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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Slammiversary

Josh Alexander takes on VBD's Deaner in a featured match Thursday.

After Sunday's Slammiversary, the build to July 1st's Against All Odds begins Thursday as Impact World Champion Josh Alexander takes on Violent By Design's Deaner in non-title action.

Alexander defeated VBD leader Eric Young at Sunday's Slammiversary and will defend the title against VBD member Joe Doering at Against All Odds.

After being involved in Sunday's Queen of the Mountain match, Mia Yim will face Chelsea Green. Yim pushed Green and Deonna Purrazzo off a ladder through two tables Sunday, so Green will be looking for a measure of revenge. 

In a tag match coming out of Sunday's reverse battle royal, Shark Boy returns to Impact TV as he teams with Bhupinder Gujjar against Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

The BTI pre-show match will see the returning Andrew Everett against Black Taurus.


Black Taurus (w/Crazzy Steve) defeated Andrew Everett on the BTI pre-show


The opening video showed highlights from Slammiversary led in by the magical voice of Mike Tenay.

Honor No More promo

The show opened with Honor No More headed to the ring with a purpose as Eddie Edwards grabbed the mic while Mike Bennett hijacked a camera to shoot their promo. Edwards stated there was a reason TNA Wrestling left Nashville and that the fans should be cheering them and not the Impact Originals. Edwards stated that the Impact Originals didn't win the match at Slammiversary and HNM didn't lose the match at Slammiversary before singling out PCO.

Vincent grabbed the mic and defended PCO and then called out the interference by Traci Brooks and the poor officiating by Earl Hebner in their match at Slammiversary before Matt Taven took the mic. Taven stated that even though Impact Wrestling has been around for twenty years, it's been a mediocre twenty years. Taven stated that he saved Ring of Honor in 2019 and while he didn't kill ROH, he saved Impact Wrestling. Before Taven could say anything more, HNM was interrupted by America's Most Wanted.

James Storm reminded Honor No More who they were and stated they came from a generation of toughness unlike the generation of HNM. Kenny King grabbed the mic and questioned what year it was before Chris Harris took exception and stated that while his years in the ring have had their effect, he'll go down with Storm and AMW. Harris then introduced his new friends, Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers.

A brawl ensued in the ring before Taven and Bennett challenged Harris outside of the ring. Harris wouldn't fight but didn't back down either. The Briscoes then hit the ring to further even the odds, sending HNM running as Vincent was being nailed with the Magic Killer by The Good Brothers.

- Backstage, Gisele Shaw confronted Alisha about her choices as of late. The two mixed words before Shaw stated that Alisha should start tagging with Lady Frost while she looks for a partner that will take her to the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, an extremely angry Honor No More confronted Scott D'Amore. D'Amore stated that he was going to give them an opportunity. At Against All Odds, it will be them battling James Storm, The Good Brothers and The Briscoes in a 10-man tag team match. D'Amore then stated he was going to give them a further opportunity and put Bennett, Taven and Edwards in the main event tonight in a six-man tag team match against Storm and The Briscoes.

Mia Yim defeated Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)

Purrazzo joined commentary after Green made her ring entrance. Green missed a running boot right after the bell rang and stayed on focus, gaining the upper hand early on. The match spilled to the outside and Yim was able to nail Green with a suplex on the floor.

Back from commercial, Yim had Green in a modified surfboard before Green was able to make a comeback using her long limbs to her advantage. Unfortunately, Green's momentum never fully took shape as she was either too busy showboating or too busy chatting with Purrazzo on commentary which, at one point, saw her locked in a tarantula by Yim.

Yim nailed a powerbomb but Green was able to kick out at two. Yim missed an Eat Defeat and momentum finally started going Green's way as she hit Denied followed by a Stomp but only managed a two count as well. A frustrated Green attempted an Eat Defeat of her own but Yim blocked it and turned it into a german suplex for another two count. Yim then nailed a cannonball in the corner and a massive powerbomb but couldn't put Green away.

Both ladies were now frustrated and Yim climbed to the top rope but Purrazzo came off of commentary to send her flying while the referee wasn't looking. Mickie James then ran down to the ring and took out Purrazzo as Green failed to hit the UnPrettyHer. Yim capitalized with a successful Eat Defeat for the victory.

-Backstage, Gia Miller was with former Knockouts tag champions, The Influence. Madison Rayne had a busted up nose courtesy of Tenille Dashwood's head stemming from this past Sunday's Slammiversary. The two started jaw jacking before Gisele Shaw interrupted. Shaw stated she was looking for a new tag team partner, but Dashwood took exception and started to leave. Rayne stopped her and said that if Shaw could take out Rosemary or Taya Valkyrie, maybe there was an opportunity.

Shark Boy & Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

The match started with Shark Boy and Swinger. The fans did dueling chants before Swinger landed a cheap shot and tagged out.

Dice and Gujjar tagged in and Gujjar immediately gained the upper hand. Gujjar tagged a hungry Shark Boy back in who immediately showed Dice that he had some sharp teeth. Dice was able to land a small bit of offense thanks to the heel tactics but it wasn't long before Gujjar was back in the match, nailing a Samoan drop for a two count before Swinger made the save.

All four men got in the ring and Swinger and Dice were thrown into each other. Shark Boy nailed Swinger with the Chummer while Gujjar nailed Dice with the Gargoyle Spear for the win.

VBD attacks

After the match, Deaner and Joe Doering of Violent By Design hit the ring to attack everyone. At this point I'm thinking, "Deaner you have an upcoming match against the current world champion who just destroyed your leader this past Sunday. Why are you wasting your energy?"

VBD destroyed all four men and Deaner grabbed the mic, stating that they weren't going anywhere until Josh Alexander came down to the ring. Alexander didn't wait long as he headed down to the ring to confront Deaner and Doering.

Alexander stated that he was getting ready for their match later tonight but was here now. Deaner, calling Alexander by Joshua, stated that Doering was undefeated and would be taking the world championship home for VBD at Against All Odds.

Alexander took exception and asked where Eric Young was. Alexander stated that this didn't seem like a Young callout but a Deaner callout. Alexander asked Deaner what he was going to do, all alone after Doering gets defeated at Against All Odds. VBD took exception and after Alexander gained the upper hand momentarily, Doering nailed a massive lariat before security ran down to the ring.

It didn't help matters though as Doering started nailing security before Deaner had to convince him to stop. A referee then ran down to the ring and Alexander vs. Deaner is up next.

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander defeated Deaner in a non-title match

As you would imagine, it was all an enraged Alexander in the beginning, landing hard punches and massive backbreaker. Deaner attempted a comeback but Alexander just stared at him and struck him down. Alexander hit a diving crossbody to a seated Deaner on the ring apron before Deaner hit a thumb to the eye.

Deaner followed up by sending Alexander head first into the second turnbuckle before failing to land his Deaner DDT. Alexander started with a comeback, nailing multiple german suplexes before missing the C4 Spike. Alexander attempted an ankle lock but Deaner was able to hook the ropes preventing it.

Deaner attempted another Deaner DDT but Alexander blocked it, successfully locked in the ankle lock and that was all she wrote for the flag bearer of VBD.

- Backstage, Gia Miller was with Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian reflected on his match at Slammiversary before focusing on Chris Sabin. Kazarian challenged Sabin to a match on next week's Impact.

- A video promo was shown from Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary, thanking Tasha Steelz and a pondering a potential rematch. Backstage, Steelz was with Savannah Evans and stated that if Grace could survive Evans next week, Steelz would see her at Against All Odds.

Sami Callihan defeated Jack Price

Price was the 2022 co-winner of the Gut Check Challenge.

After the bell rang, Callihan charged at Price but Jack avoided the attack. Callihan followed it up with a grapple in the corner which not only led to a clean break, but Sami raising his hands in the air and shouting "Wrestling!" How can you not love the "Death Machine"? Callihan followed it up with a clothesline, followed by a Cactus Driver '97 for an easy squash match victory.

After the match, Callihan celebrated on the middle turnbuckle as Moose quietly entered the ring. When Callihan jumped off the turnbuckle, an awaiting Moose hit a massive spear. Moose then proceeded to do more damage outside of the ring, nailing Callihan with a uranage through a table.

- Backstage, The Good Brothers, America's Most Wanted and The Briscoes are getting ready for the 6-man tag team main event. As the teams are headed to the ring, Harris attempted to head to the ring too but is stopped by Storm. Storm reminded Harris that he made a promise to his family and tells an agitated Harris to head home.

-Sami Callihan is seen backstage, furious as hell. Gail Kim confronted Callihan and Sami said he wanted to end this with Moose. Kim asked what could be more dangerous and ending than the Monster's Ball match at Slammiversary? An infuriated Callihan stated "Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun". After Kim wiped Callihan's rage off of her face, she accepted Sami's suggestion and the match is on at Against All Odds.

New matches made for Against All Odds: Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defends against Tasha Steelz; Honor No More vs. Good Brothers, The Briscoes & James Storm in a ten-man tag; and Callihan vs. Moose in a Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun match.

Next week: Chris Bey vs. Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel for an X-Division title shot; Ace Austin vs. Alex Zayne; Gisele Shaw vs. Rosemary and Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis) defeated The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) & James Storm

It was Mark Briscoe and Taven starting the match with Taven gaining the advantage early on. Taven with a quick tag to Bennett and it was a chop fest in the middle of the ring before Bennett is nailed with a clothesline.

Jay Briscoe was tagged in but so was Edwards and it was a battle back and forth. Storm got the tag and after some showboating, Jay nailed a swanton to the outside followed up by a twisting senton by Mark to Honor No More.

Action was still on the outside but HNM was starting to focus and put a beatdown on Storm. Storm was finally rolled back into the ring and Edwards managed a two count. Quick tags were being made by HNM but while Storm was perseverant, The Briscoes could do nothing but standing frustrated on the ring apron.

Followed up by a missed tag by the referee and HNM continued to capitalize while The Briscoes continued their frustration. Edwards in the ring against Storm and he missed a running attack in the corner and Storm leveled him with a backstabber.

Storm finally made the hot tag to Mark and it was now one-half of the Briscoes proceeding to take out all three members of HNM. The numbers game caught up to Mark however as HNM triple-teamed him, Edwards nailed him with a massive powerbowb, but only managed a two count.

Superkicks were hit by HNM but Mark managed to recover by nailing Bennett with a Death Valley Driver before heading to the top rope. Bennett stopped him and with the help of Taven, nailed him with the Proton Pack for the 1-2-3 for HNM.

After the match, the rest of Honor No More hit the ring to do more damage to their fallen opponents. The Good Brothers hit the ring but the numbers this time around were just too much. Chairs were slammed, ankles were broken as HNM celebrated their victory as the show came to a close.

Final Thoughts:

A solid show by Impact heading into Against All Odds on July 1st. I may be a biased Canadian but seeing highlights of Alexander/Young from Slammiversary still gives me goosebumps and has my vote right now as match of the year.

In the voice of Dusty Rhodes, "Change my mind if you will."

Callihan going to another level with Moose, the Knockouts division as a whole right now, who we're going to see Mike Bailey face in the near future for the X-Division title...very proud to be a fan of Impact Wrestling right now.