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Impact Wrestling results: Pentagon Jr. vs. Aries at Under Pressure


Previously: Jimmy Jacobs was mysteriously attacked in the back and marked with the red and black X.

Tonight: Impact presents Under Pressure, which features Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. defending against Austin Aries. Plus, Knockouts Champion Allie defends against Su Yung in a Last Rites match.

Show Recap --

Earlier today, Sonjay Dutt addressed the Impact roster about the recent attacks. He told them not to worry and that management is doing everything they can. Caleb Konley pointed out that only the wrestlers are being attacked -- not management.

Petey Williams defended Dutt and said the person doing this wants them to argue with each other. He added that if the person is in the locker room, they need to stop because they will find out who it is.

Eli Drake defeated Scott Steiner

Drake had the early advantage until he missed an elbow. Steiner then hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Drake missed a moonsault and Steiner attempted the Steiner Recliner, but Drake powered out. Drake hit Steiner with a chair behind the referee's back for the win.

Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard was firmly in control and viciously beat down Rayne. Rayne made a brief comeback, but Blanchard quickly regained control.

Rayne fired up and made another comeback. Blanchard scored a near fall with a hanging downward spiral. Blanchard attempted the hammerlock DDT, but Rayne rolled her up for the win.

- At the LAX Clubhouse, King met with Ortiz and Santana. He informed them that he got them a match with Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley.

Brian Cage defeated Dezmond Xavier

Xavier nailed Cage with a series of dropkicks, including one off the steel steps, but couldn’t knock Cage off his feet. Cage took over and threw Xavier across the ring. Cage threw him a second time, but Xavier landed on his feet. 

Xavier hit a series of kicks and finally knocked Cage off his feet. Xavier followed up with a dive to the floor. He hit the Final Flash on Cage but only scored a one count. Cage won the match after hitting the Drill Claw.

Following the match, Cage helped Xavier to his feet. Cage has earned a future shot at the X Division Championship.

Su Yung defeated Allie in a Last Rites match to win the Knockouts Championship

The Undead Bridesmaids brought the coffin to ringside. Allie came out to Rosemary’s music and had her face painted like Rosemary. She ran wild early and tried to put Yung in the coffin, but Yung fought back and locked on the body scissors. Allie sent Yung to the floor and leapt off the coffin, nailing Yung.

Allie hit a codebreaker using the chair and rolled Yung into the coffin. Yung fought out, but Allie hit her with a superkick that sent her back in. Allie tried to close the lid, but Yung locked on the mandible claw. Allie passed out and Yung put her in the coffin. Yung closed the lid to win the Knockouts Championship.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Sting defeated Abyss in a Last Rites match (Destination X 2007)

Sting had the advantage before Abyss nailed him with a candle holder. Sting used his bat to break a tombstone over Abyss’ head. Abyss chokeslammed Sting on top of the casket. Sting made a comeback and put Abyss in the casket for the win.

- In the back, Petey Williams stood over a fallen Dutt. Williams asked the cameraman to get help. Dutt was marked with the red and black X.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards told his wife Alisha that he has an upcoming match with Sami Callihan. He said the match will take place in the woods with no ring, no ropes, and no referee. 

Austin Aries defeated Pentagon Jr. to win the Impact World Championship

Aries took over after Pentagon missed a chop and hit the ring post. Pentagon fought back and hit a superkick for a near fall, but Aries regained control with a neckbreaker.

Pentagon hit two slingblades for a near fall. He attempted the package piledriver from the top turnbuckle before Aries countered into a powerbomb. Pentagon hit the Pentagon Driver, but Aries got his foot on the bottom rope. Aries locked on the Last Chancery on the floor and both guys got counted out.

Aries got on the mic and demanded a restart so the match would have a clear winner. The referee restarted the match -- and Pentagon rolled up Aries for a close near fall. Aries nailed Pentagon with the Death Valley Driver on the apron. Pentagon fought back and hit the package piledriver on the apron. Both guys were counted out a second time.

Pentagon got on the mic and demanded the match continue. Aries hit Pentagon with a low blow behind the ref's back. He then hit the brainbuster on Pentagon to win the Impact World Championship.