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Impact Wrestling live results: JONAH vs. PCO II

Also on Thursday, Deonna Purrazzo will put up either her ROH or AAA title in an open challenge.

Two monsters will square off once again on Thursday's Impact Wrestling as JONAH will take on PCO in a rematch.

JONAH picked up the win in their first meeting at Sacrifice, but their grudge hasn't subsided following a recent parking lot brawl. The two were also on opposite sides of a tag team match at this month's Multiverse of Madness.

Also on Thursday's show, Ring of Honor Women's Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo will put up either title in another open challenge.

In a non-title match, ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham will face Rocky Romero. Romero recently made the save for Gresham as he was getting a beatdown by Honor No More.

Steve Maclin's issues with the Motor City Machine Guns and Bullet Club will come to a head as he faces Alex Shelley of the MCMG in singles action.

On the BTI pre-show, Knockouts Tag Team Champion Madison Rayne will face former champion Jessie McKay.

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Madison Rayne (with The Influence) defeated Jesse McKay (with Cassie Lee) on BTI

After the match, both The Influence and The IInspiration rejected Kaleb, who then cut a promo on the crowd and got destroyed by W. Morrissey, who came out to open Impact. Morrissey powerbombed Kaleb through a table.

* * * * * * * * * *

The opening video recapped the ongoing feud between Moose and Josh Alexander, and how it has escalated in the last couple of weeks, as well as last week’s match where Alexander broke Madman Fulton’s ankle.

The show opened with W. Morrissey in the ring. He talked about being back in this arena after the experience of the last time he was there. He said that he was back and now he was clean and sober. Crowd gave him a huge ovation that brought tears to his eyes. He thanked the crowd for supporting him and not leaving him alone.

Brian Myers interrupted Morrissey mid-speech. Myers said he wasn’t sorry for him, Morrissey had been handed a golden career, but he had thrown it away for a good time. Myers said that Morrissey was a menace to Impact and threatened him that he’ll leave him half dead in the back of the arena.

Morrissey got his hands on Myers, attacked him, and when he tried to put him through a table, Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona attacked Morrissey. Myers and Cardona teamed up and put Morrissey through the table instead.

ROH Women’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Willow Nightingale to retain the title

This was another Champ-Champ challenge by Purrazzo, who is scheduled to defend the AAA Reina de Reinas title against Taya Valkyrie at Rebellion, but must also soon address Mercedes Martinez, who became the interim ROH Women’s Champion at Supercard of Honor. Nightingale was the woman that Martinez defeated at Supercard of Honor.

Purrazzo started the match beating up Nightingale, but it wasn’t long before the latter reversed a whip into a cartwheel and caught Purrazzo with a superkick.

Purrazzo worked over Nightingale’s arm after ramming her against the corner post. Nightingale got a couple of hope spots, at one point countering the Fujiwara armbar and hitting the Babebreaker for a near fall.

Finish saw Purrazzo block the moonsault, powerslam Nightingale, and lock in the Venus de Milo for the submission win. Good match. Commentary have started counting Purrazzo’s title defense record, this being 7-0.

- We got a recap of Mickie James and Nick Aldis defeating Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green at Multiverse of Matches.

Afterwards, Gia Miller interviewed James about being done with Green. James said that it was the other way and they were not done at all, she still wanted to teach Green a lesson. Chelsea Green confronted James and they started brawling until Cardona and Myers attacked James, held her for Green to take her out with Green’s fake injury cast. 

- Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz about defending the title against Rosemary at Rebellion. Steelz said she wasn’t scared of Rosemary, Decay, or the undead realm. Steelz talked about her history with them, when she lost the tag team titles against Decay, but now, things have changed and she’s at the top.

Decay interrupted via magic television. Rosemary didn’t say much, only that Steelz will get a taste of her decay.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Rocky Romero in a non-title match

These two actually worked together in the last couple of weeks against Honor No More, so this match comes from a competitive side.

Match started with some back and forth trading of momentum, with Gresham trying to take it to the mat, while Romero tried to pull Gresham to a striking battle. It was Gresham, who eventually tricked Romero and dropped him with a dropkick.

Gresham controlled the action for some time, targeting Romero’s arm, but when he locked in an Octopus stretch, Romero turned it into a sidewalk slam. Romero finally got his strike exchange and had the upper hand, hitting the Forever clotheslines, but Gresham started to slowly get chops in until the both collapsed.

Romero went for Slice Bread, but Gresham blocked in, so instead sent Gresham to the floor, where he hit a rana. Back in the ring, Romero hit Slice Bread for a near fall, followed by a running knee for another near fall.

Gresham came back with a Lionsault and a tope suicida, and back into the ring with a pin that I can’t even describe. Great match.

During the match, we saw Eddie Edwards watching in the back. Edwards will be facing Gresham at Rebellion.

After the match, Romero asked Gresham for a shot at the ROH title down the line. Gresham seemed to accept.

- We got a video package for Josh Alexander, talking about beating Christian Cage for the Impact World title, losing it immediately to Moose, about Moose endangering Alexander’s family, and the tough road he had to go through to finally get his hands on Moose and another shot at the world title. Really good package.

- Mike Bailey and Ace Austin talked about Fulton being taken out, so he wasn’t going to be there at Rebellion. Implying that they needed to work together against Trey Miguel, but Bailey didn’t get the hint.

Alex Shelley (w/ Chris Sabin) defeated Steve Maclin

Maclin has promised that he will go after all the men that blamed him of attacking Gresham and Edwards during the build to the Team Impact vs Honor No More feud. Lastly, he attacked Chris Sabin at Multiverse of Matches after he had defeated Jay White. Tonight, Maclin takes on Sabin’s tag team partner, Alex Shelley.

Match started aggressively, with both men exchanging strikes from the get go, leading to Shelley taking control and bringing down Maclin to the mat. Maclin used his power advantage to get Shelley off, but it wasn’t until he caught him with a back elbow that he finally managed to cut him off.

Shelley regained some momentum by sending Maclin to the floor and landing a couple of kicks and injuring Maclin’s hand. Back in the ring, Shelley worked over that hand, stomping on it, and pushing the work up to the elbow.

Maclin turned things around again with a tope suicida after outsmarting Shelley’s attacks.

Back in the ring, Shelley and Maclin went more back and forth, Maclin getting a near fall with a backbreaker. Shelley tried to come back with Slice Bread, but Maclin turned it into the crosshair spear to the corner.

Shelley landed a couple of forearms to drop Maclin, followed with a couple of kicks and Slice Bread for a near fall. Landed another kick, but failed to hit Shellshock, instead sending Maclin to the floor.

Maclin hit a running knee and a backplex on the apron. Maclin distracted himself with Sabin, allowing Shelley to recover and hit him with Slice Bread on the floor. Shelley failed to hit the footstomp, reversed by Maclin to a pin with the feet on the ropes, but Sabin was there to break the pin and allow Shelley to hit Shellshock for the win. Good match.

- We got a recap of Madison Rayne vs Jessie McKay from BTI where both teams turned on Kaleb. Afterward, we saw Rayne get approached by Gisele Shaw, who made fun of her for losing Kaleb. Rayne said that they fired Kaleb and they didn’t need him to win. 

- We got a video package retelling the story of how Moose came about becoming the Impact World Champion, winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and later in the day pinning Josh Alexander to capture the title for the first time.

Honor No More/Bullet Club promo

Honor No More came out to the ring. Edwards talked about the history of the 2300 Arena and Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to Ring of Honor. He said that Honor No More knew however, that these fans were the most fickle of them all.

Mike Bennett took the microphone after the crowd got rowdy. Bennett said that he made his ROH debut in the very same building, and back then, all of them turned their back on him, like they did to ECW and ROH once too. Taven also ran down the crowd, and ran down ROH for making bad decision after bad decision as he carried ROH on his back.

Bullet Club interrupted Honor No More, who had a beef with them after Bennett and Taven interfered in the Good Brothers’ challenge for the tag titles.

White corrected Honor No More, telling them that they’re not the best, because the Bullet Club are the best in the business. Gallows said that Taven and Bennett were put on the map after he and Anderson defeated them in Japan in 2015, so they should be thankful to the Good Brothers.

Anderson made fun of Honor No More because they were like the toys that no one wanted to play with, while the Bullet Club will forever be the coolest toy in the chest.

Maria retaliated and told them that Honor No More was here to stay. Chris Bey took the mic and challenged Honor No More to a fight, they both got face to face, and the brawl started six to four. Everyone started to take each other out until the brawl spilled to the floor, only for PCO to hit the De-Animator and take everyone out.

Suddenly, JONAH made his entrance, and he was ready to fight.

JONAH defeated PCO

This is the much awaited rematch after their first match at Sacrifice was somewhat cut short after PCO got busted open. JONAH has been trying to prove that PCO is indeed human, but hasn’t just yet.

Match started with some back and forth strikes and immediately into PCO’s old school attack. JONAH sent PCO to the floor, only to get pulled and continue the striking battle on the floor. Things turned sour for JONAH when he accidentally rammed the ring post, followed by a shoulder tackle by PCO.

PCO sold his neck from the previous matches with JONAH, so he straight up took duct tape and taped his neck in place, but he ended up giving JONAH time to recover and take him down with a jumping shoulder block from the apron.

Back in the ring, JONAH worked over PCO with chops and a bearhug. JONAH targeted PCO’s neck and took him down, hit a buckle bomb, but PCO exploded with desperation and took down JONAH with a shoulder block.

Match went back to the strike exchange until JONAH hit a Tombstone piledriver on PCO for a kick-out at one. PCO made a comeback and dropped JONAH with a DDT, followed with a top rope crossbody for a two count. PCO hit a couple of headbutts from the first, second, and third rope, but only got a two count. PCO finally went for the moonsault, but JONAH finally rolled out of the way.

PCO went for the apron De-Animator, but again JONAH moved, then followed by dropping PCO back into the rail, against the ring post, and finally finished him with Tsunami for the pin.

Afterwards, PCO sat up, so JONAH took him down again with strikes. PCO again sat up, but this time, JONAH attacked him with a chair repeatedly. PCO kept moving, so JONAH finished the job with a Tsunami with the chair, and PCO finally stopped moving.