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GFW Impact results: Eli Drake defends against Matt Sydal


Previously: Dan Lambert and American Top Team had another altercation with Jim Cornette and GFW officials.

Tonight: GFW Global Champion Eli Drake defends against Matt Sydal.

Show Recap --

Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams defeated Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

Lee avoided getting in the ring with Dutt and even walked out at one point until being brought back in. The heels isolated Williams before Dutt got the hot tag and ran wild. For the finish, Williams nailed Konley with the Canadian Destroyer and Dutt hit the splash for the win.

GFW Global Tag Team Champions LAX (w/ Konnan and Diamante) defeated Jon Bolen & Zachary Wentz in a non-title match

LAX dominated the match and won easily with the Street Sweeper. After the match, OVE came out and demanded a title shot. Konnan agreed, but the match will take place in Tijuana in The Crash promotion.

Sienna (w/ KM) & Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim & Allie (w/ Braxton Sutter)

Terrell only came in the match when Kim was down. The heels isolated Kim and kept her on their side of the ring, then Allie got the tag and climbed to the top. KM grabbed her leg, but Sutter ran him off. Allie hit a crossbody from the top, but Sienna rolled through to pick up the win.

The heels jumped the faces after until Rosemary ran out for the save. The heels overwhelmed her before Taya Valkyrie made her debut. Valkyrie teased going after Sienna but instead attacked Rosemary.

- Jim Cornette came down to the ring. He talked about all the changes in GFW and new talent. Johnny Impact came out and said he wants to challenge the winner of tonight’s championship match next.

LAX interrupted them. Konnan was irate that Johnny Impact wants a title shot and feels Low Ki deserves a shot first. Low Ki told Impact this isn’t WWE or Lucha Underground. A brawl broke out until security came out to break it up.

Backstage, Cornette announced Low Ki vs. Johnny Impact in a number one contender's match for next week.

- In the back, Joseph Park convinced Grado to call off the wedding with Laurel Van Ness because she’s Canadian. Van Ness went crazy and appears to be returning to her old ways.

- Scenes of GFW talent at Triplemania aired next. This focused on DJ Z's return and Moose eliminating Bobby Lashley from their match. Lashley said that Dan Lambert is right and that pro wrestling is not for him.

A second video package from Triplemania aired, this time focusing on Johnny Impact’s title defense against El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. in a ladder match.

GFW then dealt with the controversy involving Sexy Star and Rosemary from Triplemania. They aired the finish of the match of Sexy Star injuring her. Later, Jeff Jarrett had an altercation in the back with La Parka and the AAA roster.

- AAA’s Pagano will soon make his debut in GFW.

- GFW congratulated Eddie Edwards on winning the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

GFW Champion Eli Drake (w/ Chris Adonis) defeated Matt Sydal to retain his title

Adonis tried to interfere, but Sydal took him out with a drop kick. This gave Drake the opportunity to gain the advantage. Sydal made a comeback and connected with a series of kicks, then scored a near fall with a standing moonsault. Sydal got another near fall after hitting the double knees from the top, but Drake nailed him with the title belt and hit the Gravy Train to retain.

Next Week: Johnny Impact takes on Low Ki in a number one contender's match, X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt faces Trevor Lee in a falls count anywhere match, and GFW Tag Team Champions LAX defend against OVE in Tijuana.