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Impact Wrestling results: World title on the line at Genesis


Previously: LAX defeated OVE in Barbed Wire Massacre III.

Tonight: Impact presents Genesis, which features World Heavyweight Champion Eli Drake defending against Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact in Six Sides of Steel.

Show Recap --

Matt Sydal defeated Ethan Carter III to win the Grand Championship

The rounds and judges have been dropped. Sydal attempted a standing moonsault, but EC3 got his knees up to take over. Sydal attempted a super hurricanrana, but EC3 slipped out and Sydal took a nasty fall hitting the turnbuckle on the way down.

The finish came when Sydal countered a super TK3 attempt into a powerbomb and hit the Shooting Star Press to win the Grand Championship.

Flashback Moment of the Week: America’s Most Wanted defeated XXX In Six Sides of Steel

James Storm powerbombed Elix Skipper off the top of the cage for a close near fall. Christopher Daniels and Chris Harris fought on the top of the cage when Skipper tightrope walked across the top and connected with a hurricanrana on Harris.

AMW used XXX’s own finisher to score the win.

Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness defeated Allie to retain her title

Allie was in control as they brawled around ringside, then Van Ness took over with a boot to the face. Allie made a fiery comeback and scored a close near fall with a suplex in the corner.

Allie accidently elbowed the referee, which gave Van Ness the chance to use the Knockouts belt for the win.

Moose defeated Bobby Lashley (w/ Dan Lambert and KM)

KM interfered to give Lashley the advantage, but Lashley was unhappy KM helped. They argued at ringside until Lambert broke it up.

KM tried to put a table in the ring, but Lashley stopped him and told him not to help. Lashley used a hurricanrana and a spear for a near fall. Lashley collided with KM and Moose hit the Game Changer for the win.

After the match, Lambert blamed Lashley for the loss and slapped him. Lashley speared KM and tossed Lambert in the ring. Moose booted Lambert in the face and Lashley speared Lambert through a table. Lashley and Moose shook hands.

X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori defeated Andrew Everett to retain his title (from Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan)

Everett got a near fall with a perfect looking springboard moonsault. He went for a Shooting Star Press, but Ishimori got his knees up.

Everett made a brief comeback, but Ishimori caught him with a knee and hit the 450 splash to retain the title.

Impact World Heavyweight Champion Eli Drake (w/ Chris Adonis) defeated Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron in Six Sides of Steel to retain his title

Drake and Patron worked together and sent Impact head-first into the cage. Patron and Drake both tried to escape but failed. Drake took over after a double low blow.

Patron hit the double foot stomp while Impact was in a tree of woe. All three guys tried to escape and fought on the top rope. Impact knocked off Drake and Patron -- but instead of escaping, he dove off the top of the cage onto the heels.

Drake tried to climb until Impact stopped him. Patron tried to leave through the door, but Impact stopped him too. Drake was left dangling on the top of the cage. Patron attempted to leave through the door again, but Adonis slammed the door in his face.

Drake and Impact both climbed out of the cage, but Adonis caught Impact and prevented his feet from hitting the floor, which allowed Drake to win.

Next Week: Josh Mathews noted that Impact is going to look a bit different.