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AUDIO: Jeff Jarrett addresses Alberto El Patron suspension


While most of the conversation was supposed to be about Global Force Wrestling's post-Slammiversary plans and the company's recent rebrand, Jeff Jarrett addressed Alberto El Patron's suspension on a conference call with the pro wrestling media today.

GFW noted that their statement would be all they're saying for now while requesting that questions about El Patron not be asked, but Jarrett called the situation with El Patron being investigated for domestic battery "unfortunate" and said that they're continuing to dig into the matter.

One of the first questions asked was about whether El Patron would be edited out of upcoming episodes of Impact like TNA had to do with Hernandez when his contract with Lucha Underground prohibited him from appearing on TV. Jarrett said that the situations weren't similar due to Hernandez not legally being allowed to be shown, then said that everyone knows that the incident happened after they taped and that he thought it would further damage their brand to edit footage out.

A question was later posed about whether El Patron would be stripped of the GFW Unified World Championship, with Jarrett saying that it hasn't been addressed yet because it's far from what's most important right now.

Elsewhere on the call, Jarrett maintained that Anthem owns the "Broken Hardys" characters and stated that there's been no agreement for The Hardys to acquire the rights to them.

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