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Slammiversary 2017 live results: Bobby Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron


Preview by Joseph Currier

Impact Wrestling returns to pay-per-view tonight with a show that will further the company's rebrand into Global Force Wrestling.

Both Impact and GFW gold will be on the line in the main event. Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley faces GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron in a match where it's winner-take-all. The same goes for the Impact and GFW Women's Championships, with Knockouts Champion Rosemary facing GFW Women's Champion Sienna.

The feud between Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash will get physical as Mathews teams with Scott Steiner against JB & Joseph Park. In another tag team match, NFL free agent DeAngelo Williams will make his in-ring debut as he teams with Moose against Eli Drake & Chris Adonis.

Elsewhere on the show, EC3 will face James Storm in a strap match, the X Division title will be up for grabs as Sonjay Dutt defends against Low Ki in a two-out-of-three falls match, LAX defend their Impact/GFW tag titles in a four-way match, and Eddie & Alisha Edwards take on Davey Richards & Angelina Love in a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. ET.


Pre-Show Match

Braxton Sutter, Mahabali Shera & Allie defeated KM, Kongo Kong and Laurel Van Ness

Van Ness slapped Sutter before the match and Allie tackled her to the ground. Shera tagged in and had the brief advantage but the heels took over. Allie got the hot tag and ran wild on Van Ness. KM backed Allie in the corner but Sutter nailed him with a forearm. Allie hit the Allie driver on KM and Sutter followed up with the BS Express to win the match.

- Slammiversary kicks off with an owl flying to the ring. Robert Flores and Don West open up the show.

Impact/GFW Tag Champions LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamanté) defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. (The Crash), Drago & El Hijo del Fantasma (AAA), Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori (NOAH)

Before the match, all four of the heads of each promotion were introduced. The match is being fought under Lucha rules.

This is was a fast paced match with a ton of insane moves. Marufuji and Santana traded stiff chops in the middle of the ring. Drago and Fantasma hit an insane tornado DDT for a close near fall. Ishimori hit a suicide dive to the floor.

Diamanté attempted a hurricanrana on Garza but he caught her and tossed her onto LAX. Homicide gave Garza the Gringo Killer on the apron. Lardeo Kid scored a very close near fall. LAX made a comeback and hit their powerbomb combination for the win.

After the match, Konnan took the mic and announced LAX is expanding. He promised a new member.

-In the back, Joseph Park informed Jeremy Borash that tonight’s match is No Disqualification. J.B. freaked out but Park said to rely on old friends.

DeAngelo Williams & Moose defeated Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Moose and Adonis started off the match with some brief action. Drake tagged in and demanded Williams. They did some basic back and forth moves but Williams looked really good. Williams hit a cannonball in the corner on Drake. The heels isolated Moose in their corner.

Williams hit a Samoan drop and standing moonsault for a near fall. Moose slid a table in the ring but the heels took back over. Moose made a comeback and placed Adonis on the table. Williams hit a frog splash to win the match but over shot and the table didn’t break.

After the match, Williams and Moose dragged Drake back to the ring and power bombed him through the table.

Ethan Carter III defeated James Storm in a Strap Match

EC3 gained the advantage and choked Storm with the strap. EC3 pulled out a pair of handcuffs from underneath the ring. He tried to handcuff Storm to the corner but Storm countered and handcuffed EC3 instead. Storm viciously whipped EC3 32 times.

The referee freed EC3 from the handcuffs. EC3 took the strap off and went to the floor. EC3 pulled on the strap and drove Storm face first into the corner. Storm made a comeback and hit the superkick but collapsed due to hitting the corner. EC3 hit a modified pedigree to win the match.

After the match, Storm didn’t move and medical staff ran out to check on him.

-In the back, Karen Jarrett and Dutch Mantel searched for Bruce Prichard. They haven’t seen him all day.

Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park defeated Josh Matthews & Scott Steiner in a No Disqualifcation Match

The Pope joined Robert Flores and Don West on commentary for the match. J.B. came in but Matthews tagged out to Steiner right away. Steiner and Matthews chased Park and J.B. to the back.

In the back, the heels chased the faces in a golf cart until they sprayed them with a fire extinguisher. Later, the heels chased the faces down the street in a truck.

J.B. back dropped Matthews into a pool and dove in after him. Steiner tossed Park through a door. Back in the pool, Shark Boy showed up and attacked Matthews. Father James Mitchel approached Park with an Abyss mask.

The heels chased J.B. back into the ring. Matthews locked on the Steiner Recliner on J.B. Shark Boy ran down for the save but Steiner took him out with a belly-to-belly. Steiner locked on the Steiner Recliner on J.B.

James Mitchell distracted the heels and Abyss appeared behind them. Abyss spread thumbtacks in the ring and gave Matthews the black hole slam in the tacks. J.B. hit a splash on Matthews in the tacks and Abyss scored the pin for the win.

Eddie Edwards & Alisha defeated Davey Richards & Angelina Love in Full Metal Mayhem

Edwards and Alisha jumped the heels as they were making their way to the ring. Edwards trapped the heels in a trashcan and they hit the can with kendo sticks. Edwards power bombed Alisha onto Richards. Love brought in a can of thumbtacks and poured them into Edwards mouth. Richards then super kicked Edwards in the mouth.

Edwards placed Richards on a table and climbed a ladder. Love tried to stop him but Alisha power bombed her through a table. Edwards and Richards fought at the top of the ladder and Edwards flipped over Richards, power bombing him through the table for the win.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to retain the X Division Championship in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

The match started off them trading submissions and mat wrestling. Dutt hit a springboard hurricanrana from the top but Low Ki rolled through and hit the Warrior’s Way to win the first fall.

Low Ki went for a second Warrior’s Way but Dutt moved and Low Ki injured his ankle. The referee checked on Low Ki but he was just faking and nailed Dutt with a kick. Low Ki attempted a Warrior’s Way on the steps but Dutt moved and Low Ki really injured the ankle. Low Ki tried to apply the Dragon Sleeper but Dutt rolled him up to win the second fall.

They traded stiff shots in the middle of the ring and Low Ki injured his hand. Low Ki put Dutt in the tree of woe and climbed up the corner but Dutt pulled Low Ki off the top. Dutt hit the moonsault into a double foot stomp to retain the title.

GFW Women’s Champion Sienna defeated Knockouts Champion Rosemary in a Unification Match

Before the match, Hall of Famer Gail Kim held up the titles. Sienna refused to shake hands with Kim. As the match started, KM and Laurel Van Ness came down to ringside. Van Ness pulled down the ropes and Sienna fell to the floor. Sienna sent KM and Van Ness to the back.

Rosemary hit the Red Wedding but Van Ness ran back and pulled Earl Hebner out of the ring. Allie ran out with a kendo stick and chased Van Ness to the back. Sienna nailed Rosemary with the belt for a near fall. Rosemary tried to spit the mist but Sienna covered her mouth and then rubbed the mist into Rosemary’s eyes. Sienna locked on a submission to win the match and unify the titles.

GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron (w/ Dos Caras) defeated Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley (w/ King Mo) in a Unification Match

El Patron was briefly in control until Lashley took over after an uppercut. King Mo attacked El Patron and Dos Caras nailed him with a chop. Lashley power slammed El Patron on the steps. El Patron made a comeback and hit the back cracker for a two count. El Patron missed a suicide dive and went head first into the floor.

El Patron locked on the cross arm breaker but Lashley countered into a power bomb. El Patron and King Mo shoved each other at ringside. El Patron tackled Lashley through the ropes to the floor. King Mo tired to pick up El Patron but Dos Caras gave him a low blow. Lashley shoved Caras up the ramp. Lashley tired to re-enter the ring but El Patron hit the double foot stomp to win the match and unify the titles.

Jeff Jarrett, Ed Nordholm, Karen Jarrett and some of the roster came out to celebrate Alberto El Patron’s big win to end the show.