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Impact notes: EC3 gone from the company, next PPV, Edwards injury


There was a lot of news coming out of tonight's Impact tapings in Orlando. Among the key points are:

- Ethan Carter III is legitimately gone from the company. They taped the Feast or Fired briefcase show and he got the fired briefcase. As has been noted, his contract expires before the next set of tapings and he's not renewing so this was a way to write him out.

- The April 22nd pay-per-view has been changed from Lockdown to Redemption. The new hierarchy in the company was against the idea of an all cage match show.

- Eddie Edwards was injured during the tapings. Sami Callihan hit a chair with a baseball bat and the bat ricocheted off the chair and hit his eye. It was a scary situation because there was so much blood and they were scared for his eye. Edwards was rushed to the hospital. I'm told he's okay now.

- The Grand Championship has been dropped.

- Jerry Lynn was brought in as an agent. That's because Tommy Dreamer had other commitments for this weekend. Dreamer was in because Sonjay Dutt wasn't allowed to fly to Orlando because of his Achilles tendon surgery.

- Father James Mitchell returned.

Here are results from tonight's tapings (courtesy of Jacob Cohen):

- El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Braxton Sutter

This was taped for the streaming service.

- Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan

Callihan attacked Edwards after the match. This is where Edwards was injured.

- Next was the Feast or Fired battle royal. The four people who grabbed the briefcases were Petey Williams, Moose, EC3, and Eli Drake. They announced the briefcases would be opened later.

- Taya Valkyrie went to a double countout with Rosemary

They brawled after the match with Valkyrie laying her out.

- Kongo Kong came out with Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs said that innocent people will get hurt because Joseph Park will not produce Abyss.

- James Mitchell entered to the old theme from the New Church group. Mitchell said that Jacobs is very similar to himself. Mitchell said he sold his soul to the devil to make his son Abyss the World Champion, but that Abyss has had a personality split. Mitchell said he did nothing when Jacobs hurt his cousin (Chandler Park), made his grandmother a basket case, and destroyed the law offices of Park, Park, and Park.

Mitchell said that Jacobs has woken up Abyss. They announced Abyss vs. Kongo Kong "next week" in Monster's Ball.

- Matt Sydal came out and thanked Josh Mathews. Sydal gave Mathews a gift, which was the Grand Championship. This was done to eliminate the title, not to make Mathews the champion.

- Knockouts Champion Allie defeated Sienna to retain her title

- Braxton Sutter made his way out and was trying to make up to Allie and said how Allie is the most important thing in his life but instead of saying Allie, said Laurel Van Ness. Sutter went to propose to Allie but Su Yung attacked her.

- Alberto El Patron did an interview. He talked about challenging Austin Aries for the title at Redemption. This will be the PPV main event.

- Caleb Konley defeated Fallah Bahh

Konley won with help from Trevor Lee. This was taped for the streaming service.

- Matt Sydal defeated Rohit Raju

- Austin Aries came out with a contract for the title match and wanted Alberto to do a contract signing. Alberto entered and signed on the dotted line to make the match official. Alberto said he respected Aries. Alberto told them to play Aries' music, then Aries told them to play Alberto's music. Aries told Alberto to enjoy his music being played because after the match at Redemption, it will be Aries' music playing at the end.

- Next was the briefcase reveal. Eli Drake will get the Tag Team title shot, Petey Williams will get the X Division title shot, and Moose will get a World title shot. EC3, of course, is fired. EC3 said after Moose's briefcase revealed a World title shot, meaning he was getting fired, that it was Taiji Ishimori's briefcase and not his. Then he refused to open it. Jeremy Borash opened it and said EC3 was fired.

EC3 said there's no way and Borash said it's real and EC3 is done. EC3 said there's no way he should lose his job for picking a briefcase in an outdated match. He said he's the franchise and has carried the company for four years. But in his last words he said he's a professional and this will light a spark in him that will lead to greatness. EC3 then beat up Borash. Brian Cage ran in and destroyed EC3.

EC3 got up and said goodbye to everyone, left, and took a bow on the stage.

- Kongo Kong defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball match