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Impact Wrestling results: Six-person gauntlet match

Impact Wrestling results: 6-Person Elimination Challenge

Impact Wrestling returns from St. Claire College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Tonight was the big 6-way elimination match to find Callihan’s contender for Hard To Kill. Opening video build such main event, but also recapped Swinger taking a dump in Shamrock’s bag, Jordynne challenging Taya and Bravo, the return of Suzie, and footage of the awesome North title defense from last week.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)  defeated Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh), The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake), and Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

Wentz and Thornstowe started the match with the former hitting a couple of arm drags before tagging in Dezmond for a couple of double team kick combos for a two count. Luster tagged in and now it was Reno Scum getting a two count after a double team move.

Cody Deaner tagged in and along with Cousin Jake, got a two count on Thornstowe. Now it was Rohit and Raj that tagged in and together hit a Backbreaker and running knee combo on Deaner for a two count. Cousin Jake tagged in and run wild over both Rohit and Raj with corner spears, but when he went for the Blackhole Slam, Rohit countered and hit a jumping footstomp. Jake came back with a powerbomb for a two count. 

The match broke down with everyone getting in the ring, brawling to the outside, only for Deaner to follow with a dive. Jake suplexed Thornstowe over the ropes into the pile, and followed with a dive of his own. Rohit teased a dive, but showed off enough to eat a superkick by Wentz who dove next. Dezmond followed with Space Flying Tiger Drop. 

Back in the ring, Desi Hit Squad double teamed Dezmond Xavier, but Jake came in and got rid of Raj, having now the chance to take out Rohit. Reno Scum came in and double teamed Jake, but before they could finish him, Razcals came back, hit Hot Fire Flame on Cousin Jake and took the win. Good action packed opener.

After the match, Reno Scum jumped The Razcals until Trey Miguel came out for the save and took them out with a Double Missile Dropkick. Ace Austin came out and laid out Trey with a belt shot. Ace took out Trey with the loaded backfist. Trey Miguel’s ‘mom’ is in the crowd and she is a terrible actress. 

Jordynne Grace defeated Knockout’s Champion Taya Valkyrie & John E. Bravo in a non-title handicap match

Taya started the match for her team, but quickly tagged in Bravo when Grace pushed into her. Bravo came in and tried to bully Grace, only for Grace to dodge him and take out Taya, sending them both to the floor. That was followed by a suicide dive that Bravo barely caught. 

Back in the ring, Jordynne tortured Bravo with strikes. Taya tried to help him by distracting Grace, and with the numbers advantage, got some chops in, some running elbows to the corner, but Grace came back, got rid of Taya and once again started torturing Bravo with kicks and a Senton. Jordynne tired of playing with Bravo, toss him to the corner to tag in Taya, but Taya walked out on him. 

In the ring, Jordynne kicked Bravo’s toy dog, hit a running double knee to Bravo’s back, sliding elbow, Vader Bomb, and pinned Bravo. Jordynne was dominant, even if it was against a comedy valet.

Backstage, Gama Singh berated Raj and Rohit for losing. Gama told them that they better start producing or they’re being sent back to India. They took it out on Fallah Bahh backstage by jumping him and beating him up in a hallway. 

Rob Van Dam cut another promo from his pool. He said that he won’t actually make it to Impact because he had a really late party last night and his flight was too early today. Ok.

Backstage, Suzie was walking around until James Mitchell finds her. They introduce each other and Mitchell asks her what is she doing in a place like this. Mitchell tells Suzie to not trust anyone and instead, let him take care of her and manage her. Suzie agrees and leaves. 

Rosemary appears and tells James Mitchell to their master wouldn’t like that Mitchell is trying to get to Suzie’s head, and Rosemary won’t allow it. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Cody Rhodes vs Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

We got The Razcals in the Treehouse talking about why everyone is trying to kick their butts. Trey Miguel’s mom showed up and told Trey that she’s too worried about him. This was funny.

Johnny Swinger defeated Buck Gunderson

Total squash. Swinger hit a couple of clotheslines, raked Buck’s eyes, choked him with his own singlet, hit a headbutt to the groin, raked the back, and after Buck had a hope spot with a couple of Dropkicks, Swinger got the win with the Swinger Neckbreaker. 

After the match, Ken Shamrock came out and went after Swinger with some strikes, takedown, and the Ankle Lock. This was what it had to be. 

Next week, Impact is taking the week off to show a retro show Throwdown Throwback from IPWF.

Tessa Blanchard won the six-person elimination match to become the number one contender for the Impact title

This match is gauntlet rules with two wrestlers starting, the winner taking on the third seat, and so on. 

Moose defeated Daga

Moose early on used his power advantage to overcome Daga and chop him around, but Daga had the speed advantage and dodged around Moose, took out his leg and hit a Flatliner and springboard corkscrew press to the outside. Daga hit a moonsault from the apron, once again taking Moose down. 

Back in the ring, Moose pulled Daga into the turnbuckle to turn the match around. Moose chopped Daga and whipped him around the ring. Moose hit a HUGE Dominator. Moose went for the Spear, but Daga dodged, hit a couple of running Superman elbows and kicks, Moose went for the Go To Hell, but Daga countered with a rana and a running delayed dropkick for a two count. 

Moose caught Daga and tossed him on the ropes, hit the No Jackhammer Needed and picked up the win. 

Rich Swann defeated Moose

Swann took forever to get in the ring, which is just time for Moose to rest and recover. Once in the ring, Moose went for the same approach, using the strength advantage, but Swann was faster than Daga and did better escaping Moose’s moves. Swann got two ranas early on and roll up into the foot stomp. Swann hit a dropkick, only for Moose to come back with a far more impressive one. 

Moose now started to work on Swann around and inside the ring with chops. Moose played with the crowd, which allowed Swann to recover and go for a Senton from the apron that Moose caught, but Swann reversed into a rana instead. 

Back in the ring, Moose hit a turnbuckle Okada-style dropkick, tossing Swann to the floor. Swann came back with a Tilt-a-whirl DDT counter on Moose, a couple of chops and strikes, but when he went for a second DDT, Moose blocked him, lawndarted him into the turnbuckle and got a two count. Moose pounded on Swann with closed fists and went for the Razor’s Edge, but Swann broke out, slapped Moose about six times, they traded kicks, but Moose decided to go for a top rope move that Swann caught with a cutter, followed by the Lethal Injection for a two count. This is Awesome chants.

Swann went for the 450, but Moose got the knees up. Go To Hell on Swann for a two count. Moose went for the No Jackhammer Needed, but Swann caught him with a superkick. Moose went for the same combo as with Daga, but Swann countered the spear into a crucifix roll up for the win. 

Rich Swann defeated Michael Elgin by disqualification

Elgin came out with a big smile. Elgin went for an early Burning Hammer, but Swann escaped and superkicked Elgin a couple of times. Elgin hit something like a pop-up thunder bomb. Elgin hit a big clothesline after another until Swann was down. 

Elgin went for a Superplex, but Swann dodged out and kicked Elgin in the back. Swann hit a School Boy into a Bomb to finally rock Elgin. They traded strikes until Elgin blocked a rana and hit a Buckle Bomb. Swann tried to comeback with a Rana, but Elgin transitioned into a Crossface for the submission tease. 

They fought on the apron with Swann trying to hit a roisonrana, but Elgin blocked it and hit a Tiger Suplex on the apron, tossed Swann back to the ring, went for a Phoenix Splash, but Swann moved and went for a Frog Splash, but Elgin also managed to move away. Elgin hit an Enziguri, they traded kicks, Swann escaped another tiger suplex, they kicked each other again until Elgin got the tiger suplex in and a Lariat for a two count. 

Elgin hit a superplex, rolled over for another, but Swann escaped, hit two poinsonranas and got a two count out of it. 

Elgin hit a Deadlift Falcon Arrow for a two count. Elgin went for the burning hammer, but Swann grabbed the rope and accidentally tossed Elgin into the ref. Swann hit a Superkick, but caught a Lariat on the comeback. Elgin started punching out Swann, and when the ref told him to stop, Elgin kept doing it and tossed the ref off, getting DQ’d. Elgin, out of anger, hit a powerbomb on Swann, who is spitting blood. The rest of the referees came out to stop Elgin, who should have powerbombed the ref if you ask me. Great match, but the finished sucked, or at least Elgin’s reaction. It also makes it awkward for either of the two babyfaces left to come in and destroy Swann.

Brian Cage defeated Rich Swann

Brian Cage wasn’t happy to have to take on this Swann, he didn’t rush or anything, but offered Swann to give up. Swann decided to strike Cage, forcing Cage to attack with a Lariat, but out of instinct, Swann hit a Codebreaker to Cage’s arm, a couple of kicks, and a 450 only for Cage to kick out at one.

Swann went for the other corner, but Cage caught him, tossed around Swann, rushed him to the corner, but ate a couple of kicks, countered a Pumphandle Slam to another pair of kicks. Swann went for the 450 again, getting a two count this time.

Swann went for the Lethal Injection, but Cage caught him, tossed him, went for the F-5, only for Swann to counter to a cutter and successfully land the Lethal Injection for a two count. Swann went for the Phoenix Splash, but Cage dodged, hit Weapon X, and finally eliminated Swann. At this point, the fans were behind Swann and were not happy about Cage winning, but commentary sold that performance alone, Swann should get a title shot after Hard To Kill.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Brian Cage

Big pop for Tessa now. Tessa was all business and Cage had a cocky confident face. The match started similar with Cage being forced to bring out the moves, except that this time around, Cage was blocking all of Tessa’s moves with sheer power. Tessa could only rely on strikes, managing to get Cage to the floor where Tessa hit two dives and a third one that Cage caught and turned into an F-5 into the apron. 

Back from commercial, Cage has brought Tessa to the ring where he has been tossing her around, trying to get quick pins. Tessa tried for a crossbody, but Cage caught her again. Tessa finally manages to drop Cage with a tornado DDT for a two count. Tessa cut Cage with the corner Magnum and went for a top rope crossbody for a two count. 

Cage came back with a powerbomb for a two count. Cage hit a deadlift suplex for a two count. Cage’s lip has been busted open.

Tessa dodged a discus lariat, hit a superkick, a cutter, and the buzzsaw DDT for a two count. Cage hit a big Alabama Slam for a two count. Cage went for the top rope Razor’s Edge, but Tessa turned it into a hurricanrana, followed with the Magnum, and pinned Cage, only to get a 2.99 kickout!

Tessa went for a second Magnum, but Cage blocked it, hit a buckle bomb and wanted to follow with the Weapon X, but Tessa rolled over with a Yoshi Tonic and pinned Cage to become the number 1 contender for Sami Callihan’s title. 

Wow, that last hour was PACKED! This was a great gauntlet match, every single pairing was a main event worthy match and I wouldn’t really say that anyone looked weak in defeat. My only gripe was Elgin’s DQ.

Final Thoughts -- 

Tonight’s show was all action. The hour long gauntlet was all great wrestling, not just quick pins to get things over. Storyline wise, the show really kept things on the low, mostly building towards the final match.