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TNA Impact 11/11 - World Title Series Week 6 Results - EC3, Ken Anderson, Matt Hardy, and Eddie Edwards


Last week, Madison Rayne beat Brooke to advance, Bram beat Spud, and Manik beat Mandrews with a GTS. The Wolves collided in a very good match that went to a time limit draw, Mahabali Shera beat Kenny King, and Eric Young beat Robert Roode. Manik vs. Mandrews and Davey vs. Eddie were quite good, while EY vs. Roode wasn't bad, it also wasn't exciting in the slightest. The show begins with a recap of last week's matches. Tonight, Madison faces Gail, while Matt faces Eddie Edwards, and Mr. Anderson faces EC3. Josh and Pope are in their green screen studio, and Pope is now doing Larry Zbyszko's finger movements from the Nitro era. We see clips of Eddie Edwards destroying dudes while Madison walks to the ring. We get a wacky Ninja Queen video for Madison, which consists of someone singing "Ninja Queen" instead of Killer Queen while she moves plants around and is superimposed over footage of people talking. This was goofy and amusing. 

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

They tie-up and Madison wins that exchange. Madison takes her down while Josh talks more about the ninja training. Pope gets a crack in about Josh not really wanting his honest opinion about Madison while Madison gets 2 off a crucifix that Gail reverses for 2. SOS cradle gets 2 for Madison. Josh talks about #worldtitleseries trending worldwide already. Madison gets a weak-looking Brogue kick onto Gail as she was draped over the second rope. Gail gets 2 off a blind dive crossbody and we go to a break. Gail sends Madison into the buckle with a wacky headscissor, but the corner crossbody misses. Gail comes in at 9 and then smashes Madison's head into the steps. Gail gets a dragon sleeper, but Madison escapes and then kinda goes for a small package, but Gail puts her in a dragon sleeper again because Madison wasn't at the right angle for the cradle. Madison gets a corner forearm and runs wild with chops and forearms mid-ring. A sliding crossbody gets 2 for Madison. Madison goes for the Rayne Drop, which got the win last week, but Madison gets cradled and loses. This was an excellent little match - easily the best women's match of the series so far. Matt Hardy interview is up next. 

We get a recap of Gail vs. Rayne, leading to Pope and Josh saying that two people in Matt Hardy and Gail Kim are in the field of 16. Matt is in a very squeaky room saying that he feels that he's better now than he's ever been and he'll trend when he wins the series with an unbeaten record. They awkwardly around Matt vacating the title and Matt says that EC3 might've kept this going on for years, and due to EC3, TNA might not even have TV. Well, that's an odd thing to say. Pope akwardly asks if Matt will take a night off with Eddie and Matt says that Eddie is the future of "this brand", but tonight isn't his night and he'll be a victim of the Matt Hardy Formula. Eli Drake is out to face Jessie Godderz. Eli still has his goofy superhero vest on. Eli says E-li in the best way humanly possible and it at least helps him stand out in TNA. "The Man" Jessie Godderz, who is also "The Modern Day Adonis", comes out in his giant robe.

Eli Drake vs. Jessie Godderz

Since Jessie's finisher is the "Adonis Crab", Josh talks about his favorite kinds of crab and how he enjoys having it served to him at a restaurant. Josh says that if Jessie wins the series, he'll be on the cover of cereal boxes and getting all the TV show interviews. Eli gets a takedown, but Jessie gets a headscissor. Josh says that the World Title Series episodes of Impact are all on their Youtube channel, where you can "watch Dixie Carter explain the world title series". Each guys tries to out-cheat each other with the hair while Josh talks about giving out World Title Series awards and talking about WHO WAS AT TNA HQ THIS WEEK!?

Jessie gets a slick double wristlock suplex for 2. Pope pimps his PopeTV Youtube channel. Eli drives the leg down onto Jessie's to wear it down. Pope talks about Eli being the prince of Eternia, which Josh buries him for. Jessie gets a back elbow smash and both guys try to cheat via tights pulling to win, but the ref is right there. This reminds me a bit of Martel vs. HBK at Summerslam '92 with two heels trying to out-heel each other to win. Jessie tries to cheat with a cradle, but Eli escapes for 2. Jessie climbs up top, but gets crotched and Eli puts his feet on the rope for the win.

EC3 is in front of the office of TNA Wrestling, which you might've seen from Finn Balor's Twitter feed. EC3 and his grey and black checkered suit are angry and he's here to deliver a check in person. Eli cuts a fantastic promo backstage about being tired from kicking so much keister. Josh names Matt Hardy, Gail, Drew, and Shera as possible MVPs. Match of the series goes to Davey vs. Eddie. Shera wins the Most Improved award. Storm gets the Biggest Disappointment award. Matt comes out in grey and white camo PJs to do battle and we see clips of his series matches. We get the same kind of clips for Eddie as he comes down.

Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Edwards

They exchange basic headlocks on the ground before Eddie gets a chinlock after a headstand. Eddie gets bonked into the buckle and placed onto the ropes for a sloppy Nightmare on Helms Street for 2. We go to a break and come back to Matt landing some corner lariats for 2. Matt takes an awkward leap over the top to the apron and eats a Yakuza kick. Big suicide dive takes Matt out for a bit. Pope says that the suicide dive is called that because if your opponent moves, it can end in catastrophe. Eddie chops away at Matt on the post and misses, so Matt starts getting the edge. Eddie avoids an apron Side Effect and lands an apron DDT. Matt eats some chops before fighting back with slaps and exchanging forearms. Double clothesline sends both men down. Matt avoids the backpack stunner and gets an awkward sleeper slam for 2. Matt gets a back elbow, but slips off the ropes before climbing up again and hitting a big kick for 2. Matt avoids a double stomp, but the Twist is countered into a cradle by Eddie for 2. Matt gets a super Twist of Fate to counter a superplex and wins. Very good match here.

Recap of the BFG main event with Jeff Hardy costing EC3 the title. EC3 walks down the halls of the building and says that he grew up and spent a lot of time here, but now he just sees the legends on these walls as people he's beaten. EC3 goes to Dixie's office, full of TNA history like replica belts, photos, and a gigantic Kurt Angle WWE action figure. Ethan says he's not a kid anymore - he's a big victory machine and he'll be World Champion again. He gives Dixie the check, and Dixie is upset. Matt cuts a promo on Eddie and says he's a guy and a hell of a competitor. They play a "pop" the roster game and pick who will advance to the round of 16. Mandrews comes down the aisle to face DJZ.

Mandrews vs. DJZ

They exchange armbars and flips to start. Mandrews armdrags him to the floor. Mandrews hops on the steps and moonsaults DJZ. Mandrews tosses him in and gets a jawbreaker for 2. DJZ drops him on his head for 2 and then locks on a chinlock. DJZ hops around before hitting a springboard elbow. DJZ's wacky springing DDT is countered with a pop-up rana by Mandrews for 2. DJZ goes up and eats a big kick and top rope rana for 2. DJZ gets a schoolboy for 2 and Mandrews runs wild with forearms and they fight up top for a bit. Mandrews shoves him down and an SSP is met with knees and a cradle for the win.

We see video of Shera training by running across a bridge and working out in the gym. They play another game and Pope predicts a Roode win. Eric Young is pissed over his bubble being popped because he'd break Josh's neck and he's the most dangerous man in pro wrestling. Crimson talks about his opponent tonight, Micah, being an ass-kicker since birth. We see clips of Micah beating Crimson. We see EC3 in India cutting a promo from what sounds like a construction site. Josh says that the semi-finals of the series will be in December's Impact shows from Mumbai. 

Drew cuts a promo from his home, which like Matt Hardy's house, features better lighting than the in-ring action. He says that he was motivated before, and while he was ripped off at BFG, he's on track to fulfill his destiny. Next week, Brooke faces Awesome Kong while EY faces James Storm, and Bobby Roode faces Abyss. Josh talks about Anderson and EC3's "rich history", which we see in clip form. EC3 comes down and Anderson comes down adding "what and huh" to his intro. 

EC3 vs. Ken Anderson

They exchange chops in the corner and go to a break. After the break, Ken gets some Kobashi-style machine gun chops on the floor. Pope laments that there will be no "textbookality" here. Maybe that can be added to the next Mortal Kombat game - a giant textbook can fall onto your opponent's head. They go to the floor where Pope says that Anderson has to be careful being in dinosaur land before stating the obvious and stating he was talking about Tyrus. Tyrus sweeps the leg for 2. Gutwrench suplex gets 2 and then locks on a chinlock. Double clothesline leads to another double down on the show. Finlay Roll hits as does the Kenton Bomb for 2. They fight up top and Ken gets the Lambeau Leap for 2. Tyrus pulls Anderson to the floor with two minutes to go. Earl argues with Tyrus before Ken bashes Tyrus with a chair. Earl is completely fine with this. Earl takes the chair out of the ring and EC3 low blows him, but avoids a Mic Check and wins with a jackknife cradle. To see every screenshot for the show, just click here.