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Impact Sacrifice live results: Six title matches

Six Impact titles will be on the line in Louisville, Kentucky, Saturday.

The Impact World title will be on the line in one of six title matches Saturday at Sacrifice, a live special from Louisville, Kentucky, on Impact Plus.

Moose will defend the gold against Heath in a match that came together quickly in the last two weeks.

Tasha Steelz will get another shot at the Knockouts title as she takes on reigning champion Mickie James.

Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers will defend against Violent By Design's Deaner and Doering while Trey Miguel will defend the X-Division gold against Jake Something.

The Knockouts Tag Team titles will be on the line as The IInspiration defends against The Influence in a match that was supposed to happen two months ago.

Finally, in another Champ Champ open challenge, ROH Women's World Champion & AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo will put up one of her two titles.

The rest of the show will see Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino; Jay White vs. Alex Shelley and JONAH vs. PCO. The two pre-show matches will feature Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. Mike Bennett & Matt Taven, and Gisele Shaw vs. Lady Frost.


Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are on commentary

Lady Frost defeated Gisele Shaw

The fight spilled to the outside early and Frost hit a head scissors on the floor. She tried to do the same back inside the ring but Shaw kicked her in the stomach and ended up with a sustained period of offense after. 

Shaw got a two count after a twisting Vader bomb. Frost then fought back with strikes and hit a cannonball in the corner. She went for her moonsault but Shaw pulled her off the top rope, hit a draping DDT and got a two count. Shaw then hit a twisting suplex for another near fall. 

Frost fought back by hitting a spinning kick the face. She then went up for the moonsault once again. Shaw tried to pull her down but this time Frost fought her off. She then hit Frostbite (twisting moonsault) for the win. 

- Mickie James is interviewed in the back. She said that Tasha Steelz cheated to beat Green in the #1 Contenders match on Thursday. Green entered and said she'll watch the champion's back tonight. James tells her not to go out to the ring with her, however, because she doesn't want Tasha to have any excuses after she beats her. 

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis joined the commentary team for this match. 

Swann got the early advantage for his team until Taven made a blind tag and the OGK were able to hit some double team combos. Swann was able to tag in Mack shortly after, however. Mack then hit a head scissors on Taven but Bennett came out of nowhere to slam him on the ring apron moments later. 

The match spilled to the outside and Swann dove onto both members of the OGK. Mack did the same shortly after and the babyfaces were in full control. 

Taven hit a DDT on Mack as he was re-entering the ring and this led to the heels working on Mack for a period. Eventually, Mack made a hot tag into Swann, who hit moves on both Bennett and Taven. Mack and Swann then hit an assisted bulldog on Taven for a two count. 

The OGK fought back and got a near fall on Swann after a death valley driver/ running knee combo. The OGK later tried to hit their Proton Pack double team finish but Swann countered into a pinning combination and got the three count. 

PPV portion of the show begins. 

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated Jake Something

Something tossed Miguel to the mat with ease early, establishing he is the much bigger and strong wrestler. That would be the story of the match throughout. 

Miguel fought back with kicks but Something countered a head scissors into a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Miguel just couldn't get anything going in the early moments in the match. Hannifan compared it to a heavyweight facing a flyweight. 

They did a nice spot where Something held Miguel in place by stepping on his foot and then gave him a big forearm shot to the face. He followed that up with a spear in the corner for a near fall. Something followed this up with a series of short-arm clotheslines but Miguel fought back with a kick to the face and a slam. Miguel hit a springboard forearm and now the champ is in full control. He got a near fall off a kick to the head shortly after. 

Something countered a DDT attempt and then hit him with a backbreaker for a two count. Miguel then hit a kick which caused Something to roll out to the floor. Miguel then hit a running sunset flip bomb on the outside. 

Back in the ring, Something countered an arm bar attempt into a buckle bomb and followed it up with another power bomb for a two count. He went for another power bomb but Miguel countered into a meteora. Miguel then hit another meteora while Something was dropped on the ropes in the corner and got the three count. 

- Tasha Steelz is interviewed in the back. She said she was going to send Mickie James back to her husband and son a loser. 

Eddie Edwards (w/ the Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis, Vincent, & Kenny King) defeated Rhino (w/ Chris Sabin, Willie Mack & Rich Swann)

Rhino was aggressive early, causing Edwards to escape outside where he hid behind the members of Honor No More. Moments later, Edwards was thrown out to the side of the ring with the babyfaces, who promptly tossed him back in. 

Maria then handed Edwards a kendo stick but the referee saw and ejected her from ringside. Moments later, Taven tripped up Rhino from the outside while the referee wasn't looking, and this allowed Edwards to go on offense for a period. 

A brawl broke out between Honor No More and the babyfaces on the outside. Vincent, Swann, and Mack all exchanged dives onto everyone on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Edwards went to use the kendo stick but Steve Maclin came out and stopped him. Maclin then told Rhino to go for the Gore but when he turned his back, Maclin turned on Rhino and hit him with the kendo stick. Edwards then hit the Boston Knee Party and picked up the win. 

- We cut to the back where Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne tell Kaleb with a K they don't want him to go to the ring with them. This followed Kaleb causing a distraction on the outside that allowed Cassie Lee to defeat Rayne on Thursday's show. 

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) defeated The Iinspiration (Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee) and won the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions

The Iinspiration got the early advantage. They knocked both challengers to the floor early in the match. The heels managed to gain the advantage on the floor, however. The heels then worked on McKay with quick tags and preventing her from tagging out. 

McKay finally made a hot tag to Lee and she took out both Rayne and Dashwood. She then hit a fisherman suplex on Dashwood for a near fall. McKay rammed Dashwood's head into Lee's knee and got another near fall. 

Dashwood fought back and hit her spotlight kick but Lee kicked out at two. Kaleb then came out to ringside, despite being told not to. Lee then hit a spinning back kick for a two count. Kaleb then tossed a title belt into the ring, although it wasn't clear who he was giving it to. Dashwood picked it up and hit Lee with it and then pinned her to win the titles. 

There was some speculation on the commentary team regarding which team Kaleb meant to throw the title belt to. Maybe he was upset about being told not to go to ringside earlier. 

- Heath and Rhino are in the back and Heath expressed doubt that he could win the title. Santino Marella then entered and gave Heath a pep talk, saying he knows what it is like to be the underdog. Heath then sounded much more confident and yelled at the camera to end the segment. 

- Brian Myers was at his own personal commentary table. He talked about W. Morrissey having broken his old table but it's fine because he's got a new one now. W. Morrissey's music hit and he came out and headed straight for Myers. Morrissey went to put him through the table again but Myers got away. Morrissey then put a member of the security team through a table instead. 

JONAH defeated PCO

They exchanged striking attacks early. PCO then hit a neckbreaker and followed it up with a dropkick to the back of the head. The match then spilled to the floor. PCO seemed to get the early advantage outside the ring, tossing JONAH's head into the ring post. After PCO broke up the ring count, it allowed JONAH to go on offense. He gave PCO a Russian leg sweep on the ramp. 

Back in the ring, JONAH chopped PCO down but PCO fired back with his own chops after. PCO clotheslined JONAH to the floor and then hit him with a suicide dive. He then hit him with his De-animator (diving cannonball on the ring apron). Shortly after, JONAH hit a massive superplex and both men were down. 

They got back to their feet and exchanged strikes. They then exchanged German suplexes and clotheslines. JONAH took PCO down with a clothesline but PCO sat up moments after. JONAH then hit a DDT but PCO no sold it. JONAH then hit a big vertical suplex and called for his top rope splash. PCO caught him going to the top and then hit a big hurricanrana. 

PCO then went to the top and hit a big moonsault for a two count. JONAH escaped to the outside and then dodged a charging PCO, who went head first into the steel steps. JONAH then gave PCO a tombstone on the steel steps. He then gave PCO a power bomb from the steps to the floor that looked nasty. JONAH then rolled him back in the ring, gave PCO the tsunami and got the three count. 

After the match, medical personnel attempted to check on PCO but he brushed them aside. 

- Jay White is interviewed in the back. White said he knew he'd face Alex Shelley one more time and it's nice to do it in a place where Shelley earned his name. White told Shelley that he doesn't know the man he's become. 

Jay White defeated Alex Shelley

Commentary played up the history between Shelley and White. Shelley got the early advantage and started working on White's arm. White eventually countered a springboard splash by getting his knees up. He hit a backbreaker shortly after. 

The match spilled to the floor where White kept up the attack. Back in the ring, White hit a pump-handle backbreaker for a two count. Shelley fought back and dropped his opponent with forearm shot. White then fought out of Slice Bread #2 and hit a DDT. He then hit a twisting suplex for a two count. 

Shelley fought back but White hit him with a thumb to the eye. They exchanged big chops here with White gaining the advantage. Shelley fought back but White hit a uranage for a two count. Shelley then hit Slice Bread #2 but White kicked out. Shelley went for a Blade Runner but White countered. Shelley then locked in the Motor City Stretch but White eventually crawled to the ropes. 

Shelley went back to working on the arm and then hit a step up enziguri that took White to the outside. Shelley attempted a dive to the outside but White countered the move by giving him a Blade Runner to the ring apron. White rolled Shelley back into the ring and attempted to give him a Blade Runner inside the ring. Shelley countered it into his own version but White kicked. Shelley then locked in the Motor City Stretch. White got out of it, hit a Blade Runner and got the pin. 

After the match, Shelley offered White a handshake. White laughed and walked away from him. Commentary continued to play up how White is not the same man that Shelley once knew. 

AAA Reina de Reinas/ROH Women's World Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green came out to answer Deonna Purrazzo's open challenge. Hannifan mentioned with the recent news regarding Ring of Honor, whoever wins this match is going to have a busy schedule. 

Purrazzo gained the early advantage and got the first period of sustained offense. She locked in a Fujiwara arm bar early but Green was able to roll free. Green tried to fight back but was hit with a pump kick. They then exchanged pinning attempts here. They then both hit kicks at the same time and were both down. 

Green started to fight back and hit a dropkick. She got a near fall after stomping Purazzo's head onto the bottom turnbuckle. She then hit a move similar to a flatliner. Purrazzo fought back with a slam and then once again locked in the arm bar. Green countered and locked in her own arm bar, however. 

Purrazzo then kicked at Green's injured left wrist and Green really sold it. The ref backed Purrazzo up so she could check on Green. Purrazzo seemed to show concern but Green shoved her off. Purrazzo then locked in the arm bar again and the bell rang. Green tapped after the bell but I think the ref was waving the match off before she did so. Purrazzo kept the move locked in but Mickie James ran out to chase off Purrazzo. 

Tasha Steelz music hits and it looks like we're going to get the Knockouts Championship match next. 

Tasha Steelz defeated Knockouts World Championship Mickie James to win the title.  

Steelz attacked James before the bell. Commentary played up how James will have to get her head in the game after her friend was injured in the previous match. This is leading me to believe Steelz could win the title here. James got the early advantage, however. As she went to cover Steelz, she was looking out at Green on the outside, clearly distracted. 

James locked in a Boston Crab as Green was being taken to the back. Savannah Evans then came after Green, causing James to let go of the hold and attack her. James then kicked Evans in the groin before heading back to the ring. Steelz then took advantage by hitting her with a Suicide Dive. The challenger then took it to the champion as the match got back in the ring. 

After quite awhile of wearing her down, Steelz locked in a Camel Clutch. James countered the hold with a backpack stunner. They fought atop the top turnbuckle and eventually both spilled to the floor. 

Back in the ring, they exchanged strikes in the center of the ring. James hit a Lou Thesz Press and a series of clotheslines. She got a two count after a neckbreaker. James then hit her Mick-DT but Evans got in the ring and distracted the ref. James kicked Evans in the face and sent her to the outside. Steelz then hit a crucifix bomb for a two count. James then hit a head scissors and started to get back into it. She hit a flapjack and went to the top rope. Evans grabbed James' foot while the ref was distracted. The momentary distraction may have cost her as Steelz then countered James' dive into a cutter and got the three count. 

Violent By Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) w/ Deaner defeated The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) w/ Chris Bey to win the Impact World Tag Team Champions

The champions had the advantage early until big Joe Doering tagged in and turned the tables. Gallows and Doering then went at it with Gallows eventually gaining the upper hand and putting the champions back in control. Anderson and Young both tagged back in and the pace quickened. Anderson hit a running senton and a fisherman backbreaker for a two count. 

VBD fought back and Young went for a piledriver on Anderson, who back dropped out of it. Gallows then tagged in and the Good Brothers hit a double team neckbreaker for a two count. Gallows then hit a big slam on Young for a two count. Lots of quick tags from the champions. They went for Magic Killer but Young fought out of it. 

Doering tagged in and VBD was able to isolate Anderson for a period. Young hit a big high angle Death Valley driver for a two count. Eventually, they did a tower of doom spot with Doering power bombing everyone. Moments later, Anderson would hit a spine buster on the big man but Doering would pop back up and hit a nasty lariat. 

Young and Gallows brawled outside the ring. Young then hit Gallows with a low blow and gave him a piledriver on the stage, taking him out of things. Young got back in the ring and VBD hit a power bomb neckbreaker combo on Anderson for the win. 

Impact World Champion Moose defeated Heath

Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) joined the commentary team for this one. Champion and challenger exchanged strikes early. Moose then gained the advantage and tossed Heath into the buckle. It was all Moose early on. 

Heath started to fight back and Moose escaped to the outside. As Heath went to collect him, Moose kicked him in the face. The champion then went right back on offense. Moose tossed him into the steel steps and Heath was almost counted out. 

As they got back in the ring, Moose kept up the attack. He focussed on Heath's hand, stomping on it repeatedly. He locked in an abdominal stretch and hammered elbows to his opponent's midsection. Heath started biting Moose's hand to get out of the hold. Moose got back on offense shortly after, however, and hit two uranages onto the ring apron. 

Heath started to fire back and back dropped Moose to the outside. Now, Heath is on offense. Back in the ring, Moose countered the Wake Up Call once but Heath managed to hit the move moments later. Moose kicked out, however. Moose then fought back and hit a uranage. He followed that up by hitting his spear for the three count. 

After the match, Josh Alexander ran in the ring and attacked Moose, giving him the C-4 Spike. He then cut a promo about Scott D'Amore sending him home. Alexander then announced that he's signed a multi-year contract with Impact Wrestling. He told Moose that he had another contract too, it was for the main event of Rebellion against him for the title.