: Sami Callihan's Championship Celebration

Impact returns from the St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada for the first episode in the Sami Callihan world championship reign. Opening video recapped Callihan winning the title, Ace Austin defeating Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight, and Suzie’s debut. Twitter stream was hosted by Melissa Santos. She ran down the show along with the Twitch chat.

Show opened with Callihan and oVe celebrating Callihan’s win in some street with their posse. Callihan took a shot at Jericho’s ‘bubbly’ phrase. Callihan said, that now that he’s champion, they’re taking over everything. 

Moose defeated Willie Mack

I thought this was going to be a hoss fight, but Mack went straight for the lucha ranas and reversals, sending Moose to the outside. Mack went for a Tope con Giro and just fell when Moose couldn’t catch him properly, but nonetheless, Moose sold it.

Back in the ring, Mack got a couple of running clotheslines, but Moose came back with a running dropkick to take control of the match. From here on, Moose worked over Mack’s head with punches and stomps. Moose whipped Mack from corner to corner until he hit the Go To Hell for a two count. 

Moose started talking trash and smacking Mack, which woke him up, he Mack’d up, and finally came back and started trading chops with Moose. They transitioned into kicks and out of nowhere Mack hit a Stunner and a big lariat. Mack hit the Samoan drop and moonsault combo for a two count.

Mack went for the 6-Star frog splash, but Moose moved away before Mack could go for it. Moose hit the third rope and hit a Superplex on Mack, but couldn’t follow up.

Both men nipped-up, Moose hit the No Jackhammer Needed and took the win. Good opener.

Backstage, Alisha was talking with Alexia Nicole about her date tonight with Ace. She’s heads over to cancel with him, and accidentally walks into Reno Scum and Ace Austin talking about Alisha. Ace Austin said that he’s been ‘banging Alisha for weeks’ (not true) and tonight is the last night since he’s finally done messing with Eddie Edwards. Alisha FINALLY figured out what everyone already knew. 

We got the commercial for the next pay-per-view, Hard To Kill, which is confirmed to take place on January 12 from Dallas, TX.

Backstage, Madison Rayne was complaining to Kiera Hogan that she got injured. Taya walked up and started talking fashion-trash about each other’s attire with Rayne. Taya complained that she was left alone last week, to which Madison tried to get herself a title shot, but Taya walked away ignoring her. 

Taya walked on and now found Jordynne Grace, who claimed the title shot she deserves from pinning the champion last week. Taya told her she will actually wrestle Madison Rayne after all. 

Josh Matthews ran down the card for the Impact Plus special show —  Turning Point, this upcoming Saturday. Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan rematch, Jake Crist gets his rematch versus Ace Austin, and Rhino vs Rob Van Dam. 

Michael Elgin defeated Fallah Bahh

Match started with both men trading strikes and shoulder tackles. Elgin got some kicks in, but Bahh blocked them and taunted Elgin. Bahh got a couple of chops in and a kick to the gut. Bahh dropped Elgin with a scoop slam and got a one count after a headbutt. 

Elgin side stepped Bahh and hit a dropkick to the back of Bahh, went for a huge Suplex, but couldn’t and instead dropped Bahh to the floor. Elgin followed with a baseball slide. 

Back in the ring, Elgin hit a springboard footstomp for a one count. 

Elgin and Bahh traded chops once again, with the former getting the better of the exchange. Elgin hit a running clothesline to the corner and finally got the suplex on Bahh for a two count. 

Back from commercial, both men kept trading strikes and slamming each other into turnbuckles as Bahh was making his comeback. Elgin hit an exploder, but Bahh recovered and hit a desperation crossbody to drop Elgin. Bahh came back with more chops and a clothesline. 

Bahh went for another crossbody, but Elgin blocked him, attempted a powerbomb, but doesn’t even come close before Bahh flips him over. Elgin tried to bring over Bahh with a sunset flip, but Bahh simply dropped with the sit-down pin for a two count. Elgin caught Bahh with a knee, superkick, and German suplex, only to get a two count. 

Elgin hit a super belly-to-belly on Bahh, but Bahh fired up, only to take a clothesline and a Death Valley driver by Elgin for another one count. Bahh is on fire!

Elgin hit some strikes, but Bahh countered with a Samoan Drop and a running hip attack to the corner. Bahh hit a Rikishi Driver, but Elgin kicked out at two. Bahh went for the second rope Banzai Drop, but Elgin moved away, went to Powerbomb Bahh, but Bahh blocked him. Elgin instead pulled him over the ropes, kicked the injured arm, countered a DVD into a Crossface and finally tapped out Bahh. Awesome showing for Fallah Bahh, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Strong Style match one of these days. 

Backstage, Ace Austin told Alisha he had great plans for tonight. Alisha told him to skip dinner and just meet her in her hotel room. 

oVe arrived to the arena with beer and cake. They made fun of Jimmy Jacobs and Tommy Dreamer as they walked around the hallways. Dreamer had awesome Mantaur T-shirt.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Moose defending the Impact Grand Championship against Naomichi Marufuji. ECIII was on commentary during his happier days.

Gabbi Loren interviewed The North, who said that if they wanted, they’d have any of the championships in Impact. Page told Marufuji to get himself a partner and face them next week. Alexander put the titles on the line.

Ken Shamrock defeated Joey Ryan

Shamrock just wore workout shorts and tennis shoes to the ring, from his mannerisms, he’s not looking forward to dealing with Ryan tonight. Understandable, Ryan started the match by oiling up his chest. Joey Ryan offered Shamrock a handshake, but only gave him a high five. 

Match started with a respectful collar and elbow lock up. Shamrock mostly getting the better of Ryan with some arm drags. Shamrock with a shoulder tackle, followed by a sunset flip, transitioned into the ankle lock, but Ryan got the ropes. There was dueling chants of ‘You Still Got it’ and “Touch It’. 

Ryan caught Shamrock with a dropkick. Shamrock offered Ryan another handshake, but Ryan pulled his hand to his penis and hit the dick flip. Shamrock, surprised, woke up and went straight for the ankle lock, tapping out Ryan immediately. Let me repeat that — Ken Shamrock took the Dick Flip.

Backstage, oVe walked into the locker room and bullied Aiden Prince with beer. Jake Crist got into Daga’s bag and put on his vest. Daga walked up and stood up for himself. Callihan ordered Crist to give him back his vest, but the offered a spat-up beer. Callihan and Daga got face to face before Swann came in and broke the fight up, pulling Daga away.

Knockout Champion Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo) defeated Madison Rayne in a non-title match

Taya started the match literally kicking Madison’s butt, and proceeded to toss around Rayne around the ring, dropping her with a dropkick for an early two count. Taya kicked and punched Rayne, even hit the stinkface to mock Rayne. 

Taya hit a big backbreaker and stomped around Rayne in the corner. She prepped for the running hip attack, but Rayne finally dodged her and got some strikes in. Rayne locked in a cravate with some kicks and turned the match around. 

Back from commercial, Rayne was still in control of the match, but Bravo grabbed her foot, giving Taya the opening to retake the match. Rayne locked in an octopus hold, but Taya countered dropping her like a Celtic cross. Taya and Rayne traded some strikes before Taya landed a big spinning sky high for a two count. 

Rayne hit a tornado DDT, but couldn’t follow up with the pin quickly enough. Taya hit a Pop-up Knee to the face for a two count. Taya chased the Road To Valhalla, but Rayne reversed into a roll up, Enzuigiri, and the ripcord cutter, but Bravo interrupted the pin by tossing that toy dog into the ring. The distraction gave Taya the opening to hit a huge knee to the face and the Road To Valhalla for the win. This was far better than I expected and from what we usually get with the Knockouts. I guess you could say that Rayne was kinda dumb for getting distracted by a toy.

After the match, Jordynne Grace walked down. Took out John E. Bravo on the ramp and told Taya that she was next. 

Backstage, Gama Singh berated Rohit Raju and Raj Singh for embarrassing him for losing all the time. Raj tried to bring Shera into the conversation, but Gama excused him that at least he looked great at the Rumble. Gama said that Shera has gone to India on a spiritual voyage and will come back stronger. Gama then introduced his new protege — Bhupinder Singh. I love that Gama has an endless flow of talent in his stable.

Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Rosemary was talking to Suzie, blaming her for all the things Su Yung did to her for the last year. Suzie had no idea what Rosemary was talking about. Suzie kept walking and stumbles upon Havok, but also failed to recognize her.

Petey Williams defeated Bhupinder Singh (w/ Desi Hit Squad)

The referee for this match was Cameron, a double leg amputee. 

Bhupinder tried jumping Petey before the bell, only for Petey to escape, hit a rana and a dropkick to Singh’s back. Bhupinder rushed Petey, but the latter dodged and sent out Bhupiknder to the outside. Petey went for a springboard rana to the outside, but Singh caught him and powerbombed him into the apron. 

Back in the ring, Singh hit a couple of knees and elbows for a two count. Singh hit a backbreaker and followed with a swinging flatliner for a two count. He went for another, but Petey blocked, kicked Singh, hit a Tilt-a-whirl and transitioned out into a low Flatliner. 

Petey prepped for the Canadian destroyer, but Singh caught him with a powerslam for a two count. Petey locked in the Sharpshooter and tapped out Bhupinder. I guess Gama will just send him back to India now. 

After the match, Bhupinder teased attacking the referee until Petey came for the win. The referee hit a 619 on Bhupinder, followed by a Canadian Destroyer. Petey set him up for the ref Cameron to hit 450 Splash. 

Ace Austin arrived at Alisha’s hotel. Alisha told Ace to get comfortable while she did the same in the bathroom. She told Ace to wear a blindfold. Ace immediately undressed down to his underwear and wore the blindfold. For the totally expected swerve, out the bathroom came Eddie Edwards, with really soft hands. Eddie beat up Ace, but when he went for the kendo stick, Alisha said she wanted to do it. Alisha chased off Ace with the Kendo Stick. Eddie and Alisha then refound their love and made out in the hallway. See, this was a lovely “marriage trouble” story that didn’t make anyone feel awkward and disgusted.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger tried to recruit Petey Williams to be his young boy. Petey told him off until oVe came down and berated both Swinger and Petey. Callihan said he was headed to the ring.

Josh Matthews announced for next week that The North defends the tag titles against Marufuji and Eddie Edwards.

Impact World Champion Sami Callihan and oVe came down to the ring. Jake Crist introduced Callihan as the new Impact World Champion. Callihan asked for a standing ovation. 

Callihan said that they’ve been partying since last week because he did as he promised he would, and walked out the world champion. 

Suddenly, Tommy Dreamer interrupted Callihan. Dreamer said that last week, Callihan ruined Impact’s big debut on AXS by being a bully. Dreamer put over the crowd and the roster for being the real draw of Impact. I partially disagree. 

Callihan told Dreamer if he had a problem with him, to get in the ring. Dreamer called out a referee and some friends out. Pretty much the same Inner Circle vs Cody angle, but leading to a match.

Rich Swann, Tommy Dreamer, Daga and Tessa Blanchard defeated oVe (Impact World Champion Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) in a Street Fight

They started the match brawling all around the ring, Tessa went straight for Jake Crist, Daga faced off with Fulton, Swann and Callihan went at it, and Dreamer hit a cutter on Dave Crist on Callihan’s cake. 

Back in the ring, Jake Crist superkicked Dreamer and went for a moonsault, but Dreamer blocked him, set him in the tree of woe, and hit a Sliding Dropkick to a chair on Jake’s face. Dreamer bit Crist and went for the DDT onto a chair, but Fulton blocked him and chokeslammed Dreamer into such chair. Fulton hit the End of Days on Dreamer. 

Daga came in and hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Fulton, top rope Missile Dropkick and sent him out of the ring.

Callihan came in and took out Daga, only to take a rana from Swann, followed by a dropkick, but once again, Callihan sent him packing. 

Tessa now got in the ring and got face to face with Callihan. She went forearm strike crazy on Callihan, hit a cutter, sent Callihan to the floor, where she followed with a top rope senton on everyone. 

Rich hit the top rope, only to get stopped by Fulton. Tessa somehow saved Swann by powerbombing fulton in a Tower of Doom spot. Daga hit a corkscrew to the outside, taking out most of oVe. 

Callihan and Jake Crist took out Tessa in the ring, but ended up taking a double Lethal Injection by Swann. Swann missed a moonsault and Callihan went for the Cactus special, but Swann out of nowhere rolled up Callihan and pinned the champion. Not much of a match, they only had about eight minutes to feature eight people and get Swann to pin the champion, so this was all action and spots. 

Final Thoughts —

Enjoyable show, went by fast. Second show after Bound For Glory and they’ve now set up two new title contenders for Taya and Callihan to go forward towards the end of the year. Michael Elgin vs Fallah Bahh is worth going out of your way to watch for sure.