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Impact Wrestling live results: Josh Alexander vs. Joe Doering

Frankie Kazarian & the Motor City Machine Guns will team for trios action.

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander's feud with Violent by Design continues tonight as he takes on the undefeated Joe Doering in non-title action.

Alexander will clash with VBD leader and former champion Eric Young at this month's Slammiversary.

In another PPV preview, Honor No More's Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett will face Frankie Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns in trios action.

After the events of last week's tag team match, PCO will face Steve Maclin.

The Influence's Tenille Dashwood will face Rosemary in a likely preview of a future Knockouts Tag Team title match.

On the BTI pre-show, Decay's Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus will face Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger.


Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) defeated Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice on the BTI pre-show


The opening video focused on Moose and and his renewed rivalry with a focused and enraged Sami Callihan. 

Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood (w/Madison Rayne)

Madison Rayne attempted to distract Rosemary in the early beginning but Rosemary would have none of it and gained the early advantage over Dashwood. Rayne attempted to distract Rosemary once again and this time was successful as Dashwood began capitalizing. Without Havok ringside, Rosemary was at a definite disadvantage against the Knockouts tag team champions.

Dashwood missed in the corner which allowed Rosemary to lock in the upside-down. Rosemary then started gaining momentum as she locked Dashwood in a dragon submission in the middle of the ring as a concerned Rayne looked on. Dashwood escaped by pulling on the hair of Rosemary forcing the break. Both women were back on their feet and Dashwood attempted a Tiger Driver but Rosemary blocked it. With both women looking for the upper hand and Rosemary finally gained some momentum landing a german suplex but could only score a two count.

Rosemary picked up Dashwood over her shoulders but Rayne was quick to jump up on the apron. After Dashwood escaped, Rosemary reversed a toss into the ropes sending the tag team champions into one another, knocking Rayne off of the apron. Rosemary then rolled up Dashwood, bridged up and scored the pin on Dashwood.

After the match, the Influence began to lay the beatdown on Rosemary before she was saved by a familiar face in Taya Valkyrie. Valkyrie cleared the ring and it became a stare down between the former best friends.

It was a great win for Rosemary and an even better post-match leaving us to wonder what will take place down the line between Rosemary and Valkyrie.

-We saw a promo featuring The Good Brothers in Sandy Fork, Delaware at the chicken farm of The Briscoes. The segment was very entertaining with Gallows and Anderson running down the farm until Papa Briscoe showed up. Papa stood his ground and stated that he hoped The Good Brothers had packed a lunch before we saw a truck coming in from the background with Mark Briscoe riding in the back with a weapon. Some good back and forth farm action between both teams before Gallows and Anderson were run off as Mark found some more weapons.

-Backstage we saw Gia Miller with Heath. Miller asked Heath about Rhino and Heath stated that Rhino is scheduled for surgery and it could be months before he's back. Heath then stated that he's going after Honor No More before Slammiversary on his own.

Steve Maclin defeated PCO

As you would expect, it was all grit in the beginning with both men looking to gain the advantage. PCO was able to capitalize first nailing Maclin with a clothesline over the top rope followed by a suicide dive and cannonball to the outside busting open his lip in the process. PCO looked to follow it up with his PCO Sault but Maclin was able to get up in time and nailed PCO with a suicide dive of his own followed by a massive spinebuster onto the entrance ramp.

Maclin wasn't done as he sent a bloodied PCO into the ring post. Back inside the ring, PCO nailed a clothesline before he headed up to the top rope once again. Maclin caught him and nailed a superplex on PCO for only a two count.

As Maclin wondered what was next, PCO was back on his feet and hit Maclin with another clothesline before landing a running cannonball and then nailed the De-Animator. It wasn't enough for PCO as he looked to hit another running cannonball on the outside but Maclin moved in time and PCO landed hard into the ring steps. Maclin followed it up with Caught in the Crosshairs and then tossed PCO into the ring steps.

Maclin refused to toss PCO back into the ring and trapped PCO's right shoulder between the ring steps and ring before charging the steps dislocating PCO's shoulder. PCO refused medical treatment and as action headed back into the ring and the referee was distracted, Maclin nailed PCO with a DDT onto a chair to score the victory over a very bloody PCO.

Before Maclin could celebrate any sort of victory however, a down and out PCO grabbed his leg and proved he wasn't human.

-Flashback Moment of the Week featured Samoa Joe retaining the TNA Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary VI.

-Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo was being called out by Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Steelz and Evans stated that Purrazzo needed their help as Purrazzo stated that she didn't need it while telling Steelz that she had something that belonged to her. As Steelz and Evans walked away, Chelsea Green came to the side of Purrazzo.

Joe Doering (w/Deaner & Eric Young) defeated Josh Alexander by disqualification

After some early offense by Doering, Alexander was able to gain some momentum and attempted an ankle lock but it was way too early. Alexander stayed on top until Deaner attempted to trip up Josh allowing Doering to hit a massive running crossbody. With Alexander down and out, Doering began working the neck of Alexander while landing forearms in between as we saw Alexander now bleeding from the nose.

It wasn't enough to keep the world champion down for long as Alexander made a comeback, nailing multiple german suplexes on the behemoth of Violent By Design. With Doering in trouble, Deaner jumped onto the ring apron, distracted the referee and tossed the VBD flag to Doering. After Doering missed, Alexander picked up the flag and as he was nailed Doering with it, the referee saw what took place and disqualified the world champion.

Alexander went after Deaner and took him out. Young attempted to head into the ring but was caught sneaking up on Alexander and decided to retreat instead. As the ring announcer announced the official outcome of the match, it was Alexander standing strong in the middle of the ring as VBD retreated up the rampway.

I'm loving the slow build to the main event of Slammiversary this year. I may be biased as a Canadian looking forward to it but what intrigues me even more is that I can't put my money on Alexander at Slammiversary as I could easily see Young walking out as the new champion.

-Backstage, Gia Miller was with Moose. Moose stated that he wasn't afraid of Sami Callihan as the lights started flickering. Moose stated he was going to find Callihan and put an end to this.

-Highlights were shown of Ace Austin officially joining the Bullet Club on the final night of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Best of the Super Jr. 29.

-Backstage, Moose was on the hunt for Sami Callihan. Callihan was ready for him but missed an attack with his bat. A brawl ensued between the two men but as Moose was able to bloody Callihan up, Sami escaped and Moose found himself locked in a room.

-A promo aired with an injured Matt Cardona passing on the Digital Media title to Brian Myers. Myers challenged Rich Swann to a match at Slammiversary to determine the real champion.

-The commentators announced that we'll see Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs. Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim and The Briscoes vs. Jay White & Chris Bey of the Bullet Club next week on Impact.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated Frankie Kazarian & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

It was Shelley and Bennett starting the match with Bennett getting the early advantage. Bennett soon found himself in the wrong corner and Sabin was tagged in followed up by some MCMG double team offense. Bennett with a quick tag out and it was now Taven attempting to get the advantage over Sabin. Bennett was able to gain a small bit of momentum and took the time to let the crowd know who he was before Kazarian was tagged in which led to rapid offense and tags between the Impact originals.

We are back from commercial and HNM is still on the receiving end of being schooled by the Impact originals before they are finally able to gain the upper hand thanks to Edwards. Sabin and Kazarian are taken out and Shelley is on his own battling HNM. Shelley looked to finally be able to make the tag but Sabin and Kazarian are knocked off of the ring apron and Shelley is left battling solo once again. Edwards was back in the ring and nailed Shelley with some massive chops before tagging out to Bennett.

Shelley was able to quickly reverse momentum against Bennett and it was now both men reaching for tags. Bennett managed to tag Taven but Taven blocked a tag out from Shelley nailing both Sabin and Kazarian on the apron. Shelley nailed Taven with a corkscrew but again didn't have anyone in his corner to tag out to. Taven tagged out to Edwards and Eddie nailed Shelley with a splash in the corner. Edwards looked to land a Tiger Driver but Shelley blocked it. Multiple big boots are nailed by both men before Edwards accidentally hit Bennett with one. Shelley finally hit the hot tag to Kazarian.

Kazarian was a house of fire but HNM wouldn't quit and it became quick back and forth action between both teams. MCMG was able to gain momentum again however nailing classic double teamed offense on Edwards including spilling the action to the outside in which both Sabin and Taven nailed massive moves.

We're back inside the ring and Sabin is getting triple teamed by HNM but wouldn't give up after getting hit with a Tiger Driver by Edwards and a running kick by Taven. Seeing that Sabin wouldn't give up, Kazarian and Shelley were able to switch momentum for the Impact originals but HNM wouldn't give in either. Sabin nailed Edwards with a tornado ddt but Taven managed to break up the pin attempt. Both teams began hitting their finishers but when Sabin setup Edwards for the Cradle Shock, Bennett nailed him with a low blow. Edwards capitalized with the Die Hard Driver for the victory while gaining huge momentum just ten days away from Slammiversary.

HNM decided that instead of celebrating, a further beatdown was needed but before they could do too much damage, Heath hit the ring with a chair and cleaned house before attempting to break Edwards neck. The remaining members of HNM hit the ring and the numbers game was simply too much as they locked Heath's ankle in a chair before shattering it. HNM decided now was their time to officially celebrate their win as the show went off the air.

I definitely enjoyed tonight's show as Impact is doing what they need to keep momentum going into Slammiversary just ten days away. As a fan, they've got me intrigued and next week's go home edition should be interesting.