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Impact Multiverse of Matches live results: Josh Alexander & JONAH vs. Moose & PCO

Three titles will be on the line during Friday's pay-per-view.

Impact World Champion Moose and PCO will team up to face former World Champion and X-Division titleholder Josh Alexander and JONAH on Friday's Multiverse of Matches pay-per-view.

In a clash of well-known tag teams, The Good Brothers will take on The Briscoes while in another tag team match, current NWA World Champion Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green will team up to take on former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis and Mickie James.

The X-Division title will be on the line in an Ultimate X match when champion Trey Miguel defends against Chris Bey, Vincent, Rich Swann, Blake Christian, and Jordynne Grace.

ROH Women's Champion Deonna Purrazzo and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo will have another open Champ Champ Challenge.

Three singles matches will see Tomohiro Ishii make his Impact debut when he faces Eddie Edwards; Jay White vs. Chris Sabin in singles action; and Alex Shelley against "Speedball" Mike Bailey.

In another title bout, Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Influence will defend against Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans, Gisele Shaw and Lady Frost, and Decay's Havok and Rosemary.


X Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated Jordynne Grace, Blake Christian, Chris Bey, Vincent, & Rich Swann to retain the title

Already scheduled for Rebellion are Mike Bailey and Ace Austin to challenge for the X Division title, therefore, whoever wins the title tonight, goes to defend at Rebellion.

Match started and we already had four people going into the ropes for the title, but everyone ended up getting slammed one way or another.

Miguel, Swann, and Bey were the first to have an exchange in the ring, taking each other out with kicks until there was only Bey standing. Grace stopped him from going for the ropes and dropped him with a Muscle Buster.

Christian and Vincent had an exchange with the former hitting a knee combo and clearing the path for the title, only to get dropped by Miguel with a huge tope suicida. Miguel and Vincent then paired up with the latter getting the upper hand, but as he closed up on the ropes, Swann took him out with a Lethal Injection.

Bey hit Art of Finesse on Swann, but then was taken out by Christian as they exchanged kicks while hanging on the ropes, and to finish Bey, Christian hit a Canadian destroyer as he came down from the ropes.

Miguel and Christian hit a couple of dives, the latter doing it from the top of the structure.

Miguel and Grace chased the title on the ropes, but Vincent took out Grace, leaving Miguel alone to retrieve the title and retain.

Miguel vs Austin vs Bailey still scheduled for Rebellion.

- We saw an interview from earlier today with the Good Brothers, talking about facing the Briscoes.

Mickie James & Nick Aldis defeated Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona

A week ago, Chelsea Green turned on Mickie James, claiming that James had been pushing her aside and not giving her the credit Green deserved. During the attack, it was Matt Cardona who actually ended up taking out James, and so Nick Aldis, Mickie James’ husband, is coming in to even out the odds. This is Aldis’ first match with Impact in about 5 years.

Match started with James jumping Green into a pull apart where both husbands tried to get things in control, but it only led to Cardona and Aldis wrestling each other. Aldis and James had control early on working over Cardona, but when James got in the ring, she distracted herself with Green and allowed Cardona to cut her off from behind.

Now in control, the Cardonas isolated James from her corner, teasing Aldis as they tortured James. Cardona and Green did a good job making sure James couldn’t escape to a tag, but when Cardona went for the re-boot, she managed to dodge him, pancake Cardona, and tag in Aldis for the hot tag. Aldis dropped Cardona with a piledriver and a falling elbow for a near fall, only for Green who cut it off.

Green took out James, and Aldis took out Cardona, leaving Green open for Aldis to lock in the cloverleaf, but Cardona was there to break it up. Green accidentally slapped Cardona, but as Cardona tried to hit Radio Silence, Aldis reversed into a powerbomb.

Both James and Aldis locked in clover leaves for the double submission win.

- Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about the interim ROH Women’s Champion. Purrazzo said that she didn’t care and found it ridiculous that there was one to begin with, since she was there as the reigning and defending champion. She also brought up that if Mercedes Martinez decides to challenge, she’ll tap her out like she did last time.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Alex Shelley

There is no story between the two, and this is a first time match-up. Bailey is currently on the chase for the X Division title towards Rebellion, while Alex Shelley is feuding with Jay White and the Bullet Club along with his MCMG partner, Chris Sabin.

Match started with a good sequence of counters and reversals, with Bailey getting the early upper hand, pushing Shelley to trick Bailey into getting some offense, but unfortunately for Shelley, Bailey was ready with the machine gun kicks and a tope con giro.

Outside the ring, Bailey kicked Shelley around, but as they got back in the ring, Shelley caught Bailey with a jawbreaker and finally cut off his offense.

Shelley kicked Bailey around until the latter ended on the floor, followed by a pescado. Now it was Shelley, who chopped Bailey around ringside. Shelley kept his work on Bailey’s head and neck for a couple more minutes.

Bailey eventually made a comeback exchanging strikes with Shelley, finally taking him down with a jumping kick, and a kick combo that ended with the standing twisting SSP. Shelley dodged the buzzsaw kick and dropped Speedball on the turnbuckle, transitioned into the Border City stretch for a submission tease.

Shelley dropped Bailey with some chops and a belly-to-back suplex, he went to follow with the same on the apron, but Bailey reversed into a moonsault knee, only to crash and burn after Shelley moved. Shelley then dropped Bailey with a scary apron DDT and a brainbuster on the floor for the countout tease.

Bailey got back in the ring, but as Shelley rushed at him, Bailey dodged and caught him with an Asai moonsault.

Back in the ring, Speedball and Shelley exchanged strikes, ending with Bailey taking out Shelley and hitting the moonsault knees and buzzsaw kick combo for a near fall. Shelley came back with a forearm and sliced bread for a two count, transition into the border city stretch. Bailey dropped Shelley with a pair of kicks, but failed to land Ultima Weapon.

Bailey reversed a Shellshock into a roll up and got the snap win over Shelley in a really really good match. Interesting seeing Shelley heel it up for this match. 

- Miller interviewed The Influence about their upcoming title defense. She asked about Kaleb, but they ignored the question. They talked about being the only real team in the match, since the others were more of random pairings.

Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) defeated Tasha Steelz & Savanna Evans, Decay (Rosemary & Havok), & Gisele Shaw & Lady Frost to retain the titles

While one of the challenging teams has been actually chasing the tag titles, there are some stories between them. Frost and Shaw have been feuding since Shaw’s debut a couple of weeks ago. Moreover, Rosemary recently became the number one contender to Tasha Steelz’s Knockouts Championship.

Rosemary and Steelz started the match by themselves, but of course Steelz dodged out and tagged in Evans, who dominated early, snapping Rosemary’s neck into the ropes. Steelz and Evans kept Rosemary isolated until the latter fell to Shaw’s corner for the tag.

Shaw outwrestled Steelz quickly and she and Frost ended up working well together to take down Steelz. Havok tagged in and paired up with Frost, and easily took her down with the size advantage. Decay double teamed Frost before Dashwood snuck in a tag and tried to pin Frost, only getting a two count.

The Influence now isolated Frost in their corner, getting a couple of near falls on her as they tagged in and out. Frost eventually managed to hit a desperation enzuigiri and tagged out to Havok. Dashwood tagged Rayne in, who tried to tag out, but everyone dodged wrestling Havok. Rayne took some damage before Evans came in and consequently, everyone came in for the signature move, ending with Rayne and Steelz taking each other out.

Decay and Steelz and Evans were the first up and a brawl broke down between them around ringside. In the ring, Frost and Shaw took down the Influence with stereo kicks, but when they tried to go for the top rope move, Dashwood and Rayne took out Frost, dropped Shaw with the double STO, and pinned her for the win. Good match, it was really well planned. 

- Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards about representing Pro Wrestling NOAH tonight against Ishii. He said that he wasn’t going to represent Impact, a company that turned on him.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Eddie Edwards

Edwards is a former GHC Heavyweight Champion with Pro Wrestling NOAH, thus he rather represents them and not Impact, who he is currently feuding against. This is Ishii’s debut with Impact Wrestling.

Match started with a lockup that quickly escalated to shoulder tackles and chops that ended with Ishii on top. They went back at it, but this time Edwards sent Ishii to the floor, followed by a tope suicida.

Ishii and Edwards brawled outside the ring, trading offense until Edwards was dropped with a powerslam. Ishii tried to piledrive Edwards on the apron, but Edwards blocked it and instead dropped Ishii with a DDT.

Back in the ring, Ishii and Edwards went back to exchanging chops, followed by a battle to see who would drop who with a suplex first, with Ishii being victorious.

Edwards hit the Kobashi chops, only for Ishii to come back with a series of chops and elbows. Ishii hit a backdrop for a two count. Edwards came back with a Blue Thunder bomb for a two count.

Ishii reversed a Tiger driver, but couldn’t follow up. Edwards went for the backpack stunner, but Ishii landed a couple of headbutts, enough to escape it. Ishii and Edwards did a fighting spirit spots with Germans and lariats until both men dropped.

Ishii and Edwards went back to trading elbows until Ishii dropped Edwards with a headbutt. Ishii followed with the sliding lariat, but Edwards reversed into knees to the head. Edwards hit the Tiger driver, but Ishii kicked out at 2.99.

Edwards went for the BKP, but Ishii blocked it, hit a Shining Wizard, the sliding lariat, only for Edwards to kick out. Edwards blocked Ishii and hit the BKP, but Ishii blocked the Die Hard Driver. A couple more lariats and elbows before Ishii hit the brainbuster and picked up the win. 

Ishii will face JONAH at Rebellion, while Edwards will wrestle Jonathan Gresham.

Josh Alexander & JONAH defeated Moose & PCO

These are two feuds combined. Josh Alexander and Moose had a long story going, and will finally collide for the Impact World title at Rebellion. Meanwhile, PCO and JONAH have been in a violent feud in the last couple of weeks, ever since No Surrender.

PCO jumped Alexander and JONAH as they were trying to decide who would start the match. PCO got some offense on Alexander before he gained control of the match, but as he did, JONAH tagged himself in. They had a little staredown, but with PCO there, they quickly got back and focused on the match.

Moose tagged himself in and faced off with JONAH in a hoss clash, but Moose just didn’t have the size to tackle JONAH, having to rely on strikes and stamina to tire down JONAH. Moose straight up ran the ropes with shoulder tackles for about two minutes, only to get dropped at the end.

Alexander tagged himself in to finally get his hands on Moose, but the latter ran away, setting Alexander up for PCO to drop him with a clothesline.

PCO and Moose now worked over Alexander with big slams and strikes, Moose in particular focused on Alexander’s wrist, trying to take away his ability to either lock in the ankle lock, or hit the C4.

Alexander made a comeback against PCO, but the latter was ready to take out JONAH and keep Alexander isolated. Alexander dropped PCO with a German, but when he tried it from the top rope, PCO dropped him and hit the PCO-sault instead.

JONAH and Moose tagged in with the former getting the upper hand and running wild over Moose. JONAH failed to hit the running senton and tagged out, but again, Moose ran from Alexander and tagged in PCO.

PCO sent both JONAH and Alexander to the floor, followed with a tope con giro, followed with the top rope De-Animator on Alexander. JONAH superkicked PCO, only to get taken out by Moose. Alexander and Moose trader strikes and took each other out.