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Impact Wrestling live results: Josh Alexander & MCMG vs. Violent By Design

Honor No More vs. Bullet Club and Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green will also take place.
Impact Wrestling

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander's feud with Violent By Design continues on Thursday's AXS show as he teams with the Motor City Machine Guns against VBD's Eric Young, Doering & Deaner.

This will Young's first Impact action since Alexander defended the title against him in last month's Slammiversary main event.

In eight-man tag team action, Honor No More's Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Kenny King will take on Bullet Club's Good Brothers, Chris Bey & Ace Austin.

In a battle of former Knockouts Champion and former friends, Mickie James will take on Chelsea Green one-on-one with both Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim banned from ringside.

Steve Maclin will face "Cowboy" James Storm after last week's backstage confrontation.

Masha Slamovich's climb up the Knockouts ladder continues as she takes on Tenille Dashwood of The Influence.

The BTI pre-show bout will see Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Johnny Swinger with the winner getting a future shot at Digital Media Champion Brian Myers.


Bhupinder Gujiar defeated Johnny Swinger (w/Zicky Dice) on the BTI pre-show


The opening video featured last week's dissension between Eric Young and Violent By Design setting up tonight's six-man tag team match between VBD and Josh Alexander and the Motor City Machine Guns.

- Backstage, a nervous Deaner was seen with Joe Doering stating that he hasn't talked to Eric Young all week and they may have to go it alone against Josh Alexander and the Motor City Machine Guns.

Josh Alexander & Motor City Machine Guns defeated Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering) in a six-man tag team match

After the bell rang, Violent By Design's music hit again and Eric Young finally headed to the ring. Deaner and Alexander began the match and as the crowd was chanting "Walking Weapon", Deaner took offence and mocked the crowd as he took early control of the match. It didn't last long as moments later, he found himself trapped in an anklelock before Doering had to pull Deaner to the ropes while Young landed a cheap shot to the Impact world champion.

Quick tags were being made by VBD and Alexander was being dominated and all MCMG could do was watch on patiently. With that being said, Doering then landed a running crossbody and Alexander was now in serious trouble heading into the commercial break.

We're back from commercial and it was now Deaner and Chris Sabin in the ring and MCMG were having a field day with Deaner. Deaner and Sabin went for a flying crossbody and they collided in the middle of the ring before tags were made to Alexander and his Slammiversary opponent Young.

Alexander dominated alongside MCMG and VBD just couldn't connect as Doering got knocked to the outside taking him out of the rest of the match. Deaner and Young found themselves in simultaneous submission moves, tapped out in the ring together and that was all she wrote for this one.

After the match, Sabin presented Alexander with the Impact world championship, showing interest in the title as Shelley did the same. If a triple threat match was to happen between Alexander and MCMG for the Impact world title, take my money please.

- A promo was shown for Killer Kelly and her upcoming arrival in Impact Wrestling.

Steve Maclin defeated James Storm

After Maclin seemed to be toying with Storm early on, the "Cowboy" wasn't having any of it and hard shots started being traded between the two. As we headed to commercial, Maclin was laying a beating to Storm in the corner.

Back from commercial and Maclin is still in control, landing a backbreaker on Storm before giving the crowd some choice words. After some more offence by Maclin, Storm was able to mount a comeback and even attempted a top rope hurricanrana but Maclin was able to escape and Storm found himself in the tree of woe before Maclin nailed him with a spear.

Storm recovered and attempted to hit the Eye of the Storm but Maclin escaped again. Storm followed up by successfully landing a top rope hurricanrana followed by a diving elbow drop but only managed a two count. Storm with continued offence before he was sent into an exposed turnbuckle and Maclin followed it up with a DDT for the victory.

After the match, the lights went out and when they came back on Sami Callihan was in the middle of the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat. Maclin was too smart for him however and had escaped to the top of the ramp smiling at the deranged and frustrated Callihan.

- A promo aired for the Ric Flair "Moment of the Week" showcasing his performance at TNA Lockdown 2010.

- Backstage, Scott D'Amore was greeted by the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin stated that he was hungry for the Impact world title. D'Amore stated that he could see that both members of MCMG were hungry for the title and that next week they would face each other to determine the number one contender for the championship and the winner would face Josh Alexander at Emergence on August 12th.

Chelsea Green defeated Mickie James

Both Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim are banned from ringside during this match.

After the bell rang and a staredown and some jaw jacking took place, they followed it up with, yep you guessed it, multiple big fat smooches. The epitome of a love-hate relationship at it's finest folks.

The action finally began and Green looked great in the first several moments using her height to her advantage. The crowd started chanting "Chelsea sucks" and Green played it up, stating that she couldn't hear them before focusing on James once again, landing a huge jump kick but only managed a two count. Green followed it up by face planting James into the lower turnbuckle before she opened the ropes and yelled to James to get out of her ring. 

James recovered and the two started brawling up the rampway before the experience of James was able to lead things back into the ring. James with all the offence at this point, including landing a top rop seated senton but only managed a two count as the crowd chanted "This is awesome".

James followed it up with a Mick Kick but Green managed to grab the bottom rope before the count of three. Green followed up with a stomp but the referee caught her hooking the tights. James with another Mick Kick but before she could capitalize, Green attempted another stomp, missed, but was able to rollup James with her feet on the ropes for the victory.

- Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie were preparing to enter the Undead Realm in search of Havok but Valkyrie needed some convincing. After the two entered the Realm, they were separated and Valkyrie soon found Havok. When Rosemary caught up with Valkyrie, she stated that they had been looking for her and then introduced her to "Jessica".

- During the commercial here in Canada, the Fight Network showed a clip of Diary: Destiny Wrestling featuring Josh Alexander battling Mike Bailey at an event in 2020. A match between these two in Impact Wrestling, Title vs. Title or "Option C" would be phenomenal. Book it Scott!

- Backstage, Brian Myers was chatting with somebody but was interrupted by Bhupinder Gujiar. Gujjar stated that if he won his match tonight that he would be granted a Digital Media championship opportunity by Myers. Myers sidetracked the opportunity request but informed Gujjar that he was on his way.

Masha Slamovich defeated Tenille Dashwood (w/Gisele Shaw & Madison Rayne)

I believe the entrances outlasted the actual time of the match itself as it was another squash in the books of Slamovich after hitting the Snow Plow for the win.

- Backstage, Gia Miller was with X-Division champion Mike Bailey. Bailey commented on being attacked last week by Violent By Design, specifically Deaner. Bailey stated that he was willing to defend his title against anyone and said that if Deaner wanted a match that all he had to do was ask. Next week, Bailey will defend his championship against Deaner.

- Backstage, Gia Miller caught up with Mickie James exiting the arena. James stated that she was only as good as her last match before stating that she was going home. It'll be very interesting to see where this goes.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis) defeated Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey & The Good Brothers) in an eight-man tag team match

After Honor No More made their entrance, Heath came out of nowhere and took out Vincent before heading into the crowd.

Bey and Edwards began the match as the energetic crowd chanted "Too Sweet" in the background. Austin was tagged in and began putting on a clinic until Taven was able to switch up the momentum. With tempers flaring up however, we soon saw all eight men in the ring before Bullet Club sent HNM to the outside as we headed to commercial.

We're back from commercial and it was Austin and Taven battling before we saw The Good Brothers for the first time legally in this match. Bey got tagged in and the talent this man possesses is off the charts and he's only 26 years old. He's got world champion caliber but not tonight as he's taken out by HNM and King just got tagged into the match.

After King did some damage, quick tags are being made by HNM and Bey was in trouble. He finally made the tag to Bullet Club but the referee was distracted and never saw the tag and was greeted by the fans to a "You Suck" chant. After some dashing moves, Bey was finally able to make the tag to Anderson, pun intended.

Taven was now on the brunt of a whooping but before Anderson and Gallows could nail a Magic Killer, HNM landed some huge comeback offence. All four members would play a part after Maria landed a low blow to Gallows. Taven nailed Gallows from the skies with a splash and HNM picked up a much needed victory by pinning one half of the world tag team champions to end the show.

Next Week:

  • Mike Bailey vs. Deaner for the X-Division championship
  • Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim
  • Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin in a number one contender's match with the winner facing Josh Alexander at Emergence