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Alberto Del Rio at Impact Wrestling tapings


The new regime of Impact Wrestling debuts at tonight's tapings with a ton of new faces expected as well as old faces being gone.

Besides the names already written about, Alberto El Patron, Garza Jr., Rachael Ellering, Kongo Kong, and Laredo Kid are coming in along with the likes of Konnan, Matt Morgan, Bruce Prichard, and perhaps Karen Jarrett.

Brooke Adams will not be appearing for any of the tapings. Cody appears only tonight.

It also appears Jeremy Borash will be the new lead announcer for TNA.

At the tapings for next Thursday's show, they show an angle with Borash confronting Josh Mathews, basically saying that everyone hates Mathews, that he disrespects fans, legends, and the new management wants a change.

As noted, the new storyline is that the people who were running TNA the last few years were idiots and Borash said that Mike Tenay had been training him to be the new lead announcer, but then the stupid former owners of the company jumped on a guy who was just fired by WWE and he was put in the spot.

The belief is that the stupid former owners will be a theme of the shows as they start the new regime.

Mathews then claimed that he was taught by Jim Ross and he has announced at WrestleMania.

The transition will not happen overnight as the two are set to feud first.