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Jordynne Grace, Fallah Bahh advance in Impact Digital Media title tourney


Week two of the Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship tournament continued with two additional first round matches on Tuesday and Wednesday as the six-way match to crown the inaugural champion approaches on the October 23rd Bound for Glory pre-show.

The new championship will be defended on the company's digital media channels.

First Round: Fallah Bahh defeated Sam Beale (w/ The Learning Tree) to advance in the Digital Media title tournament

This was a squash that lasted about four minutes with Beale only getting the upper hand for about half a minute after Bahh distracted himself by diving on the rest of the Learning Tree. Bahh beat up Beale using his size advantage, took out Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons and got the win with a banzai drop.

First Round: Jordynne Grace (w/ Rachael Ellering) defeated Johnny Swinger (w/ Hernandez & The Swingerellas) to advance in the Digital Media title tournament

The match was mostly comedy with Swinger trying to get one up on Grace who mostly didn’t sell Swinger’s attacks and instead overpowered him to remain in control. Swinger’s only offense was snapping Grace’s neck on the ropes, but she quickly recovered. The finish saw Hernandez try to get involved, but Grace pushed Swinger into him and then locked in a sleeper for the submission win.

Bahh and Grace join John Skylar and Crazzy Steve in the six-way final with two more matches remaining next week.