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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Jade vs. Rosemary in Six Sides of Steel


Image: TNA Wrestling

Previously: Bram defeated Jeff Hardy with the help of the DCC in last week’s main event. Also, Matt Hardy hosted a Thanksgiving ice cream social and was struck by lighting. He regained his memory and is once again broken.

Tonight: In the main event, Jade battles Rosemary in the Six Sides of Steel for the vacant Knockouts Championship. Plus, Broken Matt returns tonight.

Show Recap:

Moose defeated Aron Rex to win the Grand Championship

Before the match, Rex issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Moose accepted the call to wrestle. Rex poked Moose in the eyes and set up to give him the knockout punch with the ring, but Moose ducked and hit the Game Changer to win the title in 1:45 of the first round. Jeremy Borash tried to talk to Rex but he sulked away crying.

- In the back, Jeff Hardy said he doesn’t know which Matt is going to show up tonight. He took off his sunglasses to show his eyes are all messed up, indicating that he’s Brother Nero tonight.

- The DCC made their way to the ring. James Storm's voice was distorted like in the videos. They kept their masks on during the promo. Jeff interrupted them and talked about how the Hardys have survived The Final Deletion and The Great War.

Eddie Kingston asked Jeff where Matt is, prompting Jeff to attack them. The DCC ganged up on him until their music started to play and the lights went out. When they came back on, Broken Matt was standing maniacally in the ring. He cleared the ring of the DCC, and stated that all his memories are restored and promised to delete the DCC later tonight.

DJ Z defeated Braxton Sutter and Mandrews to retain the X Division Championship

Josh Mathews reminded us that all three guys are friends and members of Go For Broke. They started the match by trading near falls. Mandrews rode his skateboard down the ramp but DJ Z cut him off with a back elbow. DJ Z re-injured his knee. Sutter and Mandrews checked on him but Mandrews took the opportunity to roll up Sutter for a near fall. Mandrews hit a shooting star press on Sutter and went for the pin. DJ Z quickly rolled up Mandrews to retain the title.

After the match, Sutter and Mandrews raised DJ Z’s arms. Mandrews turned on DJ Z by kicking him in the injured leg. Sutter was shocked as Mandrews stormed off.

- Backstage, Laurel Van Ness knew that Allie tried to hit her with the pie last week that ended up hitting Maria instead. Laurel said that Allie will never get a guy like Braxton Sutter and tonight will lose her job.

- Maria and Laurel came down to the ring and demanded that Allie come down as well. Allie apologized for hitting Maria in the face with the pie. Maria said that Allie is jealous of Laurel’s relationship with Braxton Sutter. Laurel mentioned that she went on a hot date with Sutter. Maria said Allie's not a wrestler and then called her a bad word. Allie slapped Maria and Laurel jumped Allie. Mathews wondered if this was the last we’d see of Allie on Impact.

TNA World Tag Team Champions The Hardys defeated The DCC (Bram & Eddie Kingston w/ James Storm)

The Hardys were in control of the early part of the match. The DCC took over and isolated Matt in their corner. Jeff got the hot tag and ran wild until Storm interfered giving the advantage back to the DCC. Jeff took out Storm and Bram with a dive to the outside. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate, followed up by a second one from Matt on Kingston to win the match.

- They recapped Ethan Carter III defeating Eli Drake last week. Eli can’t speak for the rest of the year due to the loss. In the back, EC3 approached Eli and said that next week he’s going win the World Championship and if Eli wants a shot all he has to do is ask.

- Al Snow and Mahabali Shera were mad about The Tribunal whipping them with straps last week. Al challenged The Tribunal to a double strap match.

- EC3 came out to the ring. He talked about having a rough year but said he stands here the number one contender. EC3 called out TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards to the ring. They discussed their upcoming title match next week. EC3 promised to win title and Edwards said it would take a very special person to defeat him for it.

Rosemary defeated Jade in Six Sides of Steel to win the Knockouts Championship

Hall of Famer and former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim came out to the ring before the match and sat at ringside. Mathews mentioned that there are rumors that Kim's career is coming to an end.

Rosemary attacked Jade and sent her to the outside before the door could be closed. Rosemary threw a trash can in the ring. Rosemary controlled the early part of the match by grinding Jade’s face against the cage and then biting her.

Jade made a comeback by tossing the trash can at Rosemary and followed up with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Jade climbed to the very top of the cage and dove off the top on to Rosemary. Jade started to climb back up, but Rosemary blew the yellow mist in her eyes and followed up with the Red Wedding to win the Knockouts Championship.

After the match, Rosemary posed with the belt and had a stare down with Kim.

Next Week: In the main event, Eddie Edwards will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Carter III.