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Impact Wrestling live results: Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz vs. Mickie James street fight

Thursday's show will also see a lumberjack match for the Tag Team titles.

Thursday's Impact Wrestling will feature a pair of championship matches, albeit in non-traditional formats.

Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz will go head-to-head with former champion and recent rival Mickie James in a street fight for the title, while in a lumberjack match for the Tag Team titles, champions Violent by Design will take on former champions and rivals The Good Brothers.

In the final qualifier for the X-Division Championship three-way at Rebellion, "Speedball" Mike Bailey faces Laredo Kid and Willie Mack in a three-way.

Future World title challenger Josh Alexander will address Moose delivering the signed contract for their Rebellion title match to his wife at their home in Canada.

Rocky Romero will return to an Impact ring as he takes on former World Champion Eddie Edwards, and Heath will look to avenge both Team Impact and tag team partner Rhino against Steve Maclin who turned on the team at Sacrifice.

The BTI pre-show will feature Crazzy Steve vs. Shera.

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Shera (with Raj Singh) defeated Crazzy Steve (with Havok) on BTI

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Opening video recapped last week’s Matt Taven versus Josh Alexander main event, as well as Moose paying a personal visit to Alexander’s family.

Show opened with Alexander heading to the ring. Alexander talked about not expecting Moose to be stupid enough to cross the line and go to his house and threaten Alexander’s family. He told Moose that his days left as champion are counted and called out Moose to come out and face him.

Moose came out and told Alexander that just as he failed to protect his family, he will also fail to capture the title at Rebellion. Moose talked trash about Alexander's family, and thus a brawl between the two started around the ring and towards the backstage area, ending with a pull apart with the roster holding them back.

Scott D’Amore confronted Alexander about almost killing Moose during the brawl. Alexander threatened that he’ll keep his emotions in check, as long as Moose stays away from his family.

- Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the card for Impact Multiverse of Matches, taking place on April 1st. 

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Laredo Kid & Willie Mack in an X Division championship number one contendership match

The winner of this match qualifies to the Rebellion X Division three way match against Trey Miguel and Ace Austin, who qualified a couple of weeks ago, defeating Jake Something and Chris Bey. Bailey and Austin have promised to have each other’s back at the Rebellion match if Bailey qualified.

Story of the match was that all three men are equally as athletic and skilled, but Mack had a weight advantage over both Kid and Bailey. Mack had control from early on and kept it while keeping Bailey and Kid from teaming up against him.

Bailey eventually caught Mack with the machine gun kicks, while also taking out Kid with a springboard moonsault. Kid recovered and hit a springboard tornillo on both Mack and Bailey.

Back in the ring, Kid and Bailey exchanged strikes until Kid dropped Bailey with a twisting superplex and a frog splash for a near fall. Mack came back and caught Kid with a pop-up forearm, caught Bailey’s crossbody and turned it into a Samoan drop and moonsault combo for a two count when Kid broke it up.

Kid went for a Dragonrana on Mack, but the latter blocked and reversed into a Razor’s edge, broken up by Bailey’s SSP. All men exchanged roll ups and strikes, but at the end, Bailey got the Ultima Weapon on Mack for the win.
It will be Trey Miguel versus Ace Austin versus Mike Bailey at Rebellion for the X Division Championship.

- We got a promo by the Bullet Club. Jay White talked about being screwed last week when he broke the pin that gave the MCMG the win over them. He knew that Shelley and Sabin wouldn’t just accept a win like that, and challenged them to a rematch next week against Bey and White.

Karl Anderson addressed tonight’s lumberjack match against VBD, and that tonight, they bring the titles back to the Bullet Club. 

- Raj Singh and Shera cut a promo backstage telling Bhupinder Gujjar that he missed the chance to join him, and so he called back Shera.

Steve Maclin defeated Heath (with Rhino)

Prior to the match, Maclin cut a promo saying that he’s going after all his doubters. Last week, Maclin defeated Rhino, and now he takes on Rhino’s tag team partner in Heath. Two men he turned on, when he attacked Team Impact a couple of weeks ago.

Maclin and Heath traded momentum early on, but after the match spilled to the floor and both men brawled a bit, Maclin raked Heath’s eyes. With the referee distracted, Maclin pretended to have been attacked by Rhino, forcing the referee to send Rhino to the back.

Heath and Maclin continued the brawl at ringside, but as they returned to the ring, Maclin cut off Heath with a big backbreaker.

Now in control, Maclin hit the crosshair spear to the corner for a near fall, but it would be long before Heath made a comeback with strikes and a series of kicks, building to an overflow DDT for a two count.

Heath went for the Wake Up Call, but Maclin blocked it, pinned Heath with his feet on the ropes, and got the win.

After the match, Rhino returned and Gored Maclin just because.

- We got a new episode of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, with her guest interviewer Kaleb. Dashwood forced Kaleb to come clean about his loyalties to them or the IInspiration. Kaleb excused himself from the interview, only to find himself in a new episode of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne.

Rayne and Dashwood cornered Kaleb and asked where his loyalties fell. Kaleb was forced to answer under a lie detector, so Kaleb ran away again. 

- We got a video package for Tomohiro Ishii, soon to debut for Impact at Multiverse of Matches.

JONAH cut a promo about facing Ishii at Rebellion, saying he’ll put him down as he did to PCO.

Impact Tag Team Champions Violent By Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) (with Deaner) defeated The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (with The Bullet Club) to retain the titles

This is the title rematch from the Sacrifice match, where Violent By Design defeated The Good Brothers to win the tag team titles. Some of the lumberjacks are the Motor City Machine Guns, Honor No More, Rhino, Heath, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Decay.

Match started with the hoss rivalry between Doering and Gallows, getting into a strike exchange, but it wasn’t long before Anderson and Young tried to get involved, only to get tossed to the floor.

Back in the ring, all four men exchanged strikes, but it was the Brothers that sent VBD to the floor, managing to separate Doering from Young, and isolating the latter from his corner.

After some minutes, Young turned things around on Anderson, and now they had him cut off from tagging Gallows. Doering got a two count with the rebound elbow. Anderson finally caught Doering with a jawbreaker and tagged in Gallows.

Gallows cleared the ring and hit a two handed chokeslam on Young for a near fall, followed with an assisted neckbreaker for another. Doering tagged back in and cut off Anderson, got a near fall after a falling elbow from EY.

Match broke down when the Brothers hit a magic killer on EY, but Deaner distracted the referee and allowed Doering to toss Gallows to the floor, followed by a dive.

Just as Anderson was getting ready to hit the Gun Stun, Bennett and Taven jumped in and low blowed Anderson, allowing EY to get the pin and win. There was no reason whatsoever why this was a lumberjack match.

Seems like Honor No More versus Bullet Club will be a direction going forward.

- Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz if Savannah Evans will be out there with her for tonight’s Street Fight since Chelsea Green wasn’t going to be there for Mickie James. Steelz said that as a fighting champion, she would allow Evans to take the night off. 

Eddie Edwards defeated Rocky Romero

There isn’t a story here, but this is a bit of a teaser for Edwards’ match against Romero’s stablemate in New Japan’s CHAOS, Tomohiro Ishii, who he will face at the Multiverse of Matches show. Coincidentally, this is a match between Davey Richards’ former tag partners.

Edwards used his size advantage to get some early control of the match.

Edwards pulled Romero into a strike battle that Edwards easily dominated, at which point Romero went sneaky style and opened an opportunity to take down Edwards with a couple of ranas. Outside the ring, Edwards accidentally clotheslined the ringpost.

Romero hit the Forever clotheslines, but at the end, Edwards managed to dodge and drop Romero with a big Lariat. Romero came back going after Edwards’ bad arm, but the latter escaped to the floor. Romero tried to follow with a tope suicida, but Edwards caught him and tossed him into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Edwards took a Tornado DDT, but Romero couldn’t capitalize. Romero kept his focus on the injured arm. Romero went for Slice Bread, but Edward blocked, hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Edwards followed with a Tiger Driver, but Romero reversed the BKP into a triangle hold, only for Edwards to roll Romero over for the pin and win. Good match.

After the match, Edwards attacked Romero until Jonathan Gresham made his return and attacked Edwards, who originally took him out during the build to No Surrender.

Romero and Gresham didn’t see eye-to-eye, but shook hands at the end.

- Johnny Swinger met Zicky Dice, who was quite enjoying Swinger’s Dungeon. Swinger challenged Dice to a match to test his ability. Swinger is still oblivious of what happens inside the dungeon. 

- Hannifan and Rehwold ran down next week’s events, including the Multiverse of Matches’ card, including the newly announced Alex Shelley versus Mike Bailey match.

For next week, Josh Alexander versus Madman Fulton, Jonathan Gresha versus Kenny King, and the rematch between the MCMG and the Bullet Club. 

Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz defeated Mickie James in a Philadelphia Street Fight to retain the title

This is James’ contractual rematch after losing the Knockouts title to Steelz at Sacrifice. They’ve been feuding since Steelz won the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X match, to earn a title shot at James.

Match started hot after James threw a trash can lid at Steelz during the entrances. Once the bell rang, they went straight into a strike exchange in and outside the ring. The brawl quickly made it to the ramp, where James dropped Steelz with a neckbreaker, tossed Steelz into a trash can, and rolled her down the ramp.

Savannah Evans came out and took out James, allowing Steelz to get a breather and regain her composure.

Back in the ring, Steelz attacked James with a baseball bat, a chain, and some chairs. She tried choking James with the chain, but James managed to turn it around, and send Steelz head first into one of the chairs on the corner. Both women hit stereo chair shots on each other for a double knockout tease.

Evans attacked James, but James managed to break away and powerbomb Evans from the apron into a table that did not break. Steelz threw James off the apron into the same table, which once again, did not break.

James and Steelz continued the brawl with James using the trash can to take down both Steelz and Evans, but once in the ring, Steelz caught James with a surprise cutter for a near fall.

Steelz attacked James with a parking sign, only for James to turn it around on her. James pancaked Steelz into a chair, tried to follow with the Mickie-go-round, but Steelz kicked out at two.

Steelz poked James’ eye, went for Blackout, but James blocked into the MickieDT, only to have Evans pull the referee off the ring. James tried to take out Evans, but got caught and slammed into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Evans attacked James with a chair until Chelsea Green ran down for the save, except, she simply set up a chair and sat, to watch first hand how Steelz finished off James with a springboard elbow and a plancha for the win.

After the match, Green talked trash to James and the both got into a brawl, but as James distracted herself with Green, Matt Cardona snuck up behind James and dropped her with Radio Silence. Green finished off James with a cast-loaded forearm. Green then revealed that she was never injured to begin with. This will definitely have repercussions on NWA POWERR, but could also lead to the return of Aldis to Impact.

James had been pushing Green off for so long that it ended with Green turning on Mickie James. For what it’s worth, James asked Green to not interfere, and she kept her promise, she didn’t get involved in the match.