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Brian Cage suffers back injury at Impact Rebellion


Additional notes by Bryan Rose

Brian Cage, who captured the Impact championship tonight from Johnny Impact at the Rebel Complex in Toronto, suffered a back injury in the match.

The injury is believed from the spot where he took a Spanish fly off the ramp and onto the floor. He continued the match, but shortly after the show was over, Cage was barely able to walk and was rushed to the hospital.

Cage had gone into the ring with cupping marks all over his back. Cupping is a therapy treatment popular in Japan since the 70s and gained some American use in the 2016 Olympics. But that would indicate that he went into the match with some back issues.

After the match was over, Cage was confronted by the debuting Michael Elgin. It ended up being physical when Elgin attacked Cage, laying him out with the Elgin bomb, setting up a possible future title match between the two.