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TNA allegedly owes more money as another lawsuit unearthed


Another lawsuit for unpaid bills against TNA Entertainment, filed over the summer, was by American Express Travel Related Services Company for unpaid bills.

American Express filed suit in the Supreme Court in the state of New York on July 20th claiming nonpayment of $269,049.50 in travel related expenses. The claim is the company used their American Express Corporate account to charge various items and American Express was not paid.

The claim is that the company agreed to payments on the receipt of monthly billing statements as well as to pay court costs if the case went to court. It claimed the agreement included that the defendants were to pay all reasonable costs when it came to American Express collecting the money owed, including finance charges and delinquency frees.

The lawsuit asked for payment of the $269,049.50 as well all legal costs for having to go to court and rectify the bill.