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Cody Deaner re-signs with Impact Wrestling

The 39-year-old has been with the promotion since 2018.
Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Cody Deaner revealed in an interview with Slam Wrestling released Thursday that he has re-signed with Impact Wrestling. 

The 39-year-old has been with the promotion since March 2018 and was also a member of the TNA roster for much of 2009. He is currently part of the Violent By Design faction along with Eric Young and Joe Doering. 

Deaner cited creative freedom, the ability to work with other promotions, and Impact's roster as his reasons for re-signing. 

“I believe that we have the best roster in professional wrestling, both in terms of the talent, but also in terms of the morale of the company," he said. Everybody gets along and it really feels like a team. It feels like family. So I definitely wanted to stay with my family.”

Additionally, Deaner noted that he is still able to continue working as a motivational speaker while part of Impact's roster. 

“Being able to continue with the professional speaking business was a huge factor in my decision to re-sign with Impact,” Deaner continued. “With Impact Wrestling, we have the freedom to follow our passions and do things outside the bubble of the company. We can be our own businessmen and businesswomen and do these other projects.”

Deaner was also the focus of a short film released in 2020 titled "Cody in Kwaranteen" that documented his life in rural Ontario, Canada, during the onset of the global pandemic. Directed by Hannah Michielsen and produced by Willows & Windmills Productions, it was screened at the Austin Comedy Film Festival last spring and won "Best Comedy" at the 2020's ICP Ent Film Festival.