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Impact Wrestling live results: Good Brothers vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Both the Tag Team and X-Division titles will be on the line as well.

For the first time ever, the Motor City Machine Guns will take on the Good Brothers on Thursday's Impact on AXS.

After lamenting losing the Impact Tag Team titles recently, the two teams ran into each other backstage and decided they should wrestle. It will be Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows' final appearance for the time being as their contracts expired last month.

Tag Team Champions The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) will defend the titles they took from the Good Brothers against Impact World Champion Josh Alexander & Rich Swann.

X-Division Champion "Speedball" Mike Bailey will defend against Mascara Dorada.

Killer Kelly will take on Alisha with Tasha Steelz while Steve Maclin will team with Moose against Decay's Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve ahead of their participation in the Barbed Wire Massacre match at this month's Victory Road.

On the BTI pre-show match, Yuya Uemura will look to go 2-0 when he faces Rạj Singh.


Before The Impact --

Yuya Uemura defeated Raj Singh

Uemura hit his Ricky Steamboat armdrags early on. Singh took over after some weak strikes.

Uemura came back with a dropkick and a flying forearm. Uemura got a near fall off a running bulldog, then another off a belly-to-back suplex. Singh hit a backstabber for a two count. Uemura avoided a gutwrench powerbomb.

Uemura blocked a strike in the corner and hit his double overhook suplex. He followed with a crossbody off the top for the pinfall win.

Main card --

"Speedball" Mike Bailey defeated Mascara Dorada to retain the X-Division Championship

A fun back-and-forth opener that was all action.

They began with some lucha. Bailey rolled to the floor and avoided a baseball slide. Bayley slid back in and hit a slingshot armdrag. Dorada countered with a tope suicida.

Bailey avoided a double stomp off the top and used an inverted dragon screw to set up a heel hook, but Dorada reached the ropes.

Bailey hit a standing corkscrew shooting star. Dorada answered with a backstabber. Dorada tried another baseball slide, but Bailey turned it into a top rope Asai moonsault. Dorada hit a top rope hurricanrana for a two count.

Bailey blocked a quebrada and hit a series of kicks, then hit his Ultima Weapon for the pin.

Kenny King ran in after the match and took Dorada out, then hit a Royal Flush on Bailey.


A Violent By Design vignette aired. Eric Young and Deaner were initiating a group of trainees. Young demanded to be called "The Designer." Deaner beat up a couple of the trainees, while Young demanded the rest chant "I am violence."


Scott D'Amore approached Mike Bailey backstage. He congratulated Bailey on his defense against Dorada. He told Bailey that he will defend his title against Delirious at Victory Road in eight days.

D'Amore also announced a triple threat revolver match for Victory Road. Trey Miguel & Kenny King, Black Taurus & Laredo Kid, Alex Zayne & Yuya Uemura, Mia Yim & AEW's Frankie Kazarian were announced for that match. The winner gets an X-Division title match at Bound for Glory.


The announcers previewed Victory Road. Barbed Wire Massacre with Sami Callihan, Steve Maclin, and Moose facing off, plus Jordynne Grace vs. Max The Impaler in a Pick Your Poison match are set for the show. 


Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) defeated Steve Maclin & Moose

This was a can they coexist situation with Maclin and Moose. They could not.

Taurus used a schoolboy to pin Maclin in a very quick match. There were communication issues with Maclin and Moose that led to Moose being bumped off the apron while Taurus executed the pin.

Sami Callihan cut a promo after the match and threw it to the video wall. Callihan played a video where Moose said he intends to screw Maclin before Maclin screws him.

Maclin and Callihan went back and forth on the mic. Callihan played a video of Maclin saying he will put a slug in Moose's head before Moose stabs him in the back.

Moose and Maclin began brawling around ringside. Callihan ran in with a barbed wire bat and hit Maclin in the gut with it. Maclin escaped a second bat shot and Callihan stood tall to end the segment. 


A video recap of last week's Chelsea Green vs. Taya Valkyrie match aired. Rosemary, Taya, and Jessicka argued over whose fault it was that Taya lost to Green. Rosemary said that Jessicka still needs to prove her loyalty.


Killer Kelly defeated Alisha

This was a quick squash to further the Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly program.

Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) was on commentary for the match at Kelly's invitation.

Kelly twice used sleeper holds in the ropes, but had to break before the five count. Kelly used a Killer Klutch for the quick tapout victory.

Steelz ordered Savannah to attack Kelly with a chair, but Kelly took the chair away. Kelly and Steelz had an awkward staredown in the ring. 

Kelly mouthed "see you at Victory Road" to Steelz.


An "I believe in Joe Hendry" comedy vignette aired. Hendry promised to motivate Impact Wrestling.


The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven w/Maria Kanellis) defeated Josh Alexander & Rich Swann by DQ to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship

This was overbooked, but well worked by all four guys.

Alexander and Bennett started off. Alexander and Swann got some shine on Bennett. Taven blind-tagged in and cut Swann off. Taven took Alexander off the apron. The OGK isolated Swann in their half of the ring and used quick tags in working him over.

Alexander and Swann made a comeback on Bennett. Swann hit a moonsault off the post to the floor on both Taven and Bennett. Taven and Bennett came back and cut Alexander off. Taven got a near fall off a knee strike.

Eddie Edwards ran in for a distraction. Alexander blocked a Climax from Taven. Maria took the referee and Edwards hit a kendo stick shot on Alexander. Heath ran in and hit Taven for the DQ.

The OGK, Maria, and Edwards posed on the ramp to celebrate their win. They teased issues between Heath and Alexander after Heath cost Alexander and Swann the match.


Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger delivered a pizza to Jordynne Grace backstage. Grace's locker room wall was covered with pictures of Grace with "Masha's going to kill you" painted over them. Masha Slamovich vs. Jordynne Grace is set for Bound for Glory.

Dice and Swinger also delivered a photo of Max The Impaler to Grace. Grace said Max is her opponent for Victory Road. Grace promised to kill Dice next week. 


Heath apologized to Alexander and Swann backstage for costing them the Tag titles.

Scott D'Amore booked Alexander, Swann, and Heath vs. Edwards, Bennett, and Taven for Victory Road.


Mickie James defeated Hyan

The last rodeo stipulation builds some drama into Mickie's matches. Mickie is still great in the ring and Hyan held up her end of the match.

They traded quick pinning combinations. Hyan hit a legdrop. Mickie came back with kicks and a top rope Thesz press, then hit a Mick-DT for the pin.

Gisele Shaw came to the ring after the match. She said that Mickie is delaying her inevitable retirement and trying to hold onto the spotlight. Shaw challenged Mickie for Victory Road. Shaw said that Mickie's time in the spotlight is up, and is always on Shaw.


A scary PCO video package aired. Very informative.

Brian Myers cut a promo on Bhupinder Gujjar in a pre-tape. They meet in a ladder match for the Digital Media Championship next week.


Next week on Impact Wrestling --

  • Digital Media Championship ladder match: Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Brian Myers
  • Aussie Open vs. the winner of tonight's Good Brothers vs. Motor City Machine Guns match

Victory Road on Friday, September 23 --

  • Barbed Wire Massacre: Moose vs. Steve Maclin vs. Sami Callihan
  • Pick Your Poison: Jordynne Grace vs. Max The Impaler
  • Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Heath
  • X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Delirious
  • Triple Threat Revolver, winner gets X-Division title shot at Bound for Glory: Kenny King vs. Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Black Taurus vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Mia Yim


Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

The announcers tried to sell this as a dream match. It was very good, but no one dreams about The Good Brothers.

Shelley and Anderson were in for a brief exchange, then both tagged out. MCMG got some tandem offense in on Gallows, then Gallows and Anderson cut Shelley off.

Shelley avoided a double team attack in the corner and tagged Sabin. Sabin hit a high cross off the top to Anderson for a near fall. MCMG hit stereo baseball slides, then stereo planchas.

After an ad break, MCMG were working Anderson over in their corner with dragon screws and kicks to the legs. Shelley used a figure four on Anderson. Sabin tagged in and applied his own figure four. Anderson managed a spinebuster off a misdirection spot into a double down.

Gallows and Sabin got tags. Gallows ran wild with strikes to both Machine Guns, then hit a pumphandle slam. Sabin blocked a Magic Killer attempt. Gallows hit a double suplex to both members of MCMG.

The match broke down with everyone hitting a big move. Shelley missed a double stomp off the top. Sabin hit a missile dropkick on Anderson. Anderson hit a Gun Stun on Sabin, but Shelley saved Sabin. The Good Brothers hit a neckbreaker to Sabin.

All four men jumped in. Shelley and Sabin sent Gallows outside, then hit Skull and Bones on Anderson to get the pin.

The teams traded hugs and too sweets after the match to close the show.