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Steve Maclin talks preparation for Impact Barbed Wire Massacre match

"Mr. Mayhem" chatted with Denise Salcedo about this month's Victory Road.

While Steve Maclin is no stranger to violence in the ring, he will experience some like no other on Friday, September 23rd at Impact's Victory Road when he faces Sami Callihan and Moose in a barbed wire massacre match -- only the fifth in company history.

The former Steve Cutler and Forgotten Sons member in WWE and NXT has been plying his trade in Impact since June 2021, just a few months after getting released by WWE. Fans saw a new side of Mr. Mayhem that had never been seen before as the past U.S. Marine brought a darker, more menacing presence to the promotion. 

Along with the character development has come the opportunity to work with a slew of top talents like Tomohiro Ishii, Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham, PCO, Trey Miguel, Eric Young and others.

I caught up with Maclin recently to talk about Victory Road, his character development, and more.

Barbed Wire Massacre

"I am going to get cut, I am going to bleed, I am probably gonna fall off of something, I don't know," he joked. "I just have the plan of knowing my body is gonna hurt the next day and it's going to take time off of our careers, probably. But, it's gonna be one of those matches where I feel the three of us will go out there and show out but also tell the story we have been telling." 

Maclin said he has gone back to watch past BWM matches in Impact that includes Sabu vs Abyss from 2005's Turning Point. 

"Obviously with Sami having the experience in this, I went and watched some of his matches, I know Moose hasn't been in one of these matches, so that's kinda an advantage of mine. The specimen that he is for the "Wrestling God," that's an advantage I have over him because I know he probably doesn't like to get hit or bleed as much because he was a former NFL player."

Character development 

I asked about his character development and having the freedom to showcase this version of himself to the audience.

"It's funny that everybody keeps saying, 'Oh, this is a completely different person,' but no, it's the same person. I just never got that platform or opportunity to showcase everything that I am about and that's the one opportunity that I love about Impact. They give guys like me and just all the Impact talent in general, that platform to showcase and whether you can hit the ground running or not."

Maclin said that when he got fired from WWE, now-fiancee Deonna Purrazzo was there for him as a support system. Her reaction to his firing was that this was his opportunity to show the world what he can do. Maclin got working on vignettes right away to prepare for a debut anywhere, and instantly was thinking of ways to get booked on the independents and get his name out there. When Impact came along, they ended up loving what he had worked up already with his vignettes. 

"So, it was one of those moments where I knew the work I put in and the vision that I have of Steve Maclin was going to be showcased."