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Three former Impact stars appear at Bound for Glory


Three former Impact stars made an appearance at Bound for Glory.

All three made an appearance during the 20 person Call Your Shot gauntlet match. The first to return was Daivari, who previously worked for the company under the name Sheik Abdul Bashir. 

He was eliminated by the next return, Swoggle, who teamed up with Brian Myers to dump Daivari to the floor. Swoggle was then betrayed by Myers and eliminated soon after. However, before he left, he helped Tommy Dreamer (who wore Road Warrior Animal face paint as a tribute) deliver a Doomsday Device to Myers.

The big surprise of the night was James Storm, who entered at #15. He made it to the final four, but was eliminated by Sami Callihan, who eliminated both Storm and Heath from the match. With Heath’s elimination, he still remains without an Impact contract.

Callihan and Rhyno were the final two entrants in the gauntlet match, setting up a singles match. Rhyno pinned Callihan with a Gore, meaning he will soon get a championship match of his choosing.