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Impact Wrestling's Bram injured during match in Italy


Impact Wrestling's Thomas Latimer, also known as Bram, was injured last night in a match in Rome, Italy.

Nick "Magnus" Aldis, who was working on the show with Latimer, wrote that Latimer was badly injured, and was undergoing surgery. He said that he wouldn't go into specifics because he would let Latimer do so, but he said that the surgery went fine.

"He was in good spirits, but shaken up as it was a nasty injury," Aldis said.

Latimer was not in a major program with Impact and at least as of the last lineup we received, was not scheduled for the Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 2nd at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Aldis said he was told that the surgery went fine, but that they were not very forthcoming with more information.

Aldis noted that obviously Latimer would not be able to wrestle on a show in Plymouth, England today.