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Heath Slater makes Impact debut at Slammiversary


After appearing on Raw only a couple of weeks ago, Heath Slater made his debut for Impact Wrestling tonight at Slammiversary.

In between matches, Heath came out and started to cut a promo. The announcers only identified him as “Heath”. Heath said he was going to answer the Rascalz open challenge, but arrived late. He instead said that he wanted in on the World title main event, where a mystery challenger is set to take part in the match.

Rohit Raju interrupted Heath, saying that he wasn’t going to allow Heath to get the title shot. He attacked, but Heath soon cut him off and took out Raju with a neckbreaker. 

Later backstage, Heath reunited with his former tag team partner in WWE, Rhino. The reunion was soon broken up by Scott D'Amore, who asked Heath to leave as it was a closed set and he was not a part of the Impact roster.

Heath, who was released from his WWE contract in April, made a surprise appearance on the July 6 edition of Raw. He called out and confronted WWE Champion Drew McIntyre over not contacting him after he was released. He challenged McIntyre to an impromptu match, but was pinned in seconds following a claymore kick.

Dolph Ziggler, who brought Heath back in the storyline, attacked Heath after the match, but McIntyre made the save. The two resolved their differences and hugged to close out the segment.