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TNA Impact spoilers from last night

These are notes from last night's tapings.  Tonight will be the final tapings of this set and the last TNA live activity for several months.

Xplosion:  Mandrews & Tigre Uno b TJP (Manik without a mask) & DJ Zema Ion

EC 3 came out with his new assistant, Jeffrey Hardy (when Matt lost to EC 3, by stips Jeff became the assistant).  He and Tyrus bullied Jeff around.  Jeff also has to do introductions for EC 3, they are clearly building EC 3 vs. Jeff when Jeff is healthy

EC 3 & Tyrus b Matt Hardy & Spud.  EC 3 ordered Jeff to hit Spud with a chair but he refused.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett were out.  They were confronted by Bobby Roode.  They teased a match but Karen stopped it from happening.

Tigre Uno & Micah & Robibe E b Kenny King & Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz

Brooke NC Gail Kim when Le'D Tapa and Awesome Kong interfered

Wolves b Trevor Lee & Brian Myers to regain the tag titles

Chris Mordetzky b Drew Galloway in a Lumberjack match when Eric Young turned on TNA and joined GFW

Mahabili Sheera b Abyss when James Storm's interfererence backfires

Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter signed a contract where the winner gets the losers stock in TNA.  They went back and forth with shoot oriented comments.  Jeff Jarrett beat up Jeremy Borash during the segment.

Gail Kim regained the Knockouts tilte over Brooke, Kong and Tapa

Matt Hardy b Jessie Godderz

Davey Richards Eddie Edwards & Bram & Drew Galloway & Bobby Lashley b Sonjay Dutt & Eric Young & Brian Myers & Chris Mordetzky & Jeff Jarrett in the Lethal Lockdown match when Galloway pinned Myers.  So Dixie Carter owns TNA and Jarrett failed in his bid to take over the company.