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Impact Wrestling live results: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rok-C title vs. title


Former Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will put her AAA Reina de Reinas title on the line against Ring of Honor Women's Champion Rok-C in a winner take all match on Thursday's Impact on AXS.

Purrazzo challenged Rok-C to the match in a surprise appearance at December's ROH Final Battle pay-per-view. The former is coming off a loss to current Knockouts Champion Mickie James at last Saturday's Hard to Kill pay-per-view.

Thursday's show will also see the TV debut of new signee "Speedball" Mike Bailey as he takes on Jake Something. Bailey made his debut at Hard to Kill, picking up a win in a four-way over Chris Bey, Laredo Kid and Ace Austin.

Also coming out of that four-way, Bey will take on Laredo Kid in a singles match on Thursday.

The BTI pre-show will see Black Taurus against "Drama King" Matthew Rehwoldt.

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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Black Taurus defeated Matthew Rehwoldt on BTI

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The opening video was a full recap of Hard to Kill. Right after the video, we saw W. Morrissey storm the arena looking for Impact World Champion Moose and heading to the ring to call him out.

Morrissey claimed that at Hard to Kill, he had Moose pinned for a 10 count. He said that Moose calls himself the best champion while walking around with a title he stole. Morrissey called him out to face him man-to-man and that he won’t stop stalking him until Moose gives him a title match tonight. Morrissey is in total babyface mode now.

Moose showed up on the screen and told Morrissey that at Hard to Kill, he showed that he was the champion and if Morrissey actually had the win at HTK, he would be champion by now. 

Moose said that he will indeed defend the title tonight, but he’ll give it to someone who has never had a title shot before.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore confronted Morrissey and told him that Moose is indeed having the title match against someone else. Morrissey made his case, but D’Amore told him that there won’t be interference tonight.

Suddenly, D’Amore was interrupted because ROH's Matt Taven and Vincent took over the commentary headsets. D’Lo Brown tried to make a stand, but was taken out by Vincent and Mike Bennett and then took a senton by PCO. The table didn’t break, so they did it again in a far worse result for Brown. Security and referees ran down to get rid of the ROH group.

Back from the commercial break, Tom Hannifan informed us that Brown is being checked out by medics and he will be running solo for now.

Laredo Kid defeated Chris Bey

These two men collided in the Hard to Kill pre-show four-way match, but both lost to the debuting Mike Bailey. X-Division champion Trey Miguel joined commentary for this match.

Bey started with some offense, but it was quickly turned around by Kid with some strikes, dodging all of Bey’s offense, a rana to the outside and a big springboard crossbody. Bey recovered and delivered a moonsault of his own before heading back to the ring.

Bey continued working over Kid in the ring with the latter attempting comebacks, only to get cut off by Bey again. Eventually, they fought on the apron where Kid went for a backdrop, but he dropped him on the ropes instead, making Bey bounce and have a higher fall. Kid followed with a tope suicida.

Back in the ring, Kid went for a bottom rope moonsault and a second rope moonsault, but only got a two count. They traded strikes in the middle of the ring, but when Laredo tried to follow, Bey turned it around, catching him with a spinebuster and a brainbuster for a big near fall.

Bey connected a big spin kick, Kid came back with a Superman punch, huge stiff enzuigiri, and the top rope Laredo Fly for the win in a good match.

Kid directed his attention to Miguel and that he wanted the title. Miguel was surprisingly good at commentary, but he kept going on tangents.

-- Backstage, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, Rhino, and Edwards all talked about the ROH group and decided to split up and go find them. 

-- We got a new installment of Brian Myers teaching VSK and Zicky Dice. He berated them for embarrassing him while he was away. Dice said he was Moose’s challenger tonight, so he got himself a giant pizza to carbo load.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Jake Something

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton joined commentary for this match. Both of the competitors of this match lost against Bailey and Something, respectively, at Hard to Kill.

This was a speed vs. power match, no pun intended. Bailey was good at dodging Something, getting strikes in here and there. As soon as Something would get hold of Bailey, he’d slam him and hurt him. Something cut him off when he caught him outside the ring and apron bombed Bailey. Something hit a big body block and went for a dive, but Bailey got out of the way and instead got Something with a springboard moonsault.

Back in the ring, Bailey landed with a kicking combo and a standing tornillo. Something blocked a kick, but Bailey brought down Something with a kick and finished him with Ultima Weapon. This was a good, short match and a big win for Bailey.

-- Backstage, the Good Brothers and VBD talked. Karl Anderson broke off the alliance because they were not able to defeat their opponents at Hard to Kill. Eric Young told Anderson they’re not taking the blame for the loss, but that they should stay together for the sake of power. Suddenly, they heard that Rhino and Heath had been taken out by the ROH group, so they went to pick up the leftovers and beat up the two a bit more.-- Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green about being unsuccessful in their matches at Hard to Kill. She asked how they were feeling and what was next for them. Cardona undersold himself, but Green said that both he and her did really well and came really close to getting the win.

-- Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green about being unsuccessful in their matches at Hard to Kill. She asked how they were feeling and what was next for them. Cardona undersold himself, but Green said that both did really well and came really close to getting wins.

Tasha Steelz and Savanna Evans interrupted. She talked trash to Green, saying that she had won because she was willing to do everything to win while Green lived in her comfort zone. Steelz talked trash about Cardona, so Green challenged her to a match next week.

Masha Slamovich defeated Vert Vixen

This was another squash under Slamovich’s belt. She caught Vixen by surprise with a big boot, brought her down by the hair, no-sold an elbow and finished her with a clothesline and her driver for the win.

When Slamovich was walking to the back, Josh Alexander walked out. They had a little staredown, but it was respectful.

Josh Alexander meets Charlie Haas

Alexander said that he had finally overcome Minoru Suzuki and JONAH and that he was told he needed to control his emotions. But, defeating those men proved that his focus was still intact and he was coming for Moose.

He addressed Moose and said he is the uncrowned champion until Moose defeats him. He said that Moose is out there giving title matches, but he keeps avoiding Alexander. He threatened to leave Impact if he can’t get his title shot.

Suddenly, Charlie Haas of all people interrupted Alexander. Haas introduced himself since this was indeed his debut. He told Alexander that he was an amazing wrestler and that they’re both quite similar wrestlers, so he went straight to the point: he said that Alexander was the pinnacle of Impact and he wanted to test himself against him.

Alexander accepted the challenge, but said his focus was on the World title, so if Haas stood in the way, he would just be another obstacle to overcome. Haas didn’t take that lightly and said that Alexander was his obstacle instead. Haas and Alexander started to get physical, but were quickly separated by security.

-- Backstage, Knockouts Champion Mickie James welcomed Rok-C to Impact. Rok-C said she hadn’t approached her since things felt weird with all the ROH people going around making trouble. James told Rok-C to be ready for Deonna Purrazzo, because she is a vicious competitor and will stop at nothing to win.

Impact World Champion Moose defeated Zicky Dice (with Brian Myers & VSK) to retain

Dice was granted the title shot after Moose promised he would defend the title against someone who had never received a shot. Myers joined commentary for the match.

Moose came out in his suit to defend the title.

Dice started by attempting a Superman punch, but got blocked and ate a uranage for the three count. Moose’s knee didn’t even touch the mat during the match.

Suddenly, Morrissey stormed the ring and got into a brawl with Moose, who managed to escape. Morrissey took out Dice and then posed with the Impact World title. Morrissey then took out VSK, who had only jumped in to check on Dice.

Morrissey chased Moose to the back, but he wasn’t able to catch up as Moose drove away from the arena.

-- D’Amore joined commentary from here on in. He cleared up some of the questions about who was here representing ROH and who was here as renegades acting outside of ROH’s permission.

-- Raj Singh came down to the ring and is now going solo. He cut a promo about representing his people and suffering from disrespect. He asked D’Amore for a challenge.

JONAH defeated Raj Singh

Singh attempted to strike JONAH, but he couldn’t move him a single inch, at least at first. Singh got a couple of hope strikes early on, but JONAH stopped him, slammed him, hit the running senton, followed with the Tsunami and the pin.

-- The Influence cut a promo on Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration. They hoped they’re having a good time enjoying their vacation from coming to work. They told them to prepare for January 27 when the Influence got their title shot. The match was supposed to take place at Hard to Kill but was postponed due to COVID protocols.

Decay walked up and challenged The Influence to a match in the meantime. Suddenly, someone barged in and said that Eddie Edwards had been taken out and needed help. 

-- Miller interviewed ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham and asked about the rogue ROH group attacking people backstage. Gresham said that he had no connection to them and that before ROH’s hiatus, there was a war between what identity would ROH have going forward. He said that Pure wrestling and honor won, not them.

Steve Maclin interrupted and said he can’t just pretend he’s not part of ROH and can’t just turn his back on his co-workers, claiming it was dishonorable. Gresham wouldn’t have his honor questioned and told Maclin to meet him in the ring next week. He will have ROH management officially sanction it under Pure rules with the title on the line.

-- Next week: Tasha Steelz vs. Chelsea Green, ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin in a Pure rules title match, Joe Doering and Doc Gallows vs Heath and Rhino, and Charlie Haas vs Josh Alexander.

Ian Riccaboni joined commentary for the main event.

AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo (with Matthew Rehwoldt) defeated ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C in a winner takes all match

This match was accepted when Purrazzo appeared at ROH’s Final Battle and challenged Rok-C to a winner takes all match. As Purrazzo failed to capture the Knockouts World title from Mickie James, that title wasn’t on the line.

This started with both women measuring each other mand Purrazzo finding out that Rok-C had the ability to counter and reverse her offense, forcing Purrazzo to step outside the ring to regroup.

Back in the ring, Rok-C still had the upper hand, using her speed advantage to outmaneuver Purrazzo and get some near falls. Rok-C went for a top rope move, but Purrazzo dropped her, snapping her arm on the ropes in the process, and managed to cut Rok-C off.

Purrazzo started her work over Rok-C’s arm, switching between kicdpted a comeback, striking Purrazzo with her good arm, but Purrazzo still had enough advantage to bring down Rok-C by her bad arm.

Rok-C got herself some space and tricked Purrazzo to go shoulder first into the ring post, finally able to make a stronger comeback now that Purrazzo was groggy. Rok-C hit a side leg sweep for a near fall and tried to transition to the Rok-Lock, but her arm was too hurt to properly keep it on.

Purrazzo came back snapping Rok-C’s arm, a running knee, a side Russian leg sweep and into the Fujiwara armbar, but Rok-C turned it into a pin. Rok-C hit Code Rok, but Purrazzo kicked out at two, much to the surprise and frustration of Rok-C.

Rok-C went for a second, but Purrazzo blocked, turned her over, locked the Fujiwara, only to have Rok-C turn it into the Rok-Lock. Purrazzo reached for the ropes, so Rok-C rolled herself to the center of the ring, but in the momentum, Purrazzo reversed into the Fujiwara again.

Rok-C grabbed the hand of the referee so he couldn’t call the match, but Purrazzo went further and locked in Venus de Milo to make Rok-C verbally submit. Purrazzo is once again a double champion. This was a really good match as both looked fantastic.

After the match, Maria Kanellis-Bennett got in the ring and told Purrazzo she was taking those titles. The rest of the ROH rogues surrounded Purrazzo, so Rehwoldt jumped in to defend her, but the numbers game was a bit too much for him. 

Rich Swann and Willie Mack ran down for the save, but also got laid out by the ROH group, who stood tall as the show went off the air.