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Impact Wrestling live results: No. 1 contender's elimination match

Six men will compete to challenge Impact World Champion Josh Alexander.

Six men will compete in an star-studded elimination match on Thursday's Impact on AXS TV to earn a future World title shot

The match will feature former World Champions Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Moose and Sami Callihan in addition to former ROH World Champion Bandido and Steve Maclin.

It's expected the match with champion Josh Alexander will take place at next month's Victory Road or October's Bound For Glory.

The X-Division title will be on the line as "Speedball" Mike Bailey will defend against Bullet Club's Chris Bey. Bailey is coming off a successful title defense last Friday at Emergence over Jack Evans.

Heath's revenge tour against Honor No More continues as he takes on Kenny King.

In an X-Division four way, Laredo Kid takes on Black Taurus, Rey Horus and former champion Trey Miguel.

The BTI pre-show match will see Gisele Shaw take on now-former Knockouts Tag Team Champion Rosemary.


Gisele Shaw defeated Rosemary (w/Jessicka) on the BTI pre-show


The opening video recapped the epic battle between Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley for the Impact World Championship at Emergence.

Black Taurus (w/Crazzy Steve) defeated Laredo Kid vs. Rey Horus vs. Trey Miguel in a 4-Way Match

Crazzy Steve joined commentary for the first time ever prior to the match.

Black Taurus played up his power game right after the bell rang until his three opponents decided to team up against him and sent him to the outside. It didn't last long however as Taurus showed he was more than just power as he came back to wipe out all three of his foes individually.

After each man hit some great moves on one another, Taurus decided that was enough. He caught Kid, nailed Destination Hell Hole and picked up a huge victory as Steve entered the ring to celebrate with him. 

As you would expect, the match was quick paced with a lot of high spots but it was hard to focus at times, in a good way, with Crazzy Steve on commentary.

- Backstage, Zicky Dice, Johnny Swinger and others were excited watching Killer Kelly's debut match from last week. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans interrupted and questioned why they were paying attention to her. Killer Kelly then entered the scene and when Evans stepped up to her, Kelly told her they could finish this in the ring tonight.

- Backstage, Impact world champion Josh Alexander was with Rich Swann. Alexander stated that while he couldn't play favorites in the main event tonight, he would love to defend the title against Swann. Vincent interrupted and informed Alexander that it was going to be Eddie Edwards picking up the victory tonight and that he needed to look around and realize he needed some friends.

Heath defeated Kenny King (w/Vincent)

A brawl ensued right after the bell rang and Heath almost landed the Wakeup Call seconds into the match. The match then spilled to the outside and as Vincent played the distraction, King was able to land a corkscrew crossbody over the top rope on Heath as we headed to commercial break.

We're back from commercial and King had the advantage over Heath after landing a Blockbuster during the commercial break. Unfortunately, King couldn't maintain the momentum as Heath mounted a comeback, ducked a shot from Vincent and was able to nail King with the Wakeup Call for the win.

After the match, Honor No More hit the ring and laid out Heath. After Eddie Edwards directed PCO to attack Heath, PCO hesitated which allowed Heath to land a Wakeup Call on Mike Bennett before escaping the ring. A disgruntled Edwards looked at PCO from the rampway as Maria Kanellis tended to Bennett.

- Backstage, the Motor City Machine Guns were with KUSHIDA. MCMG and KUSHIDA stated that after not having the greatest time at Emergence, they were coming for all three members of Violent By Design. The match was then advertised for next week's edition of Impact.

- A video promo aired for Bound For Glory taking place on October 8th in Albany, New York with tickets officially going on sale tomorrow.

- Honor No More was backstage, venting about what just took place in the ring. Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis then took off to find Scott D'Amore and when they found him, they demanded to know when their world tag team title shot was. D'Amore stated that Doc Gallows was down and out and Maria took exception. After they suggested a handicapped match against Karl Anderson for the titles, D'Amore stated that Bennett would face Anderson next week in singles action and if Anderson won, Maria would be banned from ringside when the title match takes place.

Killer Kelly defeated Savannah Evans (w/Tasha Steelz)

Evans had a pure power advantage during the match but Kelly was just too much psychologically. When Evans would hit a move, Kelly simply looked at her and smiled.

After Evans nailed a huge boot, she failed to land a chickenwing facebuster. That signaled the beginning of the end for Evans as Kelly locked in the Killer Clutch and forced Evans to tapout for the victory in front of a stunned Steelz.

- Backstage, former Knockouts world tag team champions Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka talked about losing the titles. Rosemary stated that they were going to refocus and regroup and get back the championships. Jessicka stated that she had her debut match coming up next week and Rosemary told Valkyrie to keep an eye on her from this point forward.

- Backstage, Gia Miller was with Knockouts world champion Jordynne Grace. Miller stated that Masha Slamovich was on the hunt for her and before much could be said, new Knockouts tag world tag team champions VXT appeared. After Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo insulted Grace, Jordynne stated she would take them both on at once. Mia Yim entered and stated that it wasn't necessary as she would happily team with Grace for the tag team titles. After VXT stalled at a comeback, Purrazzo reluctantly agreed before they left the backstage area.

Mike Bailey defeated Chris Bey to retain the X-Division title

We're privileged to yet another match as to why the X-Division is once of the greatest in Pro-Wrestling right now.

After a fast paced back and forth opening, Bailey was able to gain full control of the match until Bey landed a massive flatliner forcing Bailey to roll outside of the ring. As Bey attempted to capitalize on the outside, Bailey was able to side step the challenger and landed a moonsault to the outside of his own.

Bey wouldn't stay down and countered with a swanton over the ropes to the outside before landing a double stomp as Bailey was laying across the top rope. Bey followed up with a powerbomb but was only able to score a two count as the fans chanted "this is awesome!".

Bey attempted to put the match away with the Art of Finesse but missed and after Bailey countered in the corner, "Speedball" landed the Ultima Weapon out of nowhere to get the 1-2-3 and remain X-Division champion.

- Backstage, Digital Media champion Brian Myers was coming down a stairwell when Bhupinder Gujjar confronted him. Before Myers could say much, Gujjar stated that he was pissed off and left the champion with a look of concern on his face.

- A video promo aired for Victory Road taking place on September 23rd in Nashville, Tennessee.

Eddie Edwards defeated Steve Maclin, Moose, Sami Callihan, Bandido & Rich Swann in a 6-Way Elimination #1 Contenders Match

Only two men could be in the ring at the same time and eliminations occured via pinfall, submission, count-out or disqualification.

Bandido and Swann started things off and commentary classified the match as "controlled chaos" and I couldn't have put it better. After neither Bandido or Swann could gain the advantage, Edwards and Callihan tagged themselves in and memories of a baseball bat and a chair soon went through my head. Swann was quickly back inside of the ring and managed to take out Edwards and Maclin on the outside as we headed into the commercial break.

We're back from commercial and Swann and Edwards are battling in the middle of the ring before Moose attacked Swann from the apron and then tagged Edwards to officially enter the match. Moose and Maclin then continued to trap Swann in the corner, making quick tags and laying a beatdown on him.

Swann was finally able to make the tag to Callihan and after Sami failed to capitalize, he was nailed by Moose with a spear and pinned. Maclin seeing the opportunity, rolled up Moose from behind and was able to get the 1-2-3 on the former world champion.

A stunned Moose was then pulled to the outside by Callihan and Bandido seeing his opportunity, sent Maclin flying into Moose on the outside. When Maclin came back into the ring, Bandido nailed him with the 21 Flex to eliminate Maclin as we headed into another commercial break.

We're back from commercial and it was down to Bandido, Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann with the winner advancing to meet Josh Alexander for the Impact world title at Bound For Glory on October 7th.

Edwards was watching on from the apron as Bandido and Swann were laying into one another before tagging Swann to get back into the match. After Edwards was too cocky, Bandido nailed him with a twisting corkscrew before Edwards tagged back out to Swann.

After Bandido and Swann hit cutters on one another but couldn't score the pin, Swann followed it up with a massive Phoenix Splash. As he was pinning Bandido, Edwards tagged himself back in, threw Swann into the ring post and nailed the Boston Knee Party on Bandido to finish him off on his own.

Edwards was now hungrier than ever as the title opportunity was in his sight and Swann was a sitting duck. A slow and methodical Edwards continued to punish Swann from corner to corner until Rich was able to make a comeback and sent Edwards to the outside. Swann attempted to tend to Edwards but the referee tied him up and Edwards took the opportunity and nailed him with "Kenny" behind the referee's back.

Edwards attempted to get the pin but Swann kicked out at two and Eddie was frustrated. After a small comeback by Swann, Edwards nailed him with the Blue Thunder Bomb and a Boston Knee Party but Swann once again kicked out at two. Edwards, even more intense at this point, decided enough was enough and landed his Die Hard Driver to finally score the victory and head to Bound For Glory as the #1 contender to Josh Alexander's Impact world title.

After the match, Honor No More came down to the ring to celebrate Edward's victory as the show came to a close.

Next Week

  • VXT vs. Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim for the Knockouts world tag team titles
  • Violent By Design vs. Time Machine (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA)
  • Karl Anderson vs. Mike Bennett
  • Jessicka's in-ring debut