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Impact Wrestling live results: Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin ROH title match

Former WWE star Charlie Haas also returns to TV as he takes on Josh Alexander.

The Ring of Honor World title will be on the line once again in an Impact Wrestling ring as Jonathan Gresham defends the gold against Steve Maclin on Thursday's AXS show.

The bout was made last week after Maclin confronted Gresham about the ROH invaders. Gresham didn't like his honor being questioned and issued the challenge under the unique Pure rules ROH revived last year. Gresham was the first Pure champion after the title was revived.

The show will also have former WWE star Charlie Haas making his Impact in-ring debut as he takes on Josh Alexander. Haas made a surprise appearance last week to challenge Alexander as the former World and X-Division champion was demanding another shot at Moose.

The rest of the card includes future World title challenger W. Morrissey against VSK and Zicky Dice in a handicap match; women's Ultimate-X match winner Tasha Steelz against Chelsea Green; future Knockouts tag title challengers The Influence against former champions Decay and Heath & Rhino vs. Joe Doering and Doc Gallows.

The BTI pre-show will feature Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace against Lady Frost in a title defense.

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Impact Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Lady Frost to retain the title

After the match, Matt Cardona challenged Grace for the DM Championship.

* * * * * * * * * *

Opening video recapped the ongoing rivalry that has come about between Impact World Champion Moose and W. Morrissey. Also, Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rok-C to win the ROH Women’s Championship last week, which ended with the group of rogue ROH wrestlers invading.

Mickie James joined commentary for the upcoming match. D’lo Brown is still out after being attacked last week by the ROH rogue group.

Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) defeated Chelsea Green

Green challenged Steelz to a match last week after Steelz had interrupted Green’s interview, only to talk trash to Green and Cardona.

Green caught Steelz by surprise at the start and had some offense, but Steelz quickly cut her off. The rest of the match was mostly back and forth, Green came back with some roll ups and followed with a strike exchange. Steelz hit a cutter for a two count, but took forever to follow up, so Green recovered and got a near fall herself.

Steelz hit a crucifix bomb for the win. The action wasn’t bad, but this match felt like it took place in slow motion.

Steelz and James had a couple of stare downs, as Steelz is currently the number one contender to James’ title after winning the Hard To Kill Ultimate X match.

After the match, Steelz took the mic to talk trash about Green. She turned her focus on James and told her she was happy she was done playing with the Barbie dolls, because now she’s walking on the wrong side of the street, where Steelz is lurking. She told James that whenever they get their date, she’s gonna send James back to her husband and son as a failure. James got in the ring and brawled with Steelz. James had the upper hand until Evans got involved, but Green was there to help James clear the ring.

- Gia Miller interviewed Cardona about his challenge to Grace for the Digital Media title. Cardona said that his goal is to capture gold on Impact, and since he lost his opportunity against Moose, he was going after one of the other world titles in the promotion.

- We got a video package for Charlie Haas from his ROH run.

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) (with Kaleb) vs Decay (Rosemary & Havok) never started

Dashwood and Rayne are scheduled to challenge for the Knockouts tag team titles next week against The IInspiration, but since Lee and McKay are taking time off, Decay jumped in to challenge the Influence to a match.

Influence took out both Rosemary and Havok before the bell rang after Kaleb distracted them and allowed Dashwood and Rayne to kick them. Rosemary was sent shoulder first into the ring post and the referee called for medics after it seemed her shoulder had been dislocated.

Rosemary was sent to the back, but Havok stayed behind to go two-on-one.

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) (with Kaleb) defeated Havok in a handicap match

Havok started the match with some offense on Rayne, but it didn’t take long for Dashwood to jump in and take down Havok.

Influence worked over Havok, but the latter managed to power herself into a comeback, kicking down both Rayne and Dashwood. Havok went for a two-handed chokehold and caught a crossbody from Rayne, but Dashwood took her down with a top rope splash.

Havok took a cutter and the Spotlight kick, followed by the double facebuster for the win.

- The IInspiration cut a promo via satellite saying that they know The Influence well enough to be able to counter all their offense. They said they know Dashwood way more than Rayne does, and teased that Dashwood will turn on her. They also brought up that Dashwood shouldn’t trust a wrestler that retires yearly. 

- We got a vignette for The Quintessential Diva. No idea who it is.

- Ace Austin and Madman Fulton approached Mike Bailey backstage. Austin tried to recruit Bailey to join him and Fulton, with the implication that he’s the boss around the locker room. Austin gave Bailey his card.

W. Morrissey defeated The Learning Tree (VSK & Zicky Dice) (with Brian Myers) in a handicap match

Last week, Morrissey took out both VSK and Dice when they got in the way of him and Moose. Myers got them this match to get revenge, likely knowing that this wasn’t going to end well.

Total squash, Morrissey caught them with a double clothesline, some running boots, chokeslammed Dice, and the BQE powerslam on VSK.

After the match, Morrissey addressed Moose and told him that he’s going to go find him until Moose gives him a title match. Total babyface.

Backstage, D’Amore tried to stop Morrissey and told him Moose wasn’t in the arena, so he gave him a match against Moose at No Surrender. D’Amore was then interrupted because there was some issue happening outside.

Outside the arena, the invading ROH group had tickets, but security was not allowing them to come in. They said they only wanted to support Jonathan Gresham in the title match. D’Amore told them they didn’t need tickets, but they were being sent to the skybox, far away from the ring, escorted by security, and they had to leave as soon as the match was over.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Steve Maclin in a Pure rules match to retain the title

Gresham challenged Maclin to a match with the title on the line after Maclin questioned Gresham’s honor last week, claiming that Gresham was part of the group that had been invading.

Maclin did not adhere to the code of honor.

Gresham got Maclin to use his first rope break in less than five seconds. Maclin retaliated by straight up pushing Gresham into the ropes and taking away one of Gresham’s rope breaks. Gresham paid him in kind, so Maclin used a closed fist punch, which earned him a warning, but it definitely hurt Gresham.

Gresham got a bit more serious and started going after Maclin’s leg, but Maclin, having the power advantage, kept blocking him. Maclin hit a backbreaker and then carried Gresham into the ropes to use another of Gresham’s rope breaks.

Maclin hit a big Olympic slam for a near fall, followed by a Boston crab, forcing Gresham to use his final rope break. Maclin followed with some stomps and a camel clutch, which Gresham had to reverse out of.

Gresham tried to strike down Maclin, but didn’t do much damage, so instead Maclin retaliated with slam after slam for a near fall.

Gresham caught Maclin with a desperation moonsault to get some space, got a dropkick, countered the crab into a Magistral for a two count. Maclin hit crosshairs for a two count.

Maclin used his final rope break after Gresham got his ankle. They traded near falls after a series of back and forth clotheslines.

Maclin went for mayhem for all, but his knee buckled, so Gresham got him in a figure 4. Maclin and Gresham exchanged strikes, but in the end, even after trying to roll out, Maclin ended up taking a pin when Gresham pulled himself up from the ropes. Great match.

Maclin rejected the closing code of honor.

We got a visual of the ROH invaders being led out of the arena as soon as the match ended. 

Doc Gallows & Joe Doering (with Karl Anderson, Eric Young & Deaner) defeated Rhino & Heath

Along with Swann, Mack, and Eddie Edwards, Heath and Rhino have feuded with the Good Brothers and VBD for some time now. Heath got a pin over Anderson at Hard To Kill, but as of now, the Good Brothers and VBD are still in a working agreement in order to try and take out their competition.

Match started with Rhino and Gallows going back and forth. When Doering tried to jump in, Heath took him out with a jumping knee, sending him to the floor.

Back from commercial, Heath and Rhino were still in control over Gallows, but Deaner finally decided to jump on the apron and distract Rhino enough for Gallows to cut him off and tag in Doering.

Gallows and Doering worked over Rhino, keeping him down with strikes and chokes, but after colliding with Rhino in a double shoulder tackle, Rhino managed to tag in Heath.

Heath took out Doering for a bit, but quickly came back and clotheslined Heath. Referee tried to remove Doering from the ring since he wasn’t legal, and that allowed EY to hit Heath with his flag and serve him up for a double chokeslam from Doering and Gallows for the win. Ok match, Gallows reopened his Hard To Kill wound. 

Tom Hannifan announced that Morrissey vs Moose is official for No Surrender, but for next week, we have a speech by Micke James, talking about the state of the Knockouts.

Chris Sabin joined commentary for the main event.

Josh Alexander defeated Charlie Haas

Haas made his Impact debut last week, challenging Alexander to a fight. Alexander accepted after both men came to blows.

Match started with both men chain wrestling, trading momentum, sneaking in pins here and there. Alexander at the end managed to boot Haas out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Alexander started to dominate with a mix of strikes and slams, but suddenly, Alexander had a bad landing, his knee buckled when he jumped over Haas, who immediately targeted the knee, slamming it against the ring post.

Haas continued working on the knee, also mixing strikes and submission attempts. Alexander would attempt to counter with a backroll and a couple of Germans, but Haas even countered the Germans into a series of slams. Alexander would come back with another set of Germans, but his knee couldn’t hold the bridge for the pin.

Haas looked a bit groggy here, but hit a belly-to-belly and followed with a single leg crab. Alexander reversed into an ankle lock. Haas tried to reverse, but Alexander kept control until Haas tapped out. The match fell through after Haas got groggy, but they managed to finish it.

After the match, Haas and Alexander embraced before Taven, Vincent, Bennet, and PCO jumped them. Sabin tried to make the save, but the numbers game was too much for the three men. Swann, Mack, Heath, and Rhino ran down and finally evened things out, but only slightly, it was until Eddie Edwards ran down with a kendo stick that the ROH group ran away.

Maria cut a promo from the skybox, saying they all used to believe in honor and rules and doing things the right way, but all that had changed and they were bringing change, and this was ‘Honor No More’.