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Impact Wrestling results: Eli Drake vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rascalz debut


The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Fenix and Swann started the match by chain wrestling and having an athletic exhibition into a stalemate. Pentagon and Mack came in and traded taunts at each other until Fenix and Swann got involved and everyone superkicked each other. Pentagon and Mack continued trading kicks. Swann got tagged in. He and Mack double teamed Pentagon and Fenix, but the Lucha Brothers manage to counter with synchronized superkicks. 

Pentagon hit a Wazzap Dropkick to Swann, then the Lucha Brothers followed it up with a Fenix spinning kick and a Pentagon codebreaker combo on Mack. They got a near fall after an assisted plancha by Fenix.

Mack came back with a pounce, sending Pentagon to the floor, and then hit a tope con giro. Swann hit a Phoenix Splash to the outside on Mack and Pentagon, and finally, Fenix hit a tornillo on everyone. 

Back from commercial, Mack and Fenix were in the middle of a strike-off with knife-edge chops and forearms. Fenix ended up with the upper hand and went for a top rope move, only to be blocked by Swann, so Fenix hit a reverse rana on Mack. Pentagon then dropped Swann with a Fear Factor on the apron, with the assist of Fenix's foot stomp.

Back in the ring, Pentagon and Fenix hit the leg-scissors splash to pick up the win. Great opening match.

After the match, Impact Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) came out without Konnan. Ortiz cut a promo putting over the match we just saw and asked who are next for LAX, running down all the teams they've defeated in the last year. Santana got the mic and said that they have defeated everyone, but they haven't given their familia a chance for the championships. Santana challenged the Lucha Brothers for Homecoming. Pentagon & Fenix accepted.

Josh Mathews ran down the card for tonight and announced that next week, we start the qualifier matches for Homecoming's Ultimate X match.

We got a video package for Brian Cage and Johnny Impact's World Championship match at Homecoming. Cage cut a good, short promo about doing whatever it takes to finally achieve his destiny and win the World title.

Back from commercial, we were backstage at the LAX clubhouse. Konnan was berating Santana and Ortiz about acting without telling him. Konnan used the Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Mysterio feud as an example that friendly matches with friends tend to become personal when championships get in the way. Konnan walked out on them at the end saying he knows what he needs to do.

Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina

The match started with Katarina trying to grapple with Grace, only to be easily overpowered. Katarina tried changing her game to strikes, but once again, Grace overpowered her. Finally, Katarina relied on raking the eyes to get some offense in and gained control of the match.

Katarina's offense consisted mostly of trying to choke out Grace and get as many kicks in as she could. Katarina managed to keep the upper hand for longer than she should have, even getting a close two count after a jumping DDT. Grace finally made a comeback when she hit a huge pounce, followed with a running knee to the corner, a running elbow, a Vader Bomb, and used the bear hug for the submission win. The match started sloppy, but it got better as it went on.

KM and Fallah Bahh were backstage talking about losing their chance at a championship match with LAX, but they're still in Las Vegas, so tonight they are hitting the town and winning some money. After a quick cut, KM and Bahh were crying because they lost all their money. Suddenly, Scarlett Bordeaux made an appearance, telling them that if they want to impress her, there is a lot of competition. 

GWN's Flashback Moment of the Week was the Ultimate X with Low Ki defeating Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee to retain the X-Division Championship. 

Backstage, referee Brandon Tolle came into Tessa Blanchard's locker room, imposing his authority with Blanchard and saying that in the ring, it's the referee who sets the rules and neither he nor the rest will take Blanchard's antics, referring to Blanchard punching Tolle a few weeks ago.

Back from commercial, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Tommy Dreamer, who once again took a swipe at millennials, saying that Eli Drake doesn't care about the men and women that paved the way for him to be where he is. Dreamer made fun of Drake copying The Rock and Steve Austin's mannerisms. He said that at the end, people will talk about Dreamer's career and not Drake's. Good promo.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Ray Lyn

Valkyrie debuted new music and a new tron video tonight, officially dropping the "Queen" gimmick. The match started with Ray Lyn trying to mock Valkyrie, getting some great offense in, but the match quickly turned around as Valkyrie hit several running strikes to a cornered Lyn.

Valkyrie went for the Road to Valhalla, but Lyn blocked it and got some more kicks in, only to lose focus by trying to mock Valkyrie again. Valkyrie countered Lyn, hit a curb stomp, and locked in a new submission that is like an elevated version of an STF. This was technically a squash, but still a great showing for Ray Lyn.

Tessa Blanchard ran down during Valkyrie's celebration. Referee Tolle tried to impose his authority, but Blanchard took him out, choking out the ref until the rest of the staff came out to stop her. No one dared to touch Blanchard -- until Gail Kim of all people came out and pulled Blanchard off the referee. Valkyrie hit a spear before Blanchard managed to escape. 

We got another video package for Impact and Cage's match at Homecoming. This time it was Impact's turn to talk. He put over Cage's undefeated streak, but at Homecoming it won't be like the rest of Cage's matches. Suddenly, behind Johnny Impact, we saw a shadow walk into the frame -- and it was Killer Kross.

Kross told the camera to get away, since he needed a moment with Mr. Hennigan. Kross once again implored that Impact rely on him for his match with Cage. Impact blowed him off and walked away. Really great execution on Kross' entrance.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier &Zachary Wentz) defeated Mike Sydal & Chris Bey

Mike Sydal is indeed Matt Sydal's younger brother. Xavier and Sydal did a series of fast-paced reversals. Wentz got tagged in and hit a Bronco Buster on Bey. The Rascalz hit a kick combo on Sydal and followed with stereo tope con giros to the outside. Back in the ring, Wentz hit the Hot Fire Flame moonsault on Sydal for the pin. Short match, but a great showing for The Rascalz.

Backstage, Kiera Hogan was with McKenzie Mitchell. Hogan said that no matter what we've seen, she believes that Allie's soul is still in her because when she had the chance to attack Hogan, Allie didn't. Hogan begged for Allie to "come home."

Back from commercial, we were in a mental hospital with Alisha Edwards trying to talk to a drugged out Eddie Edwards, but the doctor took her away and said Eddie needs rest.

We then saw Moose come to visit Eddie. He had a copy of Eddie's book, but Moose complained that he is not mentioned in the book, nor Alisha leaving Eddie, nor ending in a mental hospital, saying that this book is a farce and that Eddie will stay in this hospital, but that he'll take care of Alisha.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Drake, who said that his problem is not with hardcore wrestling, but with Impact Wrestling allowing it. Drake said that he never had problems with Dreamer, but it seems he has struck a nerve, and so if Dreamer wants to mess with him, he'll need to take care of him tonight and make an example.

Back from commercial, Matt Sydal and Ethan Page were talking. Sydal explained that he keeps stumbling along his way to enlightenment. Page tried to cheer up Sydal, but with a certain set of words that triggered Sydal, and so Sydal announced that they will face each other in one of the Ultimate X qualifying matches in order to teach him the path to enlightenment.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Eli Drake by countout

They started the match with Dreamer getting the better of Drake at the collar-and-elbow tie up. Drake tried to change the game into strikes, but Dreamer got the upper hand once again, so Drake decided to walk away and get counted out.

Josh Mathews said that he had word from Impact officials that this match was being restarted under no disqualification rules.

Eli Drake defeated Tommy Dreamer in a no DQ match

The match began during commercials, so when we came back, Dreamer was already beating Drake up the ramp with a garbage can full of weapons being brought out. Dreamer started going around using some of the weapons, including a ring bell shot and using a fan's cane. Drake suplexed Dreamer on the ramp, finally turning the match around, leading to Drake working over Dreamer inside the ring and getting mostly punches and some weapon shots in. 

Dreamer and Drake kept going back and forth, exchanging big moves with a chair. Dreamer hit a DDT for a two count, but as he went for the Death Valley Driver, Drake threw Dreamer into a trash can and hit the Gravy Train for a huge near fall, with Dreamer becoming the first to kick out.

An annoyed Drake put a chair around Dreamer's neck. Drake hit a baseball swing like EVIL would, leaving Dreamer down for the pin. Not that good of a main event, even with the weapons being introduced.

Backstage, Drake found a few balloons and a card. We didn't see what the letter said, but Drake seemed surprised as the episode went off the air.